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Presentation given by Rasaal Dwivedi of NIT Raipur in the final round of Symposium-the youth parliament, at IIT Roorkee in February 2006 organized by SFIH.

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Rasaal Dwivedi

  2. 2. INDIA: A RAGING BILLION HEARTS..NATION GROWING TO TEMPTATIONS .. but this rise superficial• Self sufficient & strong nation; economy witnessing an unprecedented boom.• Centre where intelligentsia & excellence thrive in cummunion; IT industry peaking; developing cities; Indian Diaspora; multi-lateral investments; multinational infrastructure & so on..• This rise is superficial as the common Indian & the core India is still struggling for food,water, electricity, irrigation, employment, education, social emancipation & umpteen such requisites..• Entire system infested by corruption, criminalization, political & social turmoil,paralyzed basic value system..• Need for an awakening .. of the youth, the politicians, the bureaucracy, the media, the judiciary;the society.. the people .. the NATION ..
  3. 3. POLITICAL & SOCIAL TURMOIL THE MENACE & THE MEDICINE1.ELECTIONS & INDIAN POLITY-The basictenet of democracy besmirched;the steps for agrand revival.ABOLISH CANVASSING.Fairelections..2.SOCIAL BASIC VALUE SYSTEM & itspermeability in the education systemThe basic values system has to shift towardsakhand bharatvarsha’s values ofintegrity,commitment to motherland & ideologicalgrowth-vedanta,sanskriti;aping the west growth-vedanta,sanskritiCANNOT compliment Indian needs
  4. 4. POLITICAL & SOCIAL TURMOIL THE MENACE & THE MEDICINE 3. ‘YATHA RAJA,TATHA PRAJA’ curb corruption at the top.Index of growth in terms of practical concerns of a common Indian;India,of the elite, has to give way to the Bharat;the people have to be empowered..4.Conscious citizens of a rising nation .. The people have to awaken against the malicious & corrupt agents of the systems; people must at least administer their right to vote.• A full stop to the possibility of criminal law-breakers becoming the law-makers.• Active participation of the conscious, concerned & committed youth in politics & nation-building. An awakening generation..
  5. 5. Core revelation INDIAN YOUTH :THE NEED OF AN AWAKENING• India: A paradise lost; & regained.. Hemant Kumar Panchal-One unique Panchal tale of inspiration. The ADVENTURE of NATION-BUILDING: Contribution of youth.• Cs- Courage, Consciousness & Commitment• Courage to curtail any malicious activity to stand against the evildoers & evils. No malicious activity can be sustained if the Indian youth firmly decide to forbid it. Contd..
  6. 6. Core revelation INDIAN YOUTH :THE NEED OF AN AWAKENING• Conscious & aware citizens : If we intend to change the system, the society will also have to change. No measures can prevent the problems of society& system until the people become conscious & committed;until the Youth imbibes integrity & accepts the challenges presented by providence..• Be proud to be an Indian. Be a racist love only three colors - Saffron, White & Green!!
  7. 7. BUREAUCRACY: The capacity untappedBUREAUCRACY & burnt at the stake of corruption • The structure of bureaucratic system; infested with corruption, sycophancy, inefficiency & unaccountability. • Corruption in transfers & subsequently at every trophic level Corruption starting from postings level with ministers regarding ministries as their private property & carried on throughout the hierarchy of the executive. • Corruption at the points of public contact; the cause for maximum con damage to the system. • Tempestuous capacity of the framework Indian administration, definitely, has the capacity, framework & the potential to sweep away every damned motif & malice if it rises to an earnest initiative.
  8. 8. PROFESSIONALISM ALONG WITH AUTHORITARIAN DISCRETION Blue print for efficient yet firm administration• In agencies concerning direct acquisition of money, the system should shift towards the approach of professionalism & utmost accountability.To tighten the levels of conduct, vigilance has to be strengthened. Reduce single discretion, abolish red tapism policies to absorb total transparency, adjudged & monitored on the national level.• In services where public contact & social evolution is the main credo, the responsibility, authority, accountability & independence should given to the executive; independence from undue pressures of political miscreants,RETAIN DISCRETION, provided opportunity & promote excellence & ascribe to accountability. NOBILESSE OBLIGE..AUTHORITY ENTAILS RESPONSIBILITY & ACCOUNTABILITY
  9. 9. PROFESSIONALISM ALONG WITH AUTHORITARIAN DISCRETIONBlue print for efficient yet firm administration • Conditions & environment should be improved for honesty & commitment to flourish;SYSTEM OF REWARD & PUNISHMENT • Nuisance - value sponsored corruption should be curbed; measures to make it impossible at particular places;STRICT VIGILANCE • Responsive administration, credible, people friendly;MEANT TO SERVE THE PEOPLE;NOT RULE THEM
  10. 10. Challenges to Constitutional Integrity Integrit -Imperilment of the republic.• Appointment of Governors.• Role & responsibility of the President, the honorable head of state to protect the nation from acts of constitutional derailment & malicious manipulations.example..Bihar assembly,Jharkhand case• One Nation, One Law.. Establishing the Uniform Civil Code• End to ridiculous propaganda based politics which divides the society & fragments national integration.
  11. 11. MEDIA : Players of Mockery ..• Incredible responsibility as it is a voice of the people, their concerns, their anguish & their hope .. a guardian to the development of national consensus.• Indian media has grown in terms of information distribution & infrastructure, but too much emphasis on creation of a sizzle, profoundly the BREAKING NEWS• The case of Media Bias: The calibration of the media into the make of the fragmented society that it commands.• Some great postures of truth &integrity maintained by some media initiatives & some appreciable efforts but their continuity & commitment has to improve.
  12. 12. MEDIA : Players of Mockery ..• Media should end its obsession with negativity, failures, criminals &dons . A message of hope has to be transpired even in times of despair.• Communicate to the people, the poised insight,the vision & initiative to generate an unbiased healthy opinion. India is being empowered & the media has to grow rationally to the demands of an aware nation rising to fulfill her commitments..
  13. 13. JUDICIARY- The eyes of truth; the cause & the effect.. • Judicial activism As Indian Judiciary stands as an independent & powerful body, its participation in evolving the manners of state is justified & should be encouraged. • Accountability Logical evaluation of performance of lower courts & prevention of corruption from diluting the sprit of integrity in judiciary.
  14. 14. JUDICIARY- The eyes of truth; the cause & the effect.. • Coherent & EXPEDITIOUS Justice : Enforce speedy justice, consideration of increasing the number of benches;Stocking of line in worthless procedure should be avoided. These provisions would ensure that THE EYES OF TRUTH are not blindfolded to the menace of crime & can VISUALIZE the tempo of a rising nation..
  15. 15. HEROES OF A RISING NATION.. INSIGNIA OF INTEGRITY• S.Manjunath,Satyendra Dubey,Sanjay Singh –Episodes of honesty,sacrifice & commitment.• Spirit of this sacrifice.. Martyrs to an inspired generation,a sensation to the awakening society;they have been the most confirming medicine to the pulse of this rising nation.• Salute to this spirit of nationalism & integrity which lives through ages immortalized by their actions..• Finally,I earnestly call for the awakening of the youth & the rising of the nation.This awakening has to be an incentive of the inner-self,the calling of the motherland,an echo of the legacy of the great Indian ethos & a conscious realization of One’s real identity. Then & only then,INDIA SHALL rise like a PHOENIX from the ASHES. JAI HIND..