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SOCAP10: Dave Rochlin, ClimatePath SESSION INTRO


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Published in: Technology, Business
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SOCAP10: Dave Rochlin, ClimatePath SESSION INTRO

  1. 1. ClimatePathClimatePath ClimatePath Every Footprint Counts
  2. 2. ClimatePath • Soil • Recreation • Nutrient Cycling • Water Supply • Climate Control • Flood Control • Raw Materials • Polination • etc. ClimatePath
  3. 3. ClimatePath 2 X GDP $100 Trillion/Year
  4. 4. ClimatePath Currently Using 1.3 Earths Source: Global Footprint Network
  5. 5. ClimatePath Source: Global Footprint Network
  6. 6. ClimatePath 80% of Water Supplies at Risk -Aquifer overuse, pollution, biome destruction China CO2 Emissions Double - Will double again Ocean Stocks Imperiled by Overfishing Continued Rapid Deforestation - Forest to farms, farms to cities
  7. 7. ClimatePath
  8. 8. ClimatePath ONE POUND OF BEEF 1,800 Gallons of Water 15 - 40 Lbs of CO2 1/10 Acre of Land ONE POUND OF WHEAT 132 Gallons of Water 1.5 Lb of CO2 1/3000 Acre of Land
  9. 9. ClimatePath TANSTAAFL “There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch.”
  10. 10. ClimatePath INCREASING DEMAND LIMITED/FALLING SUPPLY PRICING MECHANISMS / REGULATION Conservation Technology Clean Tech/ Eco-Tech Eco- Markets Behavior Shifts
  11. 11. ClimatePath Juliet Christian-Smith Pacific Institute Jeff Steen Ecosa Capital Management Jason Scott Eko Asset Management