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What is digital citizenship

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What is digital citizenship

  1. 1. What is Digital Citizenship? How will we put this into Brown Elementary School? This is an action done by citizens online. It is a citizens responsibility to act appropriately and choose safe websites online.
  2. 2. Our biggest issue as a private school is trying to keep up with the public schools around us that have technology plans in place. Our goal is to get more technical devices in our classrooms and set up safety guidelines for online use. In order for us to get more involved we need to educate teachers , students, and families on how to get safer access online and teach our kids how to be responsible digital citizens. Our biggest problem is we don’t have the funds or support to maintain safe technology. We need to teach our kids what to look out for, how to act, and how to use technical devices. We are hoping to get a committee on our school board to set up a plan for the next 3 years.
  3. 3. GOALS: • Get our classrooms prepared for more technical devices such as smart boards and laptops. • Have a discussion with our kids and community about how to be responsible online. • Get some funding for CIPA-Compliant in order to have filters on all websites. • Make digital citizenship a rule in all our school and post it in our bylaws, hallways, and classrooms. •Have consequences for not being responsible digital citizens.
  4. 4. What kinds of resources will we use as teachers to promote a safe online environment? In order to provide a safe lesson for each student, teachers will have an explained lesson plan layout for each student to use while they are doing their assignment online. They will also have discussions and activities to help build a safe online community in their classroom. There will be jobs for students to monitor and help other students, for example, website monitor, verbal monitor, and staying on task monitor. These jobs will keep them focused and will teach them how to look out for each other online. There will be whole group lessons where the teacher will be able to tell each step of what to do on the computer by modeling it on a smart board device. This way there can be class discussions on how to use certain websites or programs on the computer or technical device. They will also communicate with the parents about what their child will be doing online in the classroom throughout the year.
  5. 5. *The main focus of all of this is to keep our children safe online. We need to work together in order to accomplish this task. EDUCATE- teach kids what is safe and not safe online and how to use digital devices COMMUNICATE-have the community working together in order to promote an online safe environment RESEARCH-look into educating yourself and become lifelong learners with the children on online devices citizenship act Examples of ways to keep kids safe online:

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