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Nuxeo Summer Seminar 2007 - Nuxeo Platform 5.1 (EN)


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New and noteworthy features of Nuxeo Enterprise Platform 5.1, the leading open source Enterprise Content Management (ECM) platform.

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Nuxeo Summer Seminar 2007 - Nuxeo Platform 5.1 (EN)

  1. 1. Spr Sem ing in 200 ar 7 Nuxeo EP 5.1 Paris, 7th June 2007 Éric Barroca<>
  2. 2. An Innovative Approach...
  3. 3. From Document Collaboration Management
  4. 4. To Document Collaboration Management
  5. 5. The Software
  6. 6. Nuxeo 5: the most complete open source ECM solution ESB interface Global services ERP/CRM Records Directory Search Reporting BPM Noti cations Management Management LDAP Directory Collaboration/GED Consultation Services Content production Services Publication Dashboard Forums Business Intelligence Publication Relations Acces right management spaces Synchronization Lifecycle Collaborative & Portal (JSR 168) private workspaces Versioning Newsletter File Plan Comments SQL Directory External applications Transformation Polls Content repository XML DB JSR170 (ex: JackRabbit) SQL DB
  7. 7. Enterprise Content Components Objects / Types Java EE 5 Nuxeo Enterprise Components JBoss JBoss jBPM Rules Services & Features Document management Collaboration Audit Compliance Archiving JBoss JBoss JSF Seam Cache Nuxeo Foundations Web UI components Distributed Cache Nuxeo Core Facade Nuxeo Runtime Extensions System Nuxeo Relations Nuxeo Themes POJO Nuxeo Core embeddable content management core OSGi Nuxeo Runtime extensions system / multiplatform
  8. 8. Nuxeo Core 1.2
  9. 9. The lightweight & embeddable Content Management Core
  10. 10. A set of services to power and enable content-oriented applications
  11. 11. Services Storage (JSR-170) Content Model (schemas / types) Security and Access Control Content Query BLOBs Streaming Coherent and global API
  12. 12. Running everywhere!
  13. 13. Nuxeo Enterprise Platform 5.1
  14. 14. Not just a product...
  15. 15. A Platform!
  16. 16. XPoint A1 Plugin 1 Component 1 XPoint A2 Extension A2 Component 2 Plugin 2 Extension B1 Component 3 Component 4 Plugin 3 XPoint B1 Extension Component 5 B1’ XPoint C1 Component 6 XPoint C2
  17. 17. “Components & Extensibility” as motto
  18. 18. 30+ Components
  19. 19. 80+ Extension Points
  20. 20. The ideal ECM Platform for SOA
  21. 21. 1. Choose your components
  22. 22. 2. Setup your ECM Platform
  23. 23. 3. Consume from your applications
  24. 24. Nuxeo EP Work ow Relations Indexing / Search Audit Nuxeo Core Web EJB Services App 3 App 1 App 2 End End Users Users End Users
  25. 25. SOA made easy One entry point to access all the platform services Forget about manual JNDI calls... ...thanks to Nuxeo Runtime! :-) Nuxeo Runtime Remoting Central con guration of server location (cluster nodes) Automatic distribution of extension points contributions Use EJB Remoting or Web Services (SOAP/REST)
  26. 26. New and Noteworthy
  27. 27. Nuxeo Search has landed! Powerful and con gurable indexing and search service NXQL in action! Fast and lightweight Multi-source support Nuxeo Core, Relation store Audit log, any SQL DB (JPA) Based on Lucene & Compass
  28. 28. User Noti cation Service E-mail Noti cations Subscribe to events Be noti ed via email Customizable templates Also: explicit“send via e-mail” ATOM / RSS Feeds Search results Workspace content Section content
  29. 29. Dynamic Work ow Service Designed to implement organization’s processes linked with documents Deep integration with processes processes can act on the repository (ex: change security, update doc, etc.) Each user can monitor its tasks from its Dashboard Based on JBoss jBPM
  30. 30. Web UI Improvements Complex JSF widgets Attach several les to one document Add structured blocs of data RESTful URLs Send URLs via email Direct links to documents Drag ‘n Drop everywhere Hierarchical select lists Many UI glitches xed http://localhost:8080/nuxeo/nxdoc/demo/232845d6-f51f-4ac8-86d3-acbc76660450/view_documents/default/
  31. 31. Forum & Comment Service New “Forum” objets Discussion areas in workspaces Topic / threading support Moderation support Comments can be added to documents Discuss your documents Detail visa/notes from users
  32. 32. Theme Service Manage the look and feel of your application A lot more than skinning... WYSIWYG AJAX designer in your browser! You can choose a theme globally or assign it locally to a workspace
  33. 33. Virtual Navigation Metadata-based navigation Allow browsing on hierarchical metadata Support several navigation axis (and merge the result from all axis) Very powerful way to o er navigation in quali ed documents (ex: KM)
  34. 34. Physical Archive Management Manage physical archives through “archive records” Support several archival media statusses Launch and manage archival processes in the real world Can implement compliancy rules for hardcopy management
  35. 35. Desktop & O ce Integration Direct modi cation in MSO ce from Nuxeo 5 “Save in Nuxeo” from MSO Upload a document using D&D from your desktop to the browser Supports MSO 2000-2007
  36. 36. Import / Export Service Import data from legacy systems in any format Export content in structured XML Pluggable Transformation Pipe Create your I/O plugins (reader, writer or transformer) Use existing content/data formats Tailor I/O to your business needs Share your I/O plugins! :-)
  37. 37. Performance & Scalability NXCore Performance Boost Pre-fetching of properties Streaming service for very large le handling Distributed Cache enabled at application level Multi-machines deployment Spread your services Scale horizontal or vertical High-availability for core services Multi-core Platform! Distribute storage into several Core in the same platform Handle very large repository
  38. 38. Merci ! :-) — —