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Lean Manufacturing's Influence on Agile


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Lean Manufacturing's Influence on Agile

  1. 1. Lean Manufacturings Influence on Agile Software Development: The Past, Present, and Future
  2. 2. About Steve• Chief Strategy Officer of Telerik• MBA from the City University of New York• Founder of Triton Works (London: UBM)• Founder of Corzen, Inc (Toronto: Wan.V)• Former CTO of Zagat Survey (GOOG)• Certified Scrum Master• Author and International conference speaker for 14+ years
  3. 3. 1927: Toyoda Automatic Loom Works revolutionized the Loom – key, high precision,interchangeable parts Taiichi Ohno 1945: Challenge Company to catch up to America Answered the Challenge – Developed a Method Evolved Into Toyota Production SystemKiichiro ToyodaSon of Sakichi Toyoda
  4. 4. 
  5. 5. The Agile Manifesto–a statement of valuesIndividuals and over Process and toolsinteractions ComprehensiveWorking software over documentationCustomer collaboration over Contract negotiationResponding to change over Following a plan Source:
  6. 6. Traditional Building of an Application User Interface Layer BV = 100% Iteration 5 (whatever) BV = 0% Iteration 4 Business Logic Layer BV = 0% Iteration 3 Data Access Layer BV = 0% Iteration 2 Database BV = 0% Iteration 1* Created by Stephen Bohlen Used with permission
  7. 7. Iteration 1 Iteration 2 Iteration 3 Iteration 4 Iteration 5 UI UI UI UI UI (whatever) (whatever) (whatever) (whatever) (whatever)Business Logic Business Logic Business Logic Business Logic Business Logic Layer Layer Layer Layer Layer Data Access Data Access Data Access Data Access Data Access Layer Layer Layer Layer Layer Database Database Database Database DatabaseBV = 20% BV = 40% BV = 60% BV = 80% BV = 100%
  8. 8. Influential Agile Methodologies• XP (The Past)• Scrum (The Present)• Kanban (The Future)
  9. 9. eXtreme Programming (XP)• The first major Agile methodology• Mostly engineering focused• XP was a reaction to the traditional waterfall, mass production way to building software – Lean principles
  10. 10. Scrum• The most popular methodology today• Less engineering focused, XP solved that – Focused on process and ceremony• Directly from Lean Manufacturing – “The New, New Product Development Thing”
  11. 11. Kanban• An agile methodology that stresses pulling individual work items to completion – Focuses on visualization• From Lean: focuses on just in time delivery of raw materials – Workers get what they need when they need it, no sooner – Limit Work in Progress – Focus on flow
  12. 12. Lean Agile“We are seeing very little awareness oflean, and a lot of people think it is a newconcept following on the coat-tails of agile. L Agile agile is an engineering method byHowever, ewhich code is written, and lean is the a nprocess by which to do it, and they dovetailinto each other” - Fred George, Thoughtworks
  13. 13. Lean = Framework for AgilePracticesEmbrace Value Creation & WasteReductionMixed Development PatternsLean Will Drive Success