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541ferdon softwarebudget

  1. 1. EDTECH


Grant Proposal – Software BudgetIn seeking funding for software purchases for the elementary music classroom, consideration was given toserving the educational needs of a diverse student population. Students in grades K-5 have varying levelsof experience and ability and are best served by instruction that is differentiated to meet individual needs.Software listed provides educational opportunities not possible with whole class directed instruction orcurriculum-supporting materials currently on hand. The software directly supports state and districtstandards and objectives and 89% of the software is directly correlated to the district’s curriculummaterials for general music: Spotlight on Music, published by MacMillan/McGraw-Hill. The majority offunds (55%) are for application software that will allow students to create and collaborate using currenttechnologies. Drill and practice and tutorial software will provide for remediation and extension to meetindividual student needs and allows for tracking of individual student progress. Instructional games buildconceptual understanding and developlistening skills in a format that is fun forstudents and is directly tied to thecurriculum. Allocation
Software can be used with the whole class, 6%
small groups, and individual students andwhile most are intended for students in Drill
grades 2 – 5, younger students who are inneed of greater challenge can use them as Database/Hybrid
well. With the exception of the tutorial 17%
software (5 computers), software licensing is Instructional
for 10 computers, which will enable studentsto work together in pairs or to have half the Tutorial
class using the software at one time.
  2. 2. Unit Cost Qty Total Relative Advantage of Software UseApplication: MusicTime Deluxe (5-Computer Site Just as students use computers to ease License) CD-ROM and instruction manual $401.97 2 $803.94 the writing process for text, computersDescription: Create, edit and print music. Easy note will ease the writing process for music, entry using computer keyboard, mouse, or allowing students to focus more on optional MIDI keyboard. Is correlated to creative aspects and less on notation Spotlight on Music, Grades 3-8. skills. Note entry is flexible so no additional equipment is needed.Grade Level: 3rd - 5th LINK to Macmillan/McGraw-Hill product page Unit Cost Qty Total Relative Advantage of Software UseApplication: Master Tracks Pro (5-Computer Site Sequencing software enables teachers $379.08 2 $758.16 license) - CD-ROM and students to create and edit audioDescription: Sequencing software for use with Spotlight files using tools that parallel practicing on MIDI. Ability to record, edit and play musicians and composers. This software back MIDI tracks. also enables the use of MacmillansGrade Level: 2nd - 5th LINK to Macmillan/McGraw-Hill Spotlight on MIDI software/files. product page Unit Cost Qty Total Relative Advantage of Software UseApplication: Spotlight on MIDI with CD-ROM (5- MIDI files and program information is $443.55 2 $887.10 Computer license), 2nd grade included which allows for the Spotlight on MIDI with CD-ROM (5- manipulation of songs that are part of $443.55 2 $887.10 Computer license) ,3rd grade everyday instruction. This allows for Spotlight on MIDI with CD-ROM (5- greater exploration and understanding of $443.55 2 $887.10 foundational concepts in music. Materials Computer license), 4th grade Spotlight on MIDI with CD-ROM (5- can be used by individuals or small $443.55 2 $887.10 groups as extension or review. Computer license), 5th gradeDescription: Easy-to-use program includes MIDI files of song material from Spotlight on Music and allows students to alter tempo, pitch, instrumentation and arrangement.Grade Level: 2nd - 5th LINK to Macmillan/McGraw-Hill product page
  3. 3. Unit Cost Qty Total Relative Advantage of Software Use Drill and Like reading text, music literacy skills Music Ace (5-Computer Site Licence) $396.75 2 $793.50 Practice: vary greatly among elementary school students. Music Ace and Music Ace II Music Ace II (5-Computer Site Licence) $396.75 2 $793.50 allow for immediate feedback, unlikeDescription: Reinforce learning of musical concepts and similar activities that could be completed skills. Correlated to specific lessons in as a worksheet. Difficulty level of Spotlight on Music and networkable to questions will adjust based on track individual student progress. correct/incorrect answers. TeacherGrade Level: 3rd - 5th LINK to Macmillan/McGraw-Hill tracking of student progress is enabled product page in Network version. Unit Cost Qty Total Relative Advantage of Software Use Database/ Orchestral Instruments CD-ROM (5- Identification and recognition of musical $396.75 2 $793.50 Hybrid: Computer Site Licence) instruments provides a foundation forDescription: Interactively explore database of musical understanding music around us. Quality instruments including video clips. Also audio, video and images combine to includes 44 interactive lessons and an provide information not possible with instrument identification game. print or online resources. Working individually or in pairs students are able LINK to Macmillan/McGraw-Hill to work through content at their ownGrade Level: 1st - 5th product page pace. Unit Cost Qty Total Relative Advantage of Software Use Database/ World Instruments CD-ROM (5-Computer A knowledge and understanding of world $396.75 2 $793.50 Hybrid: Site Licence) cultures provides an expanded worldDescription: Interactively explore database of musical view for our students. This software instruments from around the world. allows students to see and hear Includes video clips and 80 interactive instruments and music from around the lessons and an instrument identification world and includes accurate and game.Grade Level: 3rd - 5th LINK to Macmillan/McGraw-Hill complete information and authentic product page performances.
  4. 4. Unit Cost Qty Total Relative Advantage of Software UseInstructional Repeated practice can become tiresome Morton Subotnik Home Bundle - 6 Titles $47.70 11 $524.70 Game: for students but is necessary for Description: Interactive music games facilitate automaticity of recall for often-used experimenting with the fundamentals of information. Games in this series are music: rhythm, pitch, instrument sounds, long-time favorites at our school. They styles. Instructional videos and audio are fun to play and a good introduction instructions guide students through to creativity and aural discrimination activities and games that build listening tasks. Software adjusts questions based skills, musical understanding, and develop on correct/incorrect answers. creativity.Grade Level: 1st-4th LINK to West Music product page Unit Cost Qty Total Relative Advantage of Software Use Tutorial: Practica Musica 5 Personal Music Tutor Tutorial provides instruction in advanced Software $99.99 5 $499.95 concepts and skills which will allow students with greater experience andDescription: Complete tutor for music theory and ear skill levels to interact with content that is training. Features include onscreen sufficiently challenging. Curriculum textbook, interactive learning activities and materials to meet needs of gifted progress tracking. students iscurrently lacking at ourGrade Level: 4th and LINK to West Music product school. 5th page Sub-Total: $9,309.15 S&H 8% $744.73 TOTAL: $10,053.88