Baccarat Jackpot Jan 2010


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Baccarat Jackpot Progressive Side Bet Overview

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Baccarat Jackpot Jan 2010

  1. 1. Baccarat Jackpot January 2010
  2. 2. Baccarat Jackpot Overview  Optional side-bet to the standard baccarat game implemented on Game-Tec Labs’ TableNet progressive table gaming platform Fixed bet amount Player win based on 4-card poker combinations (first four cards dealt: two player, two banker) Progressive Jackpot paid on diamond royal straight flush Underlying baccarat game plays as normal
  3. 3. Sample Pay Table Hit Rate: 17% Casino Hold: 20% Poker Hand Pays (for) Royal Diamond Jackpot Other Royal 10% of Jackpot Straight Flush $250 4-of-kind $50 Flush $10 Straight $5 3-of-a-kind $4 Two pair $3 Pair Jacks or Better $2
  4. 4. Sample Table Layout
  5. 5. TableNet System Overview  Following main components are included  Central server system  Bet placement/indicator devices at each player position  Dealer control unit  LCD table display  New felt layout
  6. 6. Baccarat Jackpot Key Features  Proven and highly reliable  Browser-based administration and pit control application  Server processes all side-bets in real-time, performs accounting, and broadcasts jackpot figures to all tables  Real-time meters for all bets, winners, and pools (jackpot, house, and reset pools)
  7. 7. Baccarat Jackpot Key Features  Over a dozen different reports  Traditional Asian trend graphs on LCD display  GLI certified  Easy and fast to use. Minimal impact on speed of play.  Higher hit rates than most progressives (17%)  Multi-level authorization control for top prize amounts  Non-conflict, fully auditable, simultaneous jackpot hit management
  8. 8. Table Components  Players place side bet on circular, flush glass sensor embedded in the table directly in front of them  Dealer controls the side-bet flow using a dealer control unit  Current jackpot, trend graphs, and other information shown on hi-resolution LCD table display
  9. 9. Dealer Terminal
  10. 10. Player Side-Bet Device
  11. 11. Player Side-Bet Device
  12. 12. LCD Display (graphics customized for each casino)
  13. 13. Central System Dashboard
  14. 14. Sample Report: Win Summary