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First Meeting-Dec.11.2012


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First Meeting-Dec.11.2012

  2. 2. Reflective Exercise! On a sheet of paper, complete the following statement: I work much like a ___________ (fill in with a particular animal and that animal’s attributes that best describe you!) Example: I work much like a turtle, slow, steady, thoughtful and careful!
  3. 3. Getting to know those around me! •Share your… •Name •Position & School •Animal Attribute Statement
  4. 4. Our Purpose The purpose of the District Professional Learning Team is to develop a system of highlyeffective professional learning to support deep implantation in our schools – so that everyeducator can engage in highly effective learning so every student achieves .
  5. 5. Today’s Learning Targets I will get to know my colleagues on our team. I will collaboratively develop: Group Norms An initial list of Core Values and Beliefs that will guide our work; and Goals for our Professional Learning Team
  6. 6. Group Norms….Why are they so important?• So the group can be productive in accomplishing tasks to achieve goals…..• So the group dynamics are professional and respectful…..• So people feel comfortable speaking honestly and can “trust” the members of the larger group…..• To develop a way to deal with conflict or differences in opinion!
  7. 7. Establishing Group Norms• Think about a time when you worked on a “high functioning” “successful” Team or Group. What made it work so well?• On sticky notes, write down three group norms that you feel are critical in establishing a productive and collegial group…. • Share those norms at your table group. • Record on Chart Paper • Large group establishment of norms. How will we as a group hold ourselves accountable to the established norms?
  8. 8. Core Values and Belief StatementsBeliefs Values• Something that a person accepts • Usefulness or importance. as true or right. • A strongly held belief.• The state of being believed.
  9. 9. Table Talk…..At your table, discuss:Why are belief statements critical in developing goals for a DistrictProfessional Development Team?• Small group discussion (5 minutes)• Group share out (5 minutes)
  10. 10. What are your current Core Values and Beliefs?Independently list: (5 Minutes)1. My Core Values around Professional Development:2. My Core Beliefs around Professional Development:Table Share: (10 Minutes)• Each group member shares Core Values and Beliefs.• As a group, record the “top,” agreed upon Core Values and Beliefs on chart paper.Whole Group: (10 minutes)• Use dots to go around and select the Core Values and Beliefs that matter most to you.• The Team will Adopt a Draft of Core Values and Beliefs.
  11. 11. Goals lead the way…What are the goals of an effective DistrictProfessional Development Team?What you signed up for…• Using research to define and publish our beliefs around highly effective professional learning, including the development of Newington Public Schools Standards for Professional Learning.• Develop a professional learning delivery model based on adult learning theory and brain research.• Creating and implementing methods for identifying the professional learning needs of our staff.• Developing a short-term and long-range professional learning plan based on the school and district improvement model.• Developing and implementing a professional learning evaluation and monitoring system.What else do we need to consider? (Notecards) 5 minute group discussion 5 minute whole group discussion