Bonitasoft Corporate and Product Overview


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All about how BPMN 2.0 implementation with BonitaSoft Open solution.

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Bonitasoft Corporate and Product Overview

  1. 1. | Copyright © BonitaSoft S.A. Name Title BonitaSoft Corporate and Product Overview
  2. 2. | Copyright © BonitaSoft S.A. Agenda Introductions Corporate overview Product overview Demo Q&A 1
  3. 3. | Copyright © BonitaSoft S.A. BonitaSoft Corporate Summary The Leader in Open Source Business Process Management (BPM) 2 Award WinnerGlobal Presence 200+ customers 1M+ downloads 9,000+ contributors 40+ tech and SI partners Thriving CommunityProven Products, Experienced Team Bonita v1 project launched in 2001 by Co-Founder & CEO Company founded in 2009 by core Bonita business & R&D team Grenoble – Paris – Beijing Boston – San Francisco | Copyright © BonitaSoft S.A.
  4. 4. | Copyright © BonitaSoft S.A. 3 2001 | Bonita 1 2008 | Bonita 4 2010 | BOS 5.0 2011 | BOS 5.6 180K Downloads 1M Downloads 100K Downloads June 2009 BONITASOFT CREATED Series A financing R&D team ramped up 300+ contributors September 2011 BONITASOFT GROWTH Series B financing 9,000+ contributors 200+ customers Downloads Milestones BonitaSoft Milestones
  5. 5. | Copyright © BonitaSoft S.A. What is Business Process Management? 4 A means to model, automate, measure, and improve processes that people use on a day-to-day basis.
  6. 6. | Copyright © BonitaSoft S.A. BonitaSoft’s Mission: Democratize BPM 5 Process-driven applications from whiteboard to reality for technical and business audiences – powerfully, easily, and affordably BPM … for technical projects … and business solutions
  7. 7. | Copyright © BonitaSoft S.A. Example Usage Scenarios 6 Key benefits: response times significantly reduced Canary Islands Help Desk Internal ticketing / support request applications Key benefits: increased processing capacity by 30% Sales Order Management Automated sales order management Key benefits: dramatically reduced admin. costs E-Govt. E-Government apps (centralized & clustered) Key benefits: automate billing of invoicing solution SaaS On-Demand tax compliant e-invoicing Key benefits: Automate processes within light-weight yet powerful and cost- effective architecture OEM / Embedded Orchestrate MDM processes for reference data
  8. 8. | Copyright © BonitaSoft S.A. Selected Segments and Customers 7 “We have seen a spectacular jump in our productivity… our contract processing capacity has increased by 30%!” – Xavier Riehl, Information systems Financial Services Public Sector Media Healthcare Retail Manufacturing Hi-TechTelco Energy Two of Top Global Energy Companies
  9. 9. | Copyright © BonitaSoft S.A. Quotes: Industry Analysts “BonitaSoft is the only open-source product that meets Gartner's definition of a BPMS.” - Open Source BPM report, June 2011 8 “Three Cheers for BonitaSoft ... BonitaSoft is so far the most successful in actually implementing BPMN 2.0-based model interchange” - Bruce Silver, April 2011 “…I'm still bullish on the Bonitasoft offering - one of the few open source BPM offerings that can engage biz stakeholders.” - Clay Richardson Senior Analyst for BPM, July 2011
  10. 10. | Copyright © BonitaSoft S.A. OUR PRODUCT: BONITA OPEN SOLUTION (BOS) 9
  11. 11. | Copyright © BonitaSoft S.A. BonitaSoft’s Benefits 10 BPMS: A full suite that bridges business and technical needs Open Source: Flexible, transparent, affordable Modular architecture: Embeddable workflow engine, user-friendly process modeler Connectors enable interoperability with existing systems. Create your own Connectors easily. Applications are generated directly from the business process model Tailor to requirements: HR, Sales, Marketing, Supply Chain, Finance, Accounting, E-Govt., etc. BPM … for technical projects … and business solutions
  12. 12. | Copyright © BonitaSoft S.A. Using Bonita Open Solution 11 Process Modeling: collaboration among project teams Process Development: connectors, forms builder Process Execution Process Administration and Monitoring | Copyright © BonitaSoft S.A. Design Connect Run
  13. 13. | Copyright © BonitaSoft S.A. Key Features of Each Module 12 Bonita Studio Bonita User Experience (User XP) Bonita Engine Drag-n-drop application development Tomcat & Jboss bundles Advanced administration | Copyright © BonitaSoft S.A.
  14. 14. | Copyright © BonitaSoft S.A. Bonita Open Solution - Modules Bonita Execution Engine Bonita Studio Bonita User Experience Design and connect Run your application Manage your processes 13
  15. 15. | Copyright © BonitaSoft S.A. BonitaSoft Run-Time Architecture | Copyright © BonitaSoft S.A. Bonita User Experience (“User XP”) • Manage tasks • Monitor processes Bonita App Your Apps Connectors E-Mail RDBMS LDAP Other Systems Apps Etc. Services Container BAM BI/KPIs User Mgmnt. Task Mgmnt. Process Mgmnt. User Mgmnt. History Large Data Repository (LDR) Identity Etc. Bonita Execution Engine CMS Transaction Persistent Storage API
  16. 16. | Copyright © BonitaSoft S.A. BonitaSoft Ecosystem 15
  17. 17. | Copyright © BonitaSoft S.A. How We Help You Bring It Together Process design – Definition and agreement among stakeholders Evaluation of Impact – On hardware, existing software, external data, etc. Process Optimization – Feedback to business to adjust the process to ensure it is optimized from a technical and business prospective Testing – Ensure business requirements match implementation Production – Performance and growth are ensured 16
  18. 18. | Copyright © BonitaSoft S.A. 17 Professional Services • Training • Consulting: On-Site or Remote • Certification in development and administration • Development Guidance Annual Subscription Pack (SP) • Technical Support • Features to facilitate collaboration, speed development, aid testing and deployment Commercial Offerings “What” ... ... and “How” We support your projects and accelerate their success
  19. 19. | Copyright © BonitaSoft S.A. Subscription Pack Added-Value Accelerate your project with productivity features: – Increase collaboration and communicate with your stakeholders and colleagues – Advanced productivity – Business process templates ensure fast progress Secure your project from the beginning with customer support: – Incident management – Bug fixing 18
  20. 20. | Copyright © BonitaSoft S.A. Accelerate Your Business Solutions Corporate Function Process Templates Human Resources – Recruitment – On-boarding Corporate Finance – Purchase Order management – Travel expenses Quality – SOX framework Help Desk – Internal Support workflow More to come … 19
  21. 21. | Copyright © BonitaSoft S.A. – References, Webinars, White papers, etc. Open Source Community – Forums, Contributions Corporate Blog groups?gid=3182097 bonitasoftbpm 20 Thank you, and … Stay Connected with Us!