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SFIA in Higher Education

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Kevin Streater SFIA Open University

  1. 1. SFIA in Higher EducationKevin StreaterExecutive Director, Employer EngagementIT & TelecomsThe Open University
  2. 2. Who We Are: Facts about the OUThe UK’s largest UniversityOver 251,000 students registered with us this yearThe OU currently makes over 44,000 academic awards annuallySince 1971 the OU has made over 778 000 academic awards 778,000 awards,including over 310,000 first degrees & over 47,000 higher degreesThe OU has a 40-plus year partnership with the BBC and has co-produced programmes such as Coast, S d d h C t Seven A Ages of B it i Th f Britain, TheVirtual Revolution and Bang Goes The TheoryThe OU was awarded The Queen’s Anniversary Prize for TESSA Queen s(Teacher Education in Sub-Saharan Africa) in 2009 – 430,000 primaryschool teachers in 13 African countries benefit from OU audio andmaterials in the classroom 2
  3. 3. Our Value: Innovative Learning • Recognised Brand • Innovative Approach • Reliable Partnership • High Quality Content • Scale and Reach • Courses meet diverse • Best-in–Class Best in Class Pedagogy needs • Proven e-Learning Platform • Flexible & Adaptable • Blended learning model • Outcome-based Delivery with Associated Lecturer’s • Future-Proof Pathways • Tutor support • Scalable Solutions • Fit for Purpose • Skills Transformation The OU is a world-leader in the provision of Learning & Teaching Solutions
  4. 4. ‘IT professional workforce central ITto economic recovery’‘Globalisation and convergence have had major impacts onthe IT & Telecoms workforce a d the sec o has e e eco s o o ce and e sector asexperienced the effects of recent economic developments.However, the sector is expected to make a fast recovery.In addition, it is clear that the IT & Telecoms professionalworkforce will be central to the UK’s economic recovery.’(e-skills UK Technology Counts UK: IT & Telecoms Insights 2010)
  5. 5. The Open University Portfolio• A range of Computing and ICT modules and qualifications geared to meet the needs of those wishing to enter careers in the IT industry or to further their knowledge in specialist areas• Take anything from short, individual non-accredited courses through to a full post graduate post-graduate qualification• A flexible and modular approach to building up qualifications to suit student and partner requirements• Q lifi ti Qualifications available i l d il bl include: – BSc (Hons) Computing – BSc (Hons) Information and Communications Technologies – Foundation Degree in Computing and its Practice – Certificate in Web Applications Development – Postgraduate Diploma in Software Development – MSc in Computing for Commerce and Industry• Over 29,000 active students studying for qualifications in IT
  6. 6. Breadth of PortfolioThe Open University has a portfolio of:• 570 Accredited Courses• 276 Qualifications• 76 Continuous Professional Development short courses• …and an ever increasing number of and accreditation frameworks.The challenge we have had is to make this vastresource of learning relevant and applicable totoday’s IT professionals.
  7. 7. Our ChallengeThe challenge the Open Universityfaced was to present the OU’saccredited courses & qualifications andCPD short courses t the IT industry in h t to th i d t ia way that the industry couldunderstand and engage with. Thiswould enable the traditional broch res o ld brochuresto be dispensed with and allowcorporate learning buyers to purchaseOU offerings in an easier way way.
  8. 8. SolutionThe solution has to use the language of the IT industry rather than details ofcourses & qualifications. The obvious bridge between the two worlds was theSFIA framework as it is understood on both sides of the discussion.
  9. 9. SFIA Tools• We determined that by storing the mapping between skills, courses and qualifications in an online tool it would be possible to bring efficiency to the process of identifying the right learning solutions to support an employees learning plan. l i l• This concept could then be extended to the Open University’s website for IT employers and students. Job profile Courses and Qualifications Enhanced Career Development
  10. 10. SFIA Framework• S SFIA v4 is sector specific competency f framework• Used to describe roles in the IT & Telecoms Sector• Key Drivers are to enable: – Business Effectiveness – Productivity – Resource Planning – Capability Mapping – Mergers and Acquisitions
  11. 11. The OU SFIA ProjectThe OU SFIA project has developed over the last year and comprises offour major components:1. Publically accessible SFIA skills map which shows relevant courses mapped y p pp to SFIA skills.2. A set of generic IT industry roles mapped on to the SFIA skills map. The starting point for this was to use the roles defined by the Government IT Profession.3. A self-assessment tool that OU careers advisors and employers could use to determine the most relevant OU offering to support a development plan plan.4. A more accessible interface on the OU website.
  12. 12. Benefits for businessThe benefits to business include:1. Tool to enable appropriate staff development plans to be put in place place.2. A set of generic industry roles that can be used as a starting point.3. Empowers employers to provide advice and guidance to staff looking to develop higher level skills.
  13. 13. Benefits for The Open UniversityThe benefits for The Open University include:1. An understanding of the strengths/weaknesses of the existing curriculum in respect to today s IT profession. today’s profession2. Information to determine where future module development activities could be targeted.3. Self-help tools for the OU careers service to provide better information to potential future OU students
  14. 14. New Offerings-N Negotiated F ti t d Foundation D d ti Degree T122 Level 1 30credits Career development and employability M150 Level 1 30credits Data, computing and information , p g MT127 Level 1 30credits Certified Practitioners 1 Foundations Degree in  Microsoft MCP or CCNA plus SFIA level 2 skill U122 Make your experience count k i Combined Professional  Level 1 30credits Practice Work experience/training T216 Level 2 60credits Cisco Networking CCNA M263 Level 2 30credits Building blocks of software T227 Level 2 30credits Change, strategy and projects at work
  15. 15. Open University SFIA Tools Website http://www openuniversity co uk/it
  16. 16. For more information please contact: StreaterExecutive Director, Employer EngagementIT & Telecoms SectorBusiness Development UnitThe Open UniversityWalton HallMilton Keynes MK7 6AAUnited KingdomMob: +44 7802 933974Email: