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Sfcc calcc special events presentation

  1. 1. Zero Waste Special Event ServicesSan Francisco Conservation CorpsLaura McKaughan
  2. 2. Zero Waste Program OverviewHistory of the SFCCHistory Working EventsZero Waste is the Goal!
  3. 3. Strategy Service we provide is recycling plus: 3 bin set up, materials consolidation, bin monitoring, attendee education and the hauling of recycling Our humble beginnings, then working with consultants, other options explored Phased in approach – couldn’t charge more than market will bear
  4. 4. Target Market Target Market: In SF, the sky is the limit. More public events than any other city in the country. How to analyze this in other cities: utilize your city government! Our value proposition: The SFCC assists event producers and venues in complying with the City’s mandatory recycling and composting ordinance. Additionally clients benefit by doing the environmentally and socially responsible thing by diverting waste away from landfills and employing a local non-profit job training program. The service is high quality and performed with specially trained staff. The price is competitive and the service is indispensable in that it cannot effectively be done by existing janitorial staff.
  5. 5. Operations Nearly every Corps is better equipped to do this than we are: If we can do it, so can you! Materials collected, now and in the future Staffing patterns: Supervisors and Drivers The work is Corpsmember labor intensive – no way to get around it. Events must cover these costs.
  6. 6. Collaboration Other service providers: Green Mary, Wastebusters, Revolutionary Green All very small, not very well capitalized, eeking by but making it. They lean on us heavily.
  7. 7. Financial Information What are the capital (financial) