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Rahul Gupta


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Presentation given by Rahul Gupta of IIT Kanpur in the final round of Symposium-the youth parliament, at IIT Roorkee in February 2006 organized by SFIH.

Published in: Technology, Business
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Rahul Gupta

  1. 1. Aspirations.. Rahul Gupta IIT Kanpur
  2. 2. …the crux of the problems Where are the aspirations? We had wishes not wills
  3. 3. The story of visions.. Dr. Kurien Bharat Forge C. Subramaniam Ram Singh Bindeshwar Pathak Arvind Netralaya
  4. 4. What is needed? A million such aspirations …and a jolt
  5. 5. My aspiration India belongs to me…..
  6. 6. The US senate… Good But Sad..
  7. 7. The Jatropha project Oil imports are estimated at Rs.1,48,269 crore($38 bn) for 2005-06. Net imports – $ 30 bn Energy security Agricultural growth rate
  8. 8. The Jatropha Project Can be used to produce Biodiesel 63 million ha of waste land available in India 10 % of waste land can reduce oil imports by 30% Foreign players have entered the market
  9. 9. As technologists and entrepreneurs.. Milk Yield Agricultural yield Energy Concerns Other industries
  10. 10. Summer Internships Disconnected with the technological problems at the grass roots of India DA-IICT Fax to the PM from this Symposium
  11. 11. The Right to Information Act Masters need to take accounts from their servants We need to tax it to its full potential
  12. 12. The magazine.. We have scientific journals to answer scientific problems But Social Problems are definitely more challenging A national level magazine will be launched for this
  13. 13. Freedom Struggle Reloaded A network of brilliant people An all India movement Connecting dots of Good will
  14. 14. India
  15. 15. Bharat Uday Mission A political party by 2009
  16. 16. February 15th ,2006 – India Today (Hindi)
  17. 17. Five IITians form a party We need to support them like hell, if genuine
  18. 18. …and the jolt
  19. 19. How about Rang De 2? But How?