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Careers that save the planet


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Look at careers where you can make a difference and save the planet.

Published in: Education, Technology, Business
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Careers that save the planet

  1. TEACH GREEN WITH JANICE MCLACHLAN By Suzanne JohnsonCAREERS THAT SAVE THE PLANET In this lesson, students survey careers that support a clean environment that might interest them.
  2. If you have a DREAM, you have GOALS.If you have GOALS, you have PURPOSE.If you have PURPOSE, you are DRIVEN.If you are DRIVEN….YOU GO PLACES!!!!WHEREDO YOUWANT TOGO????
  3. Geotourism/ecotourismAccording to the National Geographic Society, “geotourism” means tourismthat sustains or enhances the geographical character of a place — itsenvironment, culture, aesthetics and heritage as well as the well-being of itsresidents.CLICK HEREThis is a great option for people interested in the tourism and the hospitalitybusiness. Check out Ecotourjob to find job positions from a conservationist toan ecotourism coordinator.
  4. SUSTAINABLE CONSTRUCTIONAlways loved playing with LEGOs? Perhaps you’re anarchitect major searching for your specialty. Buildstructures that are functional and don’t have a negativeimpact on the environment. Green building isCLICK HERE the practice of creating structures and using processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout the execution process. Go ahead and design the ultimate self-sufficient office building or community.
  5. Green lawyersSomeone has to speak for the trees besidesthe Lorax, right? Our environment needs alawyer too. Earth Justice has made a lot oflegislative progress for the environment in thelast 10 years. Check out their website to seehow you can make a difference.CLICK HERE
  6. Eco-cosmeticsFor you beauty fanatics, there are many cosmetic brands thathave started organic and green lines. Use these products andothers in whatever career in cosmetics you choose. Cargo makes PaintLove, a natural and organic line sold at Sephora. For a more affordable option, Physicians Formula has a line called Organic Wear sold at various drug stores. There is also Burt’s Bees, which has continuously made environmentally friendly products. AND NO TESTING ON ANIMALS
  7. Corporate social responsibility (CSR)When considering all of the paper and plasticbottles used in corporate offices, it’s important thateach company contributes to recycling andconserving resources.CLICK HERE NIKE SUSTAINABILITY A company that practices good CSR would be essentially adhering to the triple bottom line of reaching goals that equally value “people, planet and profit.” Nike has a great CSR program.
  8. Eco-friendly diningThink about all of the trashthat accumulates from thefood we eat everyday, fromour leftovers to the plasticcontainers and sandwichwrappers used for foodpackaging. By working inthis industry, you canensure the food we eat isorganic and thatrestaurants are using eco-friendly means ofdistributing foods. Check out the Green Restaurant Association CLICK HERE for available jobs in this field. If you are interested in the culinary arts, you can also start cooking organic or looking into organic farming. Get acquainted with your roots, literally.
  9. Organic food merchandising Customers want to know what they’re consuming, and the demand for healthy, organic food is on the rise. Many local farmers markets, as well as grocery stores, are selling organic goods.The grocery store Whole Foods provides high-quality organic food and believes inthe importance of giving back to the earth. From the packaging to the food itself,everything is environmentally friendly.
  10. Eco-friendly clothingIf your ambitions include a career inthe fashion industry, you canbecome involved increating, promoting ormerchandising clothes that not onlylook great, but help theenvironment as well. Manycompanies are looking forinnovative ways to set them apartfrom competitors, and being greenis key to making the clothes of thefuture. Check out Patagonia, CLICK HERE to see what this company does to assure that its clothing is environmentally friendly.
  11. ConservationHelp preserve what is left of the Amazon anddiscover the effect of invasive species in yourown backyard. A conservation biologistfocuses on preserving and researchingbiodiversity. There is a range of jobs, fromfield biologist/ecologist to water resourcesanalyst.
  13. Now that you have gone through this asa class, go back and search out the sitesthat interest you. What other job areascan you think of where you could workto protect the environment?Now, Where do you want to go?? (writing assignment)