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SFIAplus V3


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Published in: Business, Technology
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SFIAplus V3

  1. 1. Creating the IT Profession Supporting and Building on SFIA Jason Barretto – Marketing Manager Roy Shepherd – Senior Development Manager y p p g
  2. 2. external validation Government IT competency framework manage Creating the IT Profession skills Develop skills use skills assess benchmark existing Describe skill skills kill requirements
  3. 3. SFIA and SFIAplus • SFIA – high level framework – 2 D model 2-D d l • SFIAplus – detailed Creating the IT Profession – 3-D model – training and development
  4. 4. defines 78 skills and 7 levels For each skill, SFIA gives an overall definition and Overall definition of definitions at various levels skill 4 5 6 SFIAplus 6 additional 8 additional contains task resources fCreating the IT for Profession all the components each skill SFIA definitions Related SFIA skills plus Background Technical overview Work Activities Careers & jobs Knowledge/Skills Professional bodies Standards, Codes of Practice Training Activities Communities and Events Professional Development Activities p Publications & Resources Qualifications Training, development & qualifications overview
  5. 5. Creating the IT Profession
  6. 6. “In terms of relevant scope, and in terms of geographical uptake, we have found nothing similar to SFIAplus.” SFIAplus ” Scottish Executive Daryl Beck, Director of IT Academy, UNILEVER external validation Government IT competency framework manage Creating the IT Profession House of Commons skills “BCS Career Developer [including Develop SFIAplus] ensures I advance my skills “Implementing the BCS model has Implementing skills in aspects including finance, strategy finance shown you can run a professional IT use skills and policy-making,” service within the public sector to assess Anne Mosies, Head of IT Profession, benchmark the same standards as in the private existing Scottish Executive sector.” Describe skill skills kill Simon Morioka, Head of Business Transformation and IT Service, requirements Lambeth Council
  7. 7. Demo • IT Job Describer – allows detailed and relevant job descriptions • Skills Manager – allows accurate skills management Creating the IT Profession • Career Developer – allows relevant development
  8. 8. Summary Creating the IT Profession g gp
  9. 9. SFIA/SFIAplus Workshop for Employers Thursday 6th December 2007 y BCS London Offices Creating the IT Profession Book online at: www bcs org/sfiaworkshop