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Patent Brokerage Market Snapshot


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Curious as to what is selling within the patent market? We have created a snapshot of the 2013 patent brokerage market by analyzing the deals we've seen throughout the industry in the past four years. What types of patent portfolios that are more likely to sell may surprise you.

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Patent Brokerage Market Snapshot

  1. 1. Patent Brokerage Market Snapshot Erik Oliver August 2013
  2. 2. Patent Brokerage Market Snapshot • ROL Group has reviewed ~600 brokered patent packages for clients (over ~4 years) Background • ~75% of packages have <= 10 issued US patents • ~60% have a target price of under $200K/patent contrast with big public deals @ 900K-1M/patent Key package characteristics • Low percentage of packages sell • 15% in our 2013 IAM survey • Takes longer than you might think to sell, 6 mos from package distribution to sale would be short • EOUs significantly increase chance of sale Sold packages
  3. 3. More Detailed Statistics and Pricing “Turning the spotlight on the brokered patent market”, IAM Magazine, Jan/Feb 2013 Update forthcoming in IAM Magazine Attorney-Client Privileged & Confidential 3
  4. 4. About the ROL Group • With over 40 years of IP strategy and execution experience, the ROL Group successfully aligns IP with business strategy. From initial patent programs to billion dollar licensing campaigns, from strategy options development to specific counter assertion patent buying programs, the ROL Group has the necessary skill and experience to achieve IP focused business goals. Passionate about the intersection of business, technology, and the law • Our attorneys have sat where you sit. With three former General Counsels, and decades of in-house IP experience, we understand that counseling needs to be actionable. When we match a client’s needs with an IP strategy, we articulate the steps needed to execute that strategy, and we help our client implement those steps. Experience into action – we have been there Attorney-Client Privileged & Confidential 4