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Alan Serpa integrated marketer


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Published in: Business, Technology
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Alan Serpa integrated marketer

  1. 1. integrated marketer alan serpa
  2. 2. bio
  3. 3. Alan Serpa is a successful integrated marketer who operates below the line while being able to come above the line depending on the challenge. He has a well rounded background in marketing which includes, experiential marketing, digital media and technology, creative and art direction, eventcreator production and design, and mass media. Alan has been in executive and senior level management roles in the past and leads with humility, curiositybuilder and compassion for others. Over the years he has worked in non-for-profit management, agency and client side relationship building and service.driver Alan has sold, lead and driven the creation and development of projects for Yamaha Canada Music, ALS Ontario, Loblaws, Hyundai, Chanel,implementer Scotiabank, United Way, United Church of Canada, Bombardier, Mango, Pfizer, IEEE Roche, and various above the line type ad agencies such asbelow the line Bensimon Byrne Inc., TBWA/Chiat/Day, Smith Roberts, BBDO and Leo Burnett just to name a few. Alan was born and raised in Toronto, has lived in Portugal and New York, worked in over 30 different cities on various integrated marketing programs, and focuses his efforts selling his experience to small to large size brands, non-for-profit agencies, and advertising firms who need below the line results.
  4. 4. past and present clients
  5. 5. philosophy
  6. 6. Marketing should not just be one tool. It is about being authentic, genuine and remembering the basics of when it comes to customer service and your audience. It is about anbe on brand integrated approach to delivering a message about your brand that will make it come alive and turn those we touch into brand ambassadors.compelling offer It is creating an experience that is personally relevant to youralways measure target audience and arouses their emotions. It is creating the opportunity for an audience to interact with the brand online or in person, thereby bringing the brand proposition to life.flawless execution It is supporting this experience with a strategically correct brand-sell message to ensure that your marketing has residual value and positions the brand for long-term growth. It is developing and a compelling consumer message and visual to ensure that the short-term objective of trial and continuity of purchase.
  7. 7. case studies - integrated
  8. 8. The Striking Truth FilmPremiere and launchBackgroundSome days you win and some days you lose. The StrikingTruth documentary is based on the juxtaposing careers ofcharismatic and humble current Welterweight Campion ofUFC Georges St-Pierre and the dynamic MMA fighter David"The Crow" Loiseau’s over the past four years. Director andMMA trainer Steven J. Wong explains that the two fightersnever asked him to turn off the camera. “If they were havinga bad day at training or troubles outside of gym in theirpersonal lives, I was there, cameras on and nothing scripted.This is when I realised this was going to be more than just afilm about MMA and fighting.”The EventGeorges St. Pierre, David Loiseau, Joe “Showdown” Ferraro,from Rogers SportsNet MMA Connected, Steven J. Wongand thousands of UFC fans attended a ram packed SonyCentre for Performing Arts venue on February 25, 2011 forthe world premiere of this amazing film and the rest ishistory.
  9. 9. The ChallengeSteven J. Wong enlisted Alan Serpa with the challenge ofproducing the film premiere event and the marketing, PR andpromotion of the film launch on February 25, 2011.The IdeaWe used an integrated approach to the film launch andleveraged key media sponsorships and integrated a tightlywoven digital media marketing plan which included bannercampaigns, invites and incentives to bloggers and the onlineMMA community in order to build the hype and excitement forthe upcoming film premiere.How It WorkedAlan secured key sponsorships with Rogers SportsNet, InsideFitness,, enlisted a dedicated social media community manager whoreached out to the top MMA bloggers, invited them to theevent, gave them incentives and got them talking about thelaunch. We secured online banner advertising across all mediaand sponsor partners and shared links and content.We deployed a street team who attended the UFC RogersCentre Fan and Press day for the upcoming UFC 129 fightpromotion where we passed out post cards and got into theQ&A period.We partnered with over 50 MMA affiliated gyms and martial artschools and invited them to the premiere event. We alsoconducted pre-premiere press screenings and had over 20media agencies at the event for post-premiere interviews.
  10. 10. The ResultsOver 2000 people attended the film premiere on Feb 25, 2011.Over 1000 people attended the after-party at 99 Sudbury on Feb25, 2011.We had over 20 media agencies attend the premiere and morethan 30 articles written about the film premiere. Coverage rangedfrom ESPN to CTV, blogTO, The Canadian Press, and more.On Facebook we went from 0 fans to over 1000 in less than 3weeks, we grew our twitter following to 400 from zero and hadover 10,000 re-tweets during the premiere.We established relationships with key fitness and MMA gyms andtheir members which totals over 50,000 students and practitioners.Some press clippings: project was a resounding success, Steven J. Wong met hisobjectives and we delivered on all our goals and strategies.
