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An overview of WordPress Development, Optimization, and Content Marketing Solutions from WebFadds.com

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Webfadds Content Development Solutions

  1. 1. Website Solutions... MaximizedHow WebFadds Content Management Solutions are Optimizedfor your Business Outcome Goals... with CCM.
  2. 2. WebFadds Optimizes for CCM...(Connection Cycle Marketing)What stage in theConnection Cycle isyour web mission?WebFadds is an Agencyspecializing in WordPressWebsites & BusinessBlogs, SEO, plusMarketing techniquesoptimized for ConnectionCycle Marketing — CCM.
  3. 3. WebFadds Optimizes Your Site... 1. We optimize for your business outcome goals. 2. We do visitor behavior optimization (VBO) testing before & after your site goes live. 3. We use Analytics to uncover ways to maximize "conversion" rates -- when visitors "convert" to prospects, leads, and customers. Right: We click testsites during design to optimize visitor behavior.
  4. 4. Conversion Focused Web Strategy:"Conversions" are when site visitors complete a desiredbusiness outcome . Conversion Focus = Best R.O.I. Conversion focused Website Mission Map by WebFadds
  5. 5. What do these six CMSwebsites have in common?ComachoCigars.com SfuMevlana.org Autoshows.Ford.comDeliverMagazine.com MOO.com NextBusNews.com
  6. 6. WordPress CMS Platform...Sites shown are all Content Management System (CMS)solutions built on the open source WordPress Platform ● SEO-Smart, Dynamic Content Platform -- navigation, RSS feeds, and sidebar widgets update automatically, optimized for SEO. ● Its Free -- Open Source CMS... no license fee. 5-6 upgrades per year for free download. ● Extensible -- Over 4,00 plug-in programs. ● Its Easy to Use -- Reviewers, Publishers and Users agree WordPress Editing is Easy
  7. 7. Is it Easy? Well... take a look: Three min. Video... watch now, or later. Watch >Video at YouTube
  8. 8. WordPress Sites WeveDeveloped...● B2C Restaurant Site & Blog: Campiello.net● Business Blog for Speaker/Author: JoePulizzi.com● Content Marketing Education: ContentMarketingInstitute.com● B2C Site for Eye Clinic Chain: BetterVision.net● Financial Services B2B CMS Website: Razorleaf.com
  9. 9. WebFadds O.C.C. Strategy● Optimize: Build an optimized Content Management System website that takes advantage of SEO & SMM strategies● Connect: Use your business blog and Social Media Marketing to engage customers & prospects● Convert: Use ROI proven tactics to convert visitors to prospects, leads & customers
  10. 10. WebFadds Service MenuWebsites & Blogs Optimized for Conversion Cycle Marketing
  11. 11. Maximized CMS Website Solutions...● WebFadds Conversion “I would definitely recommend Focus for Maximum R. WebFadds for anyone trying to O.I. get the most out of their website.● WordPress voted "Best Ive worked with Scott Open Source CMS" (WebFadds Optimizer) on a● SEO, RSS, and Social number of initiatives involving WordPress, SEO and CRO Networking built in (Conversion Rate Optimization).● Easy to Edit, & Update If you are looking to get more Pages & Posts leads from your website,● Customizable, flexible Scotts your guy.” and extensible Joe Pulizzi, CEO Junta42.com More info. & Testimonials Connect...
  12. 12. Connect● Scott Frangos on G+: ScottGooglePlus.info● @WebFadds on Twitter● WebFadds Newsletter● RSS feed for our Blog● Phone: 360.566.2451 Keep in Touch!