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Strategy for Innovation Ed Bernacki, Director of The Idea Factory, Canada


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Ed Bernacki, international speaker, writer and consultant on the use of innovation in organisation. Author of "Wow! Thats a Great Idea!"

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Strategy for Innovation Ed Bernacki, Director of The Idea Factory, Canada

  1. 1. innovation by design building your capacity to innovate Ed Bernacki The Idea Factory
  2. 2. Manufacturing R&D Investing for future ideas, processes and profits
  3. 3. What makes innovative organizations innovative? How do you measure “innovative”?
  4. 4. The top 20% in the survey turn their ideas into action via… 1. Well defined idea management processes 2. Create a climate which encourages ideas to flow freely through the organization 3. An effective balance between leaders and followers to sustain an innovative working environment “…three critical underlying capabilities”
  5. 5. Achallenges: initiatives The project you want to solve, create, develop or manage. Bchallenges: managing the process How you manage people to solve the ‘A’ challenge.
  6. 6. Where is innovative thinking needed? Problem A: Tangible Innovation What new products and services do you need? What improvements can be made to the delivery of these services? Problem B: Intangible Innovation What new processes / structures do you need to help people work together effectively and efficiently?
  7. 7. Problem A: Tangible Innovation Think like an archeologist New products and service designs Invest in future processes and service offerings Problem B: Intangible Innovation Think like an anthropologist New processes to help people work together effectively and efficiently
  8. 8. 9 Think like an anthropologist  Rule of law  Welfare system  Zero per cent unemployment rate  Life long learning  Individual spirituality  Learner driven education  Context specific leadership  Gender equality  Medicinal effects of herbs  Barter trade – national trade routes  Consensus decision making  Model for a sustainable world
  9. 9. knowledge: the product of the anthropologist 10 Insights: the currency of the anthropologist  Notice how people work and play  Notice ‘what is there’ and ‘what is missing’  Notice relationships: how people interact  Notice thinking: how people think and solve problems  Notice knowledge: how it is communicated and used
  10. 10. Victoria Department of Sustainability and Environment Strategy and Innovation Unit ■ Help internal divisions develop new strategies by acting as internal strategy consultants offering facilitation support ■ Improve the corporate planning and performance monitoring framework ■ Develop a ‘culture’ of innovation in terms of… 1. creating opportunities to promote innovation; 2. growing organizational and individual capacity to innovate; and 3. launching new initiatives to improve the department’s ability to generate and implement new ideas. Innovation strategy: innovation tactics
  11. 11. NZ Ministry of Labour Email for a copy of this innovation overview Innovation strategy: innovation tactics
  12. 12. Innovation strategy: innovation tactics
  13. 13. Canadian Food Inspection Agency: HR Process Lab Objective: identify day-to-day process improvements and longer term challenges. Innovation Experiments: Managers can try new HR processes. Advisors advise on risks, pros and cons Invention Sessions: Opportunity for people to brainstorm new ideas for HR management. Ideas are shared - best practices can be used by others and to further an innovative culture. Focused on ‘B’ Challenges Innovation strategy: innovation tactics
  14. 14. Bank of Canada Ideas Expo 1. Build a culture to innovate 2. Build awareness of skills to innovate 3. Improve ‘idea management’ skills Innovation strategy: innovation tactics
  15. 15. Singapore Prime Ministers Office “To build our innovation capacity we must focus on creating a culture that supports new thinking. For individual public officers, we can provide essential training to enhance their capacity to innovate.” Skills framework: 1. Generating ideas 2. Developing ideas 3. Judging ideas 4. Communicating ideas 5. Turning ideas into actions Innovation strategy: innovation tactics
  16. 16. Innovation Communities of Practice 1. Gather people who are keen. 2. Prompt discussions, training and events to prompt new thinking 3. Manage knowledge and ideas to share – not as a source of power Innovation strategy: innovation tactics
  17. 17. Be an… innovationalist! Communication is crucial Be a role model Everyone is part of the solution What needs to be said in your organisation? - search on bernacki for innovationalist series