  11. 11. yamaha canada music
  12. 12. BackgroundYamaha is one of the world’s largest most recognizable brands, however itsguitar line has had moments of greatness but years of obscurity. YamahaGuitars Roadshow and their new custom shop line of handcrafted guitars arechanging the way people think about their electric guitars and how peoplethink about Yamaha Guitars period. Our goal was to help Yamaha leveragesocial media marketing to help promote the new guitar line launch inNovember 2010 in Canada and change the way people think about theproduct.How it workedAlan Serpa created the social media marketing strategy and deployed thecampaign utilizing Facebook, Twitter and Youtube to create a cross-platformsocial media engagement with a wide audience and included:1) A contest driven by Facebook to drive people to the event launch2) Facebook tab creation promoting the Contest, Twitter, with all content tiedback and forth between all social media channels3) Engagement with music and gear bloggers4) Connection to professional artists and their social networks5) Increased views on Youtube by over 500%The ResultsThe launch event was a resounding success. We over exceeded the clientscrowd expectations, Yamaha Canada Music for the first time was trulyconnected social with all its social media channels and we create a fan baseand following Yamaha Canada Music hasn’t seen online to date.
  13. 13. Welcomepage onFacebookWe leveraged creativeassets developed byChris at Yamaha withhis internal team andrepurposed and creatednew promotionalmaterial for the socialmedia channels andpromotions.
  14. 14.!/YamahaGuitarsCanadaA Facebook account wasdesigned and coded by ourdevelopment team, optimizedand drove the contest andhosted the database, featureda twitter feed, and showcasedvideo.Alan also consulted on creativeelements for specific tabs andwelcome page. We grew thefan base by over 300% in lessthan a few weeks.
  15. 15. twitter account wasestablished to promotethe event launch butalso createengagement about theevent, artists, andproducts.Branding was keptconsistent across allsocial media channels.Twitter account startedwith 0 followers, in lessthan a week we hadover 400 followers.
  16. 16. youtube account wasestablished to promote thevarious videos of the artistswho were performing at theevent launch and also topromote videos of the eventfollowing the launch.Branding was keptconsistent across all socialmedia channels.The existing youtube videoshad low views, when wewere done promoting themthe viewership grew by over600% in many of the videos.
  17. 17. Contestand $100rebateAlan created aFacebook drivencontest where guestscould enter andYamaha also offereda $100 rebate passguests coulddownload off ourFacebook page.
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Alan Serpa was approached by Smith Roberts Creative Communications to develop and bring to life a concept they created called Paint Your Faith. The initial idea created by Malcolm Roberts of Smith Roberts Creative Communication; was to host a small local event and have an artist potentially paint a mural on a wall donated by the Metropolitan Church, in their large parking lot adjacent to an historical building. My concept turned the initial idea into an opportunity to use social media, internationally acclaimed street artists, video interviews/blogging and a physical art production into an event to attract a mass audience and get attention for the United Church of Canada both online and offline. Background is an online web portal for all things spiritual and was an initiative created by Smith Roberts Communications and the United Church of Canada. It needed to increase awareness of its site and also celebrate 5 years online, so we took the initial concept and decided it needed to be more than just a mural. The Result The outcomes of this project surpassed the original objectives from the agency and client. We produced to major successful live art events in Toronto and Vancouver which raised the profile of the client on a grass roots and mass awareness level, an online community was created through blogging, video content and two way conversations with a younger audience the client rarely had access to, and the earned media outperformed any past traditional advertising the client had done in the past during the executions of each campaign.
  20. 20. Paint Your Faith Toronto aerosol artists: Siloette, Chor Boogie, Mediah, ElicserAcclaimed street Paint Your Faith Vancouver aerosol artists: Faith47, Titi Freak, Indigo, and Peetaartists for theToronto and Vancouverlive art events
  21. 21. online community
  22. 22. • 109,252 total page views as of April 23rd (tracking since April 1st, 2010) • Over 400 unique blog comments within campaign timing • Since launch, a 693% growth in members following the @paintyourfaith Twitter accountSocial media • The Paint Your Faith YouTube video experienced a 462%marketing results unique views increase). Less than one month in promotion. • We have been featured in over 40 different blogs since launch.
  23. 23. Visit paintyourfaith.comor the links below formore
  24. 24. case studies - digital content
  25. 25. skyy vodka canada
  26. 26. BackgroundSKYY Vodka has been an official sponsor of the Toronto International FilmFestival. In 2010, their advertising agency Smith Roberts CreativeCommunication came up with an idea called a micro-site tohelp SKYY engage their TIFF audience online, and not just at the swankyevents and film previews. SKYY and Smith Roberts Creative Communicationwanted to use social media marketing to help increase audience awarenessduring TIFF and create a more meaningful online engagement .How it workedAlan and his team created the social media marketing strategy anddeployment for the campaign which included leveraging Facebook, Twitterand the microsite to create a cross-pollination of audienceengagement which included:1) A contest driven by Twitter for daily prize give-aways during the campaign2) Facebook tab creation promoting the Contest, Twitter, Micro-site with allcontent tied back and forth between all social media channels3) Optimization of the web site for social media engagement4) Leveraging and NKPR for all relevant content to promote SMM5) Kept SKYY Vodka marketing visuals and promotion material on brandThe ResultsA baseline was created for SKYY Vodka by Smith Roberts and Alan Serpa inorder to measure the success of this campaign. As a results of the combinedefforts, sales were up 25% during the campaign in 2010, compared to thecampaign from 2009.
  27. 27. was created by with their existing WordPressbased backend. Smith Roberts Creative came up with the look andfeel and Alan consulted on the site flow, social media optimization andspecific tools required to successfully run all the social media andonline engagement. A great example of a cross-collaborativesuccessful effort.
  28. 28. Facebook account was created and programmed by Alan and his team,optimized and customized to link to the micro-site and twitter.Alan also consulted on creative elements for specific tabs and welcome page.
  29. 29. was used as the main contest driver. Audiences were asked to tweetin a celebrity spotting or best brag of the night to win exclusive access toevents, gift bags and other mystery prizes. The twitter feed was featured onFacebook and also on the micro-site. fire in the zoo designed and developedthe twitter strategy and engagement.
  30. 30. microsoft canada
  31. 31. over seven years Microsoft Home Magazine has continually evolved in look and content,and its online content, campaigns, simplified families across Canada and the USA .  The goalwas to provide an online audience of females aged 24 to 54 who have busy life styles, bloggermom’s, soccer and hockey mom’s and their partners and kids with how to make their computerwork the way they wanted it to.How it workedFor over a year Alan Serpa, who was the managing director at Common Inc, Microsofts certifiedmarketing vendor, was assigned the task of managing and producing online content, usergenerated content, video webisodes, online contests and give aways. He worked with topMicrosoft internal and external vendors to manage the day to day operations of the MicrosoftHome Magazine and transformed it into one of Microsoft’s largest and most successful blogs.The content development required professional writers, editors, technical specialists, creativewriters, producers and technical directors to produce thousands of articles and hundreds ofvideos.The ResultThe web site was the most successful portal for Microsoft worldwide. It had over 70,000thousand monthly subscribers, followers and throughout Microsoft, its product managers usedthe content and metrics as a bench mark for engaging customers and building retailrelationships with its partners.
  32. 32. Online /sweepstakes/2009/zune/SweepstakesContests and sweepstakeswere created every businessquarter or when a newproduct was being launchedor used to generate trial and/or purchase.The contests would bebetween one to two monthsin duration and would alsobe used as measuring andmetric tools to test, getfeedback and try variousmarketing tactics. Thecontests were quitesuccessful and met theirbusiness objectives andgoals.
  33. 33. Video Content communications-and-mobility/videos/Alan Serpa and the CommonInc. team of creativevagabonds created andproduced 15 and 30 seccreative videos over a two yearperiod.The videos we created wouldfeature creative content andideas that were interesting,engaging and got the targetaudience to use Microsoftproducts in ways they didn’tthink possible.The videos were educational,fun, sometimes serious mosttimes creative and informative.The video’s were used acrossother Microsoft areas such asWindows Help and productfeatures.
  34. 34.
  35. 35. als ontario
  36. 36. Multi-channel social media optimisation and contest promo- ALS Ontario entered their ideaParalyzing Poverty for theopportunity to have a chance atwinning $100-500K- ALS Ontario was inapproximately 18th place andabout to face elimination fromthe next round of the contest- With less than 10 days left inthe contest, we optimized theirsocial media channels and wetook ALS Ontario from 750 votesto over 5800 and qualified for thesemi-finals
  37. 37. New Facebook page and custom tabs- ALS Ontario had some opportunities toimprove its Facebook presence andapproach- ALS Ontario was using their group pagewhich limits the amount of promotion- We re-established their fan page,customized an AVIVA tab- We are currently amalgamating themultiple Facebook pages ALS Ontario- ALS Ontario now has its own vanity ALS Ontario Facebook fan page isready to use as its base for futurepromotion
  38. 38. Twitter optimization and re-branding- ALS Ontario Twitter had a lowfollowing and was following toomany people- Twitter branding was notconsistent so we optimized itacross all channels- The AVIVA messaging andbranding was added to thetwitter background- We increased ALS Ontariofollowing and improved themultichannel communicationwith other social media tools likeFacebook and youtube- ALS now has a stronger baseon Twitter
  39. 39. YouTube optimization and re-branding- ALS Ontario youtubechannel was optimized andwas now on brand- The video for Brian Dyckwas altered and included theAVIVA branding for thecontest- ALS Ontario video viewsincreased dramatically duringour promotion- ALS Ontario youtube pageis now ready for futurepromotions
  40. 40. case studies - experiential
  41. 41. scotiabank
  42. 42. Rewards Card LaunchBackgroundScotiabank and Cineplex joined forces to create SCENE, an entertainmentreward program. The program, targeted at 14-24 year olds, was designed to up-sell SCENE members to bank at Scotiabank.The IdeaUsing brand ambassadors to promote the program and entice newmembers, kick off the launch of the card and execute a series of over 100activations at key events across the country.How It WorkedBrand ambassadors were deployed at key events that matched the SCENEdemographic, where they engaged the crowd and got people interested insigning up for the SCENE program. Events ranged from a Finger Eleven concertin Edmonton and Toronto, to the PNE in Vancouver and Mosport to name just afew.Results Results for SCENE are well in excess of objective. 19
  43. 43. hyundai
  44. 44. Background From 2006 to 2007, Hyundai had been experiencing a slump in sales of its Tiburon sports car. Although a truly beautifully designed sport GT coupe and a potential leader in its category, the vehicle didn’t have ‘street credo’ with audiences between the age ofTiburon 18-30. Hyundai needed to get their message out, create impact, and - most importantly - build sales.Shark The Idea Using an authentic live marketing approach, we created the “SharkAttack Attack”. The program featured three Tiburon sports cars - one kitted out with a powerful sound system and performance upgrades – alongside an ensemble of young and enthusiastic brand ambassadors, a team of break dancers, and the open road.
  45. 45. How It Worked Over six weekends in the summer of 2007, the “Shark Attack” team appeared spontaneously at various locations or events in 3 major markets - Vancouver, Toronto and Montreal. The events ranged from back alley Graffiti/Hip Hop throw-downsTiburon to Festivals in major parks to beach destinations to arbitrary high traffic areas in the heart of the city.Shark Once the team arrived at their location, the Tiburon’s soundAttack system would be booming and out would come the break- dancers to get the party started. As the team talked up the vehicle, hats were given out to those who sat in the vehicle, tattoos were applied to people in the crowd, and post cards were given out about the car and its features.
  46. 46. The Results Hyundai’s sales increased in line with program objectives. Additionally, website and show room traffic increased.Tiburon Over the course of 6 weeks in 51 locations in 3Shark different markets, we touched 41,600 people, gave out 5600 hats, 30,000 post cards andAttack applied 6,000 tattoos. Never before had Hyundai executives experienced this type of impact using live media, and as a result they are now true believers of the live marketing approach.
  47. 47. loblaws
  48. 48. Background/ObjectivesLoblaws was in the process of creating a new banner called“great food.” We were asked to assist in this process alongwith re-launching two major flagship stores in Collingwoodand Etobicoke.The objectives were to establish the relevance of “fresh” inconsumers minds and move product behind the “fresh”positioning.The IdeaWe created an in store experience that elevated samplingto a new level with catered food samples, staff trainedspecifically about the details of the food they weresampling and visually impacting temporary fixtures.Additionally, we had live music in store to help elevate anddifferentiate the shopping experience from competitivegrocery stores.
  49. 49. ResultsThe Loblaws “great food” launch was successfulbecause we:•Talked to thousands of shoppers•Exceeded product sale targets by 20%•Established the relevance and meaningfulnessof “fresh” with Loblaws customersOn-site research confirmed this:•82% of consumers surveyed said there wasnothing more that could be done to improve theirshopping experience•Almost 70% of regulars said they are likely toshop at Loblaws more often, citing their positivesampling experience as the reason•Almost 75% of non-regulars said they werelikely to to shop at Loblaws more often, again,citing their positive sampling experience
  50. 50. Thanks :)I specialize in exciting alan.serpa4164514915