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541ferdon reladvantages

  1. 1. Potential Learning Problems in the K-5 General Music Classroom Learning Problems Technologies Relative Advantage Expected OutcomesK-5 Document Camera Whole-class instruction can use Students’ greater understanding ofChildren have difficulty with Promethean Board the same materials students will the task will result in less frustrationnovel written tasks. be completing individually. and more efficient use of work time. Students can easily see Less confusion means that the (document camera) and practice teacher can address questions that do (PB) specific tasks/skills before arise in a more timely manner and working independently. Visual spend more time with students in learners benefit from seeing and need of additional support. hearing information.Special Learners Sound reducing Sound cancelling headphones Sound cancelling headphones willSome special needs students headphones, Class Web take the “edge” off the sound – enable students to remain in thehave difficulty with the amount site/Blog, Resource loudness and pitch – which classroom when they mightof sensory input common to Room Activities: Music reduces anxiety and off-task otherwise need to take a sensorymusic class. Games, Sphinx Kids, behavior for hypersensitive break. Whether in the music class NYPhil Kids students. Linking Resource with peers, or working Room activities on a Web site or independently in the Resource blog allows for easy updates and Room, students will be able to access from any location – home interact with curricular content. or school. Online availability of resources will allow teachers/assistants to easily adjust to changing student needs.Grades 2-5 MusicAce (one Use of these resources provides Music reading instruction can beStudents who take instrument computer), Teoria drill and practice as well as differentiated to meet individual
  2. 2. lessons outside of school may Music Theory Web, extension activities to develop student needs. Students in need ofnot be challenged by music Online Music Theory music reading skills. The online challenge will remain highlyreading activities that are part of Helper, Music Reading, format allows students to engaged and those in need ofthe curriculum while other Flashcards play/practice outside of class remediation will be provided withstudents need additional time. Music Ace (computer- the supports needed to makepractice. based software) allows for progress. tracking of student progress.Special Learners Electronic textbook Using zoom function in the Visuals that are part of music classStudents with low vision have (PDF), Firefox browser, electronic textbook, text size instruction will be more accessibledifficulty reading from the Full-size laptop or can be enlarged as needed. to low vision students. Multimodaltextbook and Netbook screens. teacher computer Firefox accessibility features are learning will be possible and student useful for students with will be more engaged in disabilities. Having full-size instructional activities. monitors available for low visions students means that more text can be seen without scrolling.4th and 5th graders Musette notation Downloadable music notation Students will experience authenticStudents who have less software software makes it possible for compositional processes that focusexperience reading music often (PC/download), students to create original on creative aspects of “writing”have the greatest difficulty SFSKids Composerize, compositions without an music. Just as computers ease thewhen writing music, making Creating Music, emphasis on music notation writing process for text, they cancomposition activities Website, ToneMatrix, skills. Online composition similarly ease the writing process forpotentially frustrating and time iNudge activities allow students to create music.consuming. using authentic techniques in a game-like environment that is less stressful.K-5 e-mail, Blog – RSS, Electronic communication is Reliable home-schoolLimited student-teacher contact Web site – Subscription, cost effective as a minimum of communication will allow familiestime can make communication Wednesday Weekly copy paper and ink will be used. to better support their children’s
  3. 3. challenging. (school e-mail updates) RSS and subscriptions allow efforts at school. Fewer students families to receive information without needed materials on music automatically. Further, days means more learning will take communication with students, place. Ease of electronic parents, and school personnel communication allows questions to provide documentation should be asked and answered questions arise. asynchronously, further improving timeliness of information sharing.3rd – 5th graders Recording software: Recording informal Students who are better at self-Playing the recorder is a Audacity, GarageBand, performances, and playing them assessment will be more proactive incomplex skill and students have Camcorder, Snowball back for evaluation, allows making adjustments while playing.difficulty with self-assessment – mic (for recording students to focus 100% of their Ongoing self-assessment andthey think so hard about music whole class) attention on rhythmic accuracy, adjustments in playing techniquereading and fingerings that it is pitch accuracy, and tone quality. will enable students to make greaterdifficult to evaluate the Videotaping allows for the progress.resulting sound. evaluation of playing position as well.5th Grade WebQuests, Student-centered inquiry-based Students will be more active learnersMusic history (Baroque, YouTube/DVD - activities are more engaging and and, as a result learning will haveClassic, Romantic, Modern) is Authentic performances motivating that teacher-centered greater depth, breadth, andpart of the general music directed instruction. A carefully longevity.curriculum, but most 5th graders constructed WebQuest willare easily bored by the topic. ensure that students interact with content that covers curricular objectives and also allow freedom to explore information of interest to the student. Viewing authentic performances makes the subject matter come more alive than audio and text
  4. 4. alone.3rd – 5th Grades Music Match – Online activities allow students Students will have greaterStudents having difficulty Instruments, DSO Kids, to see and hear instruments. understanding of instruments andconnecting names of SFS Kids, NYPhil Kids, Game-like format makes repeat their sounds. Most individuals spendinstruments to the sounds they YouTube play more entertaining. Pre- more time as musical consumersproduce. selected YouTube videos (shown than producers and increased in class and linked on blog/Web knowledge of instrument sounds will site using SafeShare) directly add to understanding when listening support the curriculum. to music of all styles.3rd – 5th Grades Smithsonian Folkways Supporting curriculum materials Students will have more exposure toThe surrounding community Music Heritage, are limited. Online resources fill world music which will pave thelacks cultural diversity – Network, NatGeo gaps at no cost. way for greater understanding of,students lack familiarity with World Music Videos, and tolerance for, diverse musicaland understanding of world World Music Network styles.cultures.1st – 3rd Grades Online Metronome, The metronome provides a way Students will develop a moreStudents have difficulty Amazing Slowdowner to measure tempo. Online access thorough understanding of one ofunderstanding the difference allows for use at home and the foundational concepts in music.between rhythm (duration) and school. Because the computer istempo (speed of the steady connected to the big music roombeat). They hear short notes and speakers, the sound can be easilythink the speed of the song heard while students are playing.changed. Amazing Slowdowner allows you to “play” with the tempo of a recording – a very hands-on way to experiment with tempo.K-5 Audacity/GarageBand, In-class recordings allow Students will develop realisticSome students who experience YouTube students to hear their own expectations regarding the sound ofdifficulty when singing are voices, and those of peers. children’s voices. Archiving copies
  5. 5. doing so because they lack age- Accessing a variety of musical of vocal performances will allowspecific vocal models as most of examples of same-age students students to evaluate progress overthe music they listen to outside provides a strong vocal model time.of school is sung by people with than does professionally“changed voices.” recorded/mixed audio.4th and 5th Grades Word processing, Netbooks can be checked out for Students will be able to focus moreWriting and presentation tasks PowerPoint, Thin Client use in classrooms and Word, on content and less on the writingcan be a challenge for many PowerPoint and Excel are process. Templates allow for easychildren. That, compounded installed. Students save differentiation of instructionwith limited contact time, documents to secure folders (product) and students canmeans that students may have which they can access on Thin personalize presentations as muchtrouble completing work for Client, from any computer (or little) as they choose. Sincemusic class projects. allowing them to work students can work outside of class, assignments in class or out. less instructional time will be Templates can be provided to needed for slower workers/absent scaffold student work as needed. students to “catch up.”K-5 Virtual Keyboard, The online keyboard is set up the Students will feel more comfortableStudents enjoy playing Online Metronome same way as bells and playing instruments and, forinstruments in music class and xylophones students play in performances and tests, anxiety willfor performances but sometimes class. This allows students to be reduced. Students will not bethey need additional practice or practice/play outside of class limited to what is learned duringsimply want to play more than time. Students can also practice class time alone. With onlinethere is time for in class. in class, using headphones, as resources, any-where, any-time needed. learning is possible.Teacher Digital camera, iPhoto, Creating a visual seating chart, If a name is forgotten, a quickWith 485 students, it is hard to Easy Grade Pro with names included makes it glance at the job aid will help melearn everyone’s names and easier to learn, and keep track of, remember who is who. Having akeep track of gradebook who is who. Electronic record seating chart with pictures is alsoinformation. keeping makes it easier to input helpful for subs as they will see grades/scores and the software about 180 students a day in the does all the computations at music room. Electronic gradebook
  6. 6. report card time. allows for more teacher time spent on content and less on administrative tasks.Link to GoogleDocs spreadsheet:https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AraAQcsMu2HZdF9BVFZORjQwLUFydzlxN1BnM1JvQmc&hl=enhttps://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=0AraAQcsMu2HZdF9BVFZORjQwLUFydzlxN1BnM1JvQmc&hl=en&output=html