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541ferdon networksproject handout

  1. 1. All About Networks – Staff DevelopmentFall, 2010Network Info for Your Workspace:  If your workspace uses a desktop computer as the teacher computer, connect the blue /Ethernet cable to the tower.  If you use a school laptop, check that the wireless network is found (icon).  Connect any peripherals: PB, printer, document camera, DVD player, etc.  Network printing – set up remote printing to copy machines (secure print feature is available).  VoIP – Cisco phone for each staff member.  Intranet – we have two of them; Intranet on district web page to access documents and information. Teachers don’t have creative input but are allowed access. Thin Client – save to Z: drive, install remote desktop then enter thin.dps109.org, use your usual login and password – allows you to access your school computer from home, sharing documents with yourself.  Connecting Netbooks to the wireless network (complicated, own section to follow).  Troubleshooting basic connection problems: o Check the obvious things first (plugged in, turned on, cables firmly connected). o Remember the rule in your classroom: “Ask three before me.” Try asking a colleague to help you learn basic connections before looking further afield. Grade level teammates may be able to provide very timely assistance. o The next tier of support is Casey, our tech coordinator. o If the problem is related to the network (Internet connection, e-mail, etc.) contact the Net56 help desk. Check with your neighbor first though, as Net56 will already be aware if the whole network is down. o Did it work before or is it a new connection? Knowing that will guide troubleshooting – the more info you have for helpdesk, the easier it is to fix the problem.Netbooks and wireless access to the Network  Turn on computer and log in. If previous user did not log out properly, at this point, you will need to do a hard shut down: press the power key until the screen goes black. Restart computer and log in.  If computer is not connecting, check the wireless network icon to see if it’s connected. If you see the red “X” you will need to change the settings (sometimes it ends up in dial-up mode – select wireless network from drop-down menu).  If it still doesn’t work, send it to Casey. He will determine if the problem is fixable in-house or if Net56 is called to re-image the computer.