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Buyer beware

In this presentation Chris Crosby discusses the the issues that end users need to be aware of before they choose their next data center provider

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Buyer beware

  1. 1. Behind the Curtain: Games Service Providers Play Chris Crosby, CEO, Compass Datacenters
  2. 2. About Us 2 • Compass Datacenters provides dedicated data centers • Built using our patented architecture • Uptime Institute Tier III certified design and constructed • LEED certified • Wherever you want it • Controlled by you • Ownership or lease • Operations and security • Expansion • Simplify Capacity Planning • Growth in 1.2MW Increments • The building is the standard unit “Everything you want in your next data center. It’s in here”
  3. 3. Fast and Loose 3 • Tier Certification • Power Guarantees • PUE claims • SLA’s • Codes and Compliance • OSHA • National Electrical Code • NFPA 75 (Fire Protection, ITE) • NFPA 70E (Workplace Electrical Safety) • Commissioned Data Center
  4. 4. “It’s a Tier III facility” • Only 0.3% of service provider facilities in U.S. are UI constructed facility certified • Tiny little delta between fact and fiction • Brian Williams has a certified data center too… • America’s new number one fun game: Find the single point of failure • Physical • Logical 4 Source: UI Website, 451 Research
  5. 5. Degrading a Standard • Issues: • Many use the terminology; few actually obtain certification • Design certification isn’t equivalent to constructed facility • If it’s not constructed certified it’s not a Tier III or Tier IV facility • Looking good on paper isn’t good enough 5
  6. 6. Everyone Can’t Have 200w/sf • Oversubscription of power • Renders the concept of guaranteed power null and void • The amount of power is fixed • Can live on the “float” for only so long • How do you cool it? • Show me the CFD and commissioning results • How is it managed? 6
  7. 7. “Guaranteed PUE” 7
  8. 8. “Our 100% Uptime SLA” 8
  9. 9. “Sure You Can Tour the Electrical Room” • Might want to check with OSHA • NFPA 75 exists for a reason • NFPA 70E (Workplace Electrical Safety) • Arc Flash • PPE • Labeling • Calculating 9
  10. 10. If You Want a Tour 10 • Limited Approach Boundary • Shock protection boundary to be crossed by only qualified persons which is not to be crossed by unqualified persons unless escorted by a qualified person • Restricted Approach Boundary • Shock protection boundary to be crossed by only qualified persons which, due to its proximity to a shock hazard, requires the use of shock protection techniques and equipment when crossed • Prohibited Approach Boundary • Shock protection boundary to be crossed by only qualified which, when crossed by a body part or object, requires the same protection as if direct contact is made with a live part
  11. 11. 480v 30 Amp Disconnect Arc Flash 11
  12. 12. UPS Arc Flash 12
  13. 13. What to Do 13 • Many data centers will require significant upgrades • This will cost a lot of service providers • Some may elect to take their chances • Risks: • Down time • Safety breach • Poor publicity • Increased regulatory scrutiny/fines • Worse • Customers will begin to require compliance assurance • Certifications • Inspection certificates
  14. 14. The Multi-Tier Dilemma 14 • “Just” add capacity later • UPS, generators, breakers, etc. • No hot work • “Business reasons” don’t count • Required shut downs for maintenance N and N+1 electrical schemes could mean that your data center turns off more than just when there is an outage
  15. 15. Commissioning • “If it hasn’t completed Level 5 IST, it ain’t commissioned” 15
  16. 16. Level 5 Commissioning • There are five levels of commissioning • Level 5 tests the interoperation of all systems under full load and failure scenarios • “Commissioned” facility shouldn’t be subject to liberal interpretations • “Phased” build-outs can’t meet the test • Common backplanes don’t support failure scenario testing • There are ways to do it • Expensive, so most providers don’t do it 16
  17. 17. Summary • Time to grow up • If you say it, certify it • Standards adherence builds industry credibility • It only takes a few • False claims, bad customer experiences impact us all • Time to decide • Do we want a few “used car” salesmen to define us? 17
  18. 18. 18