Career development that inspires the workforce Mark Norris


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Career development that inspires the workforce Mark Norris

  1. 1. Be Brilliant -Career Development that inspires the workforce
  2. 2. Career development that inspires the workforceHow we helped people• excel in their current role• develop their skills• progress their career
  3. 3. What was the problem? We need to We need to For the organisation I don’t see a I don’t fully understand the understand wherecareer path in understand my skills we have to focus ourTelefonica IT role and what’s and capability training & expected of me gaps development budget Skills for the future The role profiles were complex and not user friendly
  4. 4. We tried to solve this before…. Previous work on role profiles had been done in isolation No link to career paths, L&D The role profiles were complex and not user friendly
  5. 5. …so we needed a different approach Needed energy, drive, focusNot just an add-on to the day job that gets forgotten Help! People who had done it before and knew what good looks like
  6. 6. Work as a team guided by real expertise Work in Keep it simple partnership Align with Have a focussed industry good team practice
  7. 7. The one stop career shop Insert Learning Zone Image
  8. 8. What’s expected of me in my role 400 JDs => The Sean 30 Role ` `- Role Profiles - Bean test! profilesStandardised, industry good practice aligned role O2 Professional IT Capabilitiesprofiles The table below shows the key Professional IT Capabilities required in this role. The Professional Skills Model describes each capability and the operating levels in detail. For the Analyst role, not all of the following will be relevant in all posts. 1-2 3-4 5-6 7 Clarity on Information strategy who’s Technical strategy and planning ` Service design accountable Service operation for what O2 Leadership Capabilities Core business ` This section shows the key O2 Leadership Capabilities required in this role. Further information on these can be found in the Leadership Capability Framework. skills Solution / technical know how Add any The following specific technical skills and knowledge are desirable for this role: specific technical ` knowledge/ Can tailor 20- qualifications 30% to the ` specific job Standards & Certifications The following specific solution skills are desirable for this role:
  9. 9. Each 96 SFIA skills ProfessionalWhat’s expected of me in my role => 18 IT skill ` `- Skills Framework - Professional mapped at 4 IT Skills levels ClearIT Professional Capabilities expectations of what’s `Expert Guidance / ConsultancyBusiness/IT strategy and planning expected at each gradeInformation strategyTechnical strategy and planningProject and Portfolio ManagementBusiness change managementRelationship managementCustomer experienceInstallation and integrationSystems developmentService designService operationService strategyService transitionLearning and developmentQuality managementResource managementPartner management
  10. 10. How can I develop? Ideas across Catalogue for multiple ` `- L&D Catalogue - development channels Supplier Management and Commercial This Professional Capability supports the Managing External SupplyIT Professional Capabilities Relationships Be Brilliant focus skill - the portal for the Be Brilliant skills is at: Guidance / Consultancy Channel L&D option Description SFIA skills (level) Feedback from previous attendees START HEREBusiness/IT strategy and planning Managing External SupplyInformation strategy Relationship Be Brilliant Portal strategy and planning Managing Supplier Overview: This development opportunity comprises a full day workshop concerning the 4 phases Relationships of third party supplier relationship management, (Selecting; Engaging; Managing; Managing Out), InternalProject and Portfolio Management Courses and is available to all O2 Operations staff. Overview: This course is intended for anyone that has an interaction with an external supplier from Managing which they would like added value. This might be relationship managers, application personnel orBusiness change management Successful Partnerships domain specific personnel. The common denominator is that there is the opportunity (or there might be the opportunity) to develop added value from the supplier by turning them into a more committed and innovative partner.Relationship management Managing Strategic Overview: This course is intended for anyone dealing with important external relationships. It is PartnershipsCustomer experience designed to teach how to drive additional levels of added value from complex and/or large external supplier relationships.Installation and integration This course is suitable for those working in an IT / Service Management environment Overview: The course delivers a granular view of the processes involved in defining service offerings and constructing service level agreements. Service Portfolio Management, ServiceSystems development External ITIL® Capability: Catalogue Management, Service Level Management, Demand Management, Supplier Management, Service Financial Management and Business Relationship Management are covered as integral parts of Courses Offerings & delivering an overall business-focussed services framework Agreements Duration: 5 DaysService design Target Audience: It offers a natural career development path for practitioner staff that already holds the ITIL V3 Foundation Certificate or equivalent SLMO(4/5) FMIT(4) Course Code: SOA SURE(4)Service operation Overview: Discover the mental blocks we create when we try to influence people and how to MindService strategy Gym Influence and remove them. Understood the 9 main influencing techniques that people use and the strengths Persuade each can offerService transition Relationship Management =5&PageNo=1Learning and development Pathway Negotiating s ObjectId=1348Quality management Finance ObjectId=1334Resource managementSupplier management e- The Negotiation Process Overview: The purpose of this course is to prepare you to negotiate from a position of strength, not Learning fear. The process and stages of negotiation are explained in a step by step, practical way
  11. 11. How can I develop? How can I 1-up ` ` move? 1-across- Career paths - For some roles, the 1-up was a ` 1 - up different role or discipline Domain Architect Ideas for Supports Line Product Designer potential Manager ` ` moves based conversations on current role & career and skills planning Current Role 1 - Across Service Delivery Lead/ Analyst / Lead Web Designer Manager Release Manager Technical Specialist Lead Solution Designer (Senior) Manager
  12. 12. Run a powerful, engaging launch Be Brilliant week Create a buzz using creative comms
  13. 13. Tour of Britain – Be Brilliant Week 1 week 20+ sessions 300 people 5 locations We earned a great deal of appreciation for visiting regional offices
  14. 14. Benefits I’ve been in the For theStandardised roles organisation I can see the same area for 20 Ability to audit skills, benefits to our and skills has fed into years, I never identify gaps and people in investing subsequent changes realised I had prioritise L&D in role descriptions to the organisation transferable skills and career paths design The role profiles wereIt’s good to have a First time such a complex and not user comprehensive and Gives people the framework with a friendly Staff satisfaction ability to makefocus on IT skills. It well thought survey around L&D through model has informed career leapt up as a result will provide a been put forwards. choices (e.g. LBA of this common Looks really useful may be the top, understanding
  15. 15. Summary – Tips from our experience  Focus on how the tools will be used from Day 1  Provide a one stop shop:  Roles  L&D  Career Paths  Keep it living – expect changes
  16. 16. Want to find out more?