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503ferdon instructionalstrategies1


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503ferdon instructionalstrategies1

  1. 1. Instructional Strategies Plan 1STATED
 Objective #iTunes
 1.0PRE-INSTRUCTIONAL ACTIVITIESMotivational strategies:A.1 Perceptual Arousal - This lesson will be students’ first exposure to the GarageBandinstruction that has been designed. Housing materials on a webpage that is visually attractive andeasy to navigate will help create a positive first impression.R.1 Goal Orientation - Based on the survey, this is the task that experienced GarageBand usersfelt most comfortable with. Audio editing is a main function of this software and one that will bedirectly applicable to music teachers’ professional responsibilities.Pre-Assessment: A brief description of the task will be provided. Students who have previousexperience editing audio files in GarageBand may complete this lesson as a review or may chooseto opt out of the instruction and/or practice segments. Students with no previous experience usingGarageBand will complete both the instruction and practice portions of this lesson.CONTENT PRESENTATIONContent: Students will learn to open a new GarageBand file, modify settings, then name and savethe project. Students will learn to import a song from their iTunes library and place the cursor atdesired locations for editing. Students will be provided instruction in cursor placement andsplitting, copying, pasting, deleting, moving, and looping of regions.Examples: A video tutorial will provide step-by-step instructions for completing all editing tasks.A sample GarageBand file, containing a brief one-track song, will be provided for practicepurposes.Groups: Students will work independently.Media selection: 1) Instructional materials will be housed on a website. Instructions will be included on the webpage, files and documents will be linked, and the video tutorial will be embedded. 2) A video tutorial (5 minutes) will provide step-by-step instructions for completing lesson tasks. 3) Lesson tasks will listed on the webpage and may be downloaded and printed, for those who prefer a hard copy.STUDENT PARTICIPATIONPractice Items: Students may use the sample GarageBand file to practice the various editingtechniques. Students will also open a new GarageBand project then drag and drop a song into itfrom their own iTunes library. Students will play the song and choose in/out points for editing.
  2. 2. Students will then edit the song, as desired, to practice specific techniques: splitting, copying,pasting, deleting, moving, and looping of regions.Feedback: While there will be no direct feedback, students will be capable of observing whetheror not each step has been completed. Students may review the tutorial and instructions as neededto successfully complete editing tasks.Assessment: A checklist, with lesson tasks, will be provided. Students will be encouraged todownload and print the checklist and use it to track progress and for self-assessment purposes.FOLLOW-THROUGH ACTIVITIESMemory aids: A downloadable PDF will provide step-by-step instructions for those taskscompleted within this lesson. A reference guide, with reminders for common tasks, can also bedownloaded.Transfer: A brief list of possible applications of editing tasks applicable to vocal music, generalmusic, and instrumental music situations will be included.