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Presentation given by Ramakrishna in the final round of Symposium-the youth parliament, at IIT Roorkee in February 2006 organized by SFIH.

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  1. 1. To Him, who made me speak and still speaks through meTo Her, who bore me and still bears me
  2. 2. What needs to be done? Inspiration at the individual level Execution at the local levels Everyone should look to be what he professes to be Right questioning and introspection should precede a genuine attempt to answer them
  3. 3.  Finding global problems to work with is like finding out, in a dark room, ablack cat, that is non-existent. Local bodies should be formed zone wise Each zone should have proper vision of their local problems and findappropriate solutions All the zones should be linked to one main supervising body
  4. 4.  There is no lack of inspiration none needs to look farther than their owngrandparents to bear testimony to this fact If at all our independence struggle stands as an open acknowledgementto anything it is this WE NEED MEN TO LEAD, MEANS WILL FOLLOW We have the inspiration, vision, man power, You and Me . . . Lets raisebuild the nation and make it stronger. We need to believe in ourselves . . . To succor in the sagacity of NapoleonBonaparte FEW MEN REALLY BELIEVE, THE MOST ONLY BELIEVETHAT THEY BELIEVE
  5. 5. Some Examples and Ideas While not disturbing our own schedule we can innovatively connect ourworks for the use of the country Ex: 1. Deflourination of water using carbon nano tubes 2. Detecting cancer effected tissues using non-linear optics and MonteCarlo simulation Join a revolution if you can’t make one . . . We have the leaders who knowthe way and who show the way, let us go the way Let us see the goal, at least when there is some one else to define it
  6. 6.  Attitude to change must be developed. Before we look to the altitudes weshould look to attitudes. We have questions that are familiar and answersthat are tangential. Child Labour : We must discourage the very act of begging, may be on the trains, maybe on the roads, for we should make them realize that they make photons ofbrighter India.
  7. 7.  The country that wombed, the sublime SANATHANA DHARMA, which croons to all here and beyond, to lead a life of highest nobles, also houses today people who lack fundamental decency , decorum and of all basic cleanliness. Travel to greener pastures shall not be tasted as a flavour of antinationalism, for this great nation might stand to gain
  8. 8.  Will not an India, where people look at each other, their immediate neighbors with mutual admiration be proud? Will not a Bharath, where each and every individual continuously challenges oneself, to excel oneself be a nation of strength?
  9. 9. Thank You