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Craigs List Broker

  1. 1. Craig’s List and Real Estate Listings-to-Leads / L2L The Facts about Craig’s List:  #10 Website on the Internet  50 million unique visitors a month  1.2 billion page views a month  HUGE Real Estate and Rental sections The category “Housing” is the top center category on the FRONT PAGE of this website that gets 50 million unique views a month!! Listings-to-Leads 800-788-8508
  2. 2. Craig’s List and Real Estate In the beginning, people love the ease of use Craig’s List offers with simple links and information. But as people go through the Property Search process they want advanced search and functionality. Listings-to-Leads 800-788-8508
  3. 3. No Good Vendors Current 3rd Party Vendor Craig’s List Ad’s look like Web pages from 1997! …and are about as interesting and effective. Unleash the potential on Craig’s List with Listings-to-Leads. Listings-to-Leads 800-788-8508
  4. 4. L2L’s Craig’s List Ad is proven to do both: • Get people to email/call you and your agents directly from the Craig’s List Ad itself (leads). • Get people into your broker website where your website tools and information will generate more leads. Listings-to-Leads 800-788-8508
  5. 5. It’s not just about the ad, but the process: • Constantly testing to improve click- through and contacts. • Internet constantly changes, L2L keeps design/call-to-actions and testing at the leading edge. Listings-to-Leads 800-788-8508
  6. 6. Actual Google Analytics Numbers of Referral Traffic Sources of Traffic to a Real Estate Broker’s Website: - Listings on Trulia, Zillow and 100+ - Listings with my Craig’s List Ad: 45 With Listings-to-Leads (L2L) you get almost 70% more traffic and visitors that are MUCH more likely to become leads and closed business. Listings-to-Leads 800-788-8508
  7. 7. You Need Buyer Leads Trend Analysis Actual Actual Page Actual Page Trend Trend Page Visitors Views Views Total Visitors Views Trulia (100%) 1,399 2.28 3,190 1,399 3,190 Craig’s List (50%) 1,141 5.85 6,675 2,282 13,350 L2L can almost double your website traffic with 400% more page views than the next leading website! These are the best potential leads that you can get from any website on the Internet. Listings-to-Leads 800-788-8508
  8. 8. Our Clients Our clients include brokers and agents throughout the United States. Click below for some examples of our clients Craig’s List ads that bring more web traffic and leads than any other website. Denver, CO Oklahoma City, Ok Pensacola, FL Listings-to-Leads 800-788-8508
  9. 9. Listing Syndication Management What happens when a LEAD is interested in your Listing and clicks on See Listing Website…. Listings-to-Leads 800-788-8508
  10. 10. Listing Syndication Management You have just lost the chance to a majority of ALL the leads that are looking for more information. Listings-to-Leads 800-788-8508
  11. 11. Listing Syndication Management What happens when a LEAD is interested in your Listing and clicks on View More Details…. Listings-to-Leads 800-788-8508
  12. 12. Listing Syndication Management - No local information - No local expertise shown - Usually too long for agent follow-up on lead inquires. Listings-to-Leads 800-788-8508
  13. 13. Listing Syndication Management Perfect. Agent’s information, advanced local property search info., & established program for lead qualification, distribution and follow-up. Listings-to-Leads 800-788-8508
  14. 14. By the Numbers: 1. In this market you need more business. 2. Craig’s List is the 10th most visited Website on the Internet, but it is not the only one! 3. Craig’s List has a HUGE real estate section. 4. L2L will get people who are looking at real estate on Craig’s List or any other relevant website to contact you in larger numbers than ever before possible. Listings-to-Leads 800-788-8508