Chris Wallace Sustainability and SFIA


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Sustainability and SFIA

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Chris Wallace Sustainability and SFIA

  1. 1. Sustainable ITChris Wallace
  2. 2. Agenda g•What are the current topic areas for considerationwithin G ithi Green I T I.T.•What approaches are currently being carried out•How can the SFIA framework contribute
  3. 3. What is Green in the I.T context?• Sustainability & Energy Efficiency – An easier concept• Product Life-Cycle – Considerations in development• Responsibility – IT has and is recognising that it has a part to play in the environment
  4. 4. Green IT People who realise Green IT is at this stage stage. legislation is Typical is somebody who coming and that realises fiscal and they will need to reputation benefits are get involved with available. Green IT. Characterised by People who will do the the global pioneers minimum of Green IT and present in the Data only when it is very Centre energy commonplace. commonplace efficiency area. 5% 20% 35% 35% 5% Innovators Early adopters Early Majority Late Majority Laggards .
  5. 5. Green IT – Enablers & Disablers• G Government commitments ‘Greenest’ government ever…. t it t ‘G t’ t• Economic situation, helped or hindered?• Regulation (is coming/is here) ?• High energy costs, supply risks? – Where does your energy come from?• Peers and Competition p• Cloud/VirtualizationConsider if the benefits received by producing the carbon are worthwhile…….
  6. 6. What are organisations currently doing?Beware of the Green Wash• Understand the implications of supposed ‘Green’ strategies through Assessment• Many organisations have built Green into their business plans – Why?• Th primary t i The i trigger f G for Green at the moment is down to cost management t th ti d t t t• Data Centres under the spotlight – Temperature control etc• Preparations for Carbon taxing
  7. 7. Build your Skills and CompetenciesNew entrants already understand the need for Green IT skillsIncreasing number of modules offer Green IT skills – Green modules in university coursesSkills needed to help organisations meet g p g growing carbon and Green legislation and g g standardsSustainability is well reflected in the skills detailed within the SFIA framework
  8. 8. Skills and CompetenciesHow do IT p o ess o a s de e op t e s s a d co pete c es to meet t e G ee IT o professionals develop the skills and competencies eet the Green requirements?• Training – Qualifications/accreditations (EU Code of Conduct qualification)• Thought leadership – Specialist groups• Networking with key industry leaders in the Green IT areaWhat are these Green IT skills and competencies…?
  9. 9. New Green IT SkillsThere a e four key a eas where new a d more G ee o e tated s s a e c uc a e e are ou ey areas e e e and o e Green orientated skills are crucial…StrategyAssessmentEngineeringManagementYou may recognise these………………………. y g
  10. 10. New Green IT SkillsSt ategyStrategyOrganisations need to consider:• Developing a sustainability strategy for their IT activity• Policy and planning, leading to tactical activity y p g, g y• It should dovetail in to the overall corporate strategy• Energy supply and use should be considered• Green IT standards and legislation should be considered• Stakeholders, internal and external
  11. 11. New Green IT SkillsAssessment ssess e tOrganisations need to consider:• The impact of current IT operations• The impact of future IT operations p p• The amount of energy being drawn v the amount of energy being utilised by IT activity• Impact on any change to consumption or IT working processes/practices• Monitoring processes to be used
  12. 12. New Green IT SkillsEngineering g ee gOrganisations need to consider:• Sustainability throughout the IT life cycle• Maintenance of systems with sustainability considered y y• Equipment specifications• Procurement of engineering services• Overall system design with sustainability considered
  13. 13. New Green IT SkillsManagement a age e tOrganisations need to consider:• Process improvement plans for sustainability• Disposal across the complete IT estate p p• Change management• Asset control• Energy supply
  14. 14. Summary - Responsibility• IT cannot remove itself from the implications or the environmental impact of its activity. p y• IT professionals should gain skills and competencies to enable them to gain Green IT benefits.• Skills should be seen as complementary to BAU, not optional
  15. 15. Questions