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The "V" Channel presentation


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Currently in development, The “V” Channel is a social media channel designed to engage and inspire young people toward a higher standard of behavior.

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The "V" Channel presentation

  1. 1. The “V” ChannelVictory via Virtues! Proposal for an online channel to: “Bring out the best in our children and ourselves.” *Presentation by Scott Feraco*From The Family Virtues Guide.©2012 SCOTT FERACO. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.
  2. 2. Social media has dramatically changedthe way young people receive and shareinformation…There is great potential for learning…
  3. 3. …yet it seems the most popular contentdoesn’t involve much learning: Boys: Girls: • Rap/Rock music videos • Gossip on Facebook • Sarcastic parody and blooper videos • Beauty & Fashion • Violent games • Dating and Romance • Sports highlights • Celebrity news • Pictures of girls (and cars) • Pictures of boys (and shoes)
  4. 4. Much of today’s mass media appeals tothe lowest standards of behavior:Violence, Sex, Drugs and Alcohol, Lying and Cheating, Making fools of others,Catastrophic thinking, Sensationalism, Idolizing celebrities, Aggressive anddominant behavior…
  5. 5. Instinctively, young people wantpositive guidance and influences.But they don’t want dull, “goody two-shoes” lessons or finger-pointing lecturesabout being “Good”.
  6. 6. The “V” Channel’s Mission:Engage and inspire young people by providingpositive, creative, entertaining, and most importantly,useful virtues lessons, resulting in everyday victoriestoward a higher standard of behavior.
  7. 7. Basic Definition of VIRTUE:• Commendable quality or trait.• Capacity to act with potency through the force behind wise choices of behavior.• A good or useful quality of a thing.
  8. 8. Why a “Virtuous” Conversation?• Virtues are universal to all faiths and cultures.• Virtues are actionable choices that can lead to a quality life experience.• Virtues enable us to be the best we can be regardless of a particular society’s expectations.
  9. 9. No Judgments… The “V” Channel IS: • Inclusive • Creative • Honest • Sincere • Provocative • Challenging The “V” Channel is NOT: • Religious • Bookish • Narrow-minded • Old fashioned
  10. 10. About the “V” Channel• An online multi-media platform designed to join the socialmedia conversation about “All Things Virtuous”.• Teaching the “What, Why and How” of virtues.• Engaging videos of the benefits of making virtuous choices.• Creative, open-minded conversations enable peer-to-peer and transgenerational dialogue.
  11. 11. About the “V” Crew“Parents are the first educators, those best able to impart values andvirtues to their children. However, young people will often look beyondtheir parents for life lessons.” – The Family Virtues GuideThe “V” Crew is a group of virtues advocates and mentors engaging andguiding the next generation via a common belief that virtues can shape aworld where people are willing to take personal responsibilities.The “V” Crew will include “Influentials”, thought leaders in science,education, business and industry, along with cultural icons and trendsetters inthe arts, sports and entertainment.The “V” Crew is “hip”, smart, compassionate and dedicated. They aremembers of ‘The Village’ needed to help raise a child.
  12. 12. By learning and practicing virtues,young people can be good even duringbad times: • Breaking up with a girlfriend or boyfriend: Tact • Embarrassed: Forgiveness • Failing a test: Steadfastness • Self-image issues: Detachment • Tired of doing chores: Self-discipline • Bored of school: Enthusiasm • Looking for a job: Determination
  13. 13. From Assertiveness to Zeal.There are 52 virtues, offering a newlesson every week of the year: Assertiveness Generosity Patience Caring Gentleness Peacefulness Cleanliness Helpfulness Perseverance Compassion Honesty Purposefulness Confidence Honor Reliability Consideration Humility Respect Courage Idealism Responsibility Courtesy Joyfulness Reverence Creativity Justice Self-discipline Detachment Kindness Service Determination Love Steadfastness Enthusiasm Loyalty Tact Excellence Mercy Thankfulness Faithfulness Moderation Tolerance Flexibility Modesty Trustworthiness Forgiveness Obedience Truthfulness Friendliness Orderliness Unity Zeal
  14. 14. “V” Channel VideosFeatured “V” Crew members will sharea personal story or insight about how aparticular virtue helped them reachtheir highest potential:• Based on the “What, Why and How” of virtues.• Each video is unique with a different “Victory via Virtues” story to tell.• Variety of directorial styles: – Documentary – Animation – Music – Multi-media – Poetry – Etc.
  15. 15. “V” Channel Video Example: “RESPECT” Featuring Brooklyn Street Artist, “Nico”. CLICK TO WATCH 3:00 VIDEO
  16. 16. “V” Channel Videos will appeal to avariety of interests: • Science • Medicine • Education • Arts • Business • Sports • Politics • Entertainment • And many more…Plus special guest celebrity* videos: • LeBron James • Mark Zuckerberg • Jessica Alba • Chelsea Clinton • Justin Timberlake • Alexandra Kosteniuk • Lady Gaga • Karlie Kloss • And many more…*Celebrity examples only
  17. 17. Special Guest Example:Mark Zuckerberg* on “Excellence”Founder of Facebook and V Crew member.What does Excellence look like to Mark? “When I was at Harvard, around the time of Facemash,students were requesting that the university develop an internal website that would include similarphotos and contact details. I heard these pleas and decided that if the university wont do somethingabout it, I would. My goal was to build a site that was totally excellent, the best I could do, a newinvention no one had done before.”Mark’s signs of Excellence: “Because I developed my own gifts at an early age Vanity Fairmagazine named me number 1 on its 2010 list of the Top 100 most influential people of theInformation Age”.Mark says: “Keep trying to practice Excellence!”You need more practice when you:– Start something without a plan– Try to be all things to all people– Are afraid to fail– Belittle your own gifts– Quit before you are finished, or when you could do more, or better*Mark Zuckerberg image used for presentation purposes only
  18. 18. Social Media is a Conversation.The “V” Channel will get youngpeople involved by listening to whatthey have to say in words, pictures,music, video and animation.“Communication, whether inbound or outbound is now powered byconversations and the best communicators always start as the bestlisteners.” – Brian Solis, Engage 2010
  19. 19. Facebook example:
  20. 20. Website example:
  21. 21. YouTube example:
  22. 22. Blog example:
  23. 23. Utilize the full social media mix to get“Friends, Fans and Followers”(Highly passionate people that are connected to The “V” Channel viasocial media)
  24. 24. The “V” Channel Summary:• Social media channel designed to engage and inspire young people toward a higher standard of behavior• Personal stories, mass media headlines and pop culture to teach “The What, Why and How of Virtues"• Creative and entertaining videos and blogs give virtues a “cool factor” that young people can relate to• Useful and relevant lessons that young people can apply in their lives regardless of their cultural background and upbringing
  25. 25. Acknowledgment:The primary resource for this presentation was the book, The FamilyVirtues Guide, by Linda Kavelin Popov with Dr. Dan Popov Ph.D., andJohn Kavelin.The “V” Channel’s intention is to obtain permission and secure therights to The Family Virtues Guide, using it as the foundation for the“What, Why and How” of virtues lessons.
  26. 26. About Scott FeracoFounder, The “V” ChannelAfter a decade in theatre, film and television, Scott went into advertisingworking as a Creative Director on a wide variety of accounts. Twenty-fiveyears later he realized he derived more satisfaction and felt a stronger senseof purpose coaching his son’s youth league basketball team than he didmeeting client deadlines. He left advertising and is now following his calling asa “virtues advocate”.With the goal of engaging young people in a social media conversation andinspiring them to a higher standard of behavior, Scott is focusing his attention,energy and talent toward launching the “V” Channel.
  27. 27. Contact Scott FeracoPhone: 917-445-0102Email: sferaco@earthlink.netThank you.