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Solving Remuneration Issues In IT Job Descriptions In Local Government


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Solving Remuneration Issues In IT Job Descriptions In Local Government

  1. 1. Solving Remuneration Issues in IT Job Descriptions in Local Government Capability Management Conference - 29th November 2007 Ian Wathen Project Manager, London Borough of Lambeth 1
  2. 2. Background: Why centralise IT? Current Structure cannot support the Business Strategy! • 5 IT functions (or more) • More than 5 IT Strategies! • Lack of standards • No single accountable owner • Lack of software integration • Expectation to deliver more services with lower costs • Customer perception of IT Service delivery is poor 2
  3. 3. Issues Around Job Descriptions • Many JDs were out of date • Some had been written by non-IT managers y g • Some very specific to a particular application or skill • Many had been written in Local Government speak in order to get high grades 3
  4. 4. Requirements for new JDs • Presented in standard Lambeth format • W d d t more accurately reflect th work Worded to t l fl t the k actually carried out by the post-holders • Wording acceptable to IT professionals • Grades for the jobs to be evaluated in line j with the standard GLWC job evaluation scheme 4
  5. 5. Job Description/Person Specification Naming and Numbering Office and Local Land & Property Designation: Gazetteer Technician Directorate: Corporate Services Division: Business Development Section: IT Strategy and E-Government Grade: SO2 Comments: Draft Amended Date: 21 Feb 2005 Reports to: LLPG Custodian Line Management Responsibilities: None/ Permanent and temporary staff as required Job purpose The processing of applications to the Council for the naming and numbering of streets and buildings. Assisting the Local Land and Property Gazetteer Custodian in all aspects relating to the generation and maintenance of the LLPG. Main Duties and Responsibilities 1. The postholder will become fully conversant with all of the Acts, regulations and practices pertaining to the naming and numbering process, reviewing as necessary and recommending amendments. 2. The postholder will be responsible for answering enquiries by telephone, letter or email from any source relating to current, previous or proposed naming and numbering applications. The enquiries may be from members of the p g pp q y public,, property developers, local councillors (and possibly MPs), the Royal Mail, Land Registry, and the Emergency Services as well as internal Council Departments. Replies to such enquiries may require a written response. 3. .The postholder will despatch, receive and validate all naming and numbering applications in line with the Council’s guidelines on the naming and numbering process. 4. Where applications do not meet the specified criteria, the postholder will liaise with and advise the applicant. 5. 5 Where applications have been validated and meet the specified criteria thecriteria, postholder will be responsible for the administration of the application from start to finish and must: a. Produce a legal notice where appropriate and erect it on the site of development. b. Produce letters of consultation where appropriate, send them out and collate any responses. c. Refer any letters of objection to proposed names to the LLPG Custodian for discussion and guidance on actions to take. d. Produce a legal Order recording the assignation of any flat numbers, street numbers, building names or street names. e. Keep the LLPG Custodian informed of all current cases. 6. The postholder will be responsible for the maintenance of all naming and numbering records and must ensure that: a. a The Master List of all applications received is kept up to date and available for 5
  6. 6. Competency Based Person Specification Local Land and Property Gazetteer Custodian p y Code Shortlisting Criteria K1 Excellent knowledge of the role and potential of Land and Property Gazetteers in Local Government K2 Knowledge and understanding of British Standard g g Key Knowledge e BS7666, and its implications for Local Government K3 Knowledge and understanding of the key national initiatives involving Property and Land related information, and appreciation of their impact on Local K Government K4 Understanding of the development process, in so far as it affects the maintenance of a Land and Property Gazetteer E1 Experience of Microsoft Word, Excel and Access p , software Relevant Experience E2 Experience of composing original correspondence demonstrating good written communication skills E3 Experience of dealing with and resolving enquiries enquiries. E4 Experience of maintaining a Local Land and Property Gazetteer. E5 Experience of street naming and numbering work would be beneficial. 6
  7. 7. A2 Teamworking g Demonstrates a clear commitment to the team approach; exchanging ideas and providing support to colleagues A5 Communicating Orally Speaks confidently, conveying clear messages to a wide range of listeners P5 Communicating in Writing Produces clear, succinct and well structured written work which creates a positive impact on the recipient(s) Giving the Best Advice CS2 Gives accurate and up-to-date advice, providing clarity about Gi t d t d t d i idi l it b t the customer’s current status and options for moving things forward Ke Competencies A6 Analysing and Evaluating Draws logical and accurate conclusions from sometimes complex information ey A9 Planning and Managing Activities Effectively manages own workload, prioritising effectively and consistently meeting deadlines A11 Applying New Technology Seizes opportunities to learn about and implement new technology(NT) to enhance personal and team performance A12 Demonstrating Resilience Demonstrates resilience to stress, maintaining effective performance in pressurised conditions A10 Dealing With Detail Demonstrates an eye for detail, and an ability to stick to routine tasks 7
  8. 8. Development of JDs p Current Job Desc. esc BCS Job Desc. Skills Manager BCS Consultant • T Transparent Process tP • Fair process – as assessed by panel Role (internal and external representatives) description meeting with staff 8
  9. 9. Mapping BCS skills to Lambeth competencies • BCS JD components Mapping to Lambeth JD format • Main skills Job purpose • Levels of highest skill • Work Activities Main duties and responsibilities • Background requirements g q Competency Based Person Spec • Knowledge and Skills Key Knowledge • Training Relevant Experience • Professional Dev Activities Key Competencies • Qualifications 9
  10. 10. Job Evaluation Scheme Effects on Salary Challenge was… • to create appropriate salary levels pp p y • to use GLWC Scheme evaluation 10
  11. 11. Route to new JDs & market salaries BCS Job Desc. Desc Current Job CEL Survey Desc. esc New salary grades Lambeth Job Desc. Role description meeting with staff BCS C Consultant lt t 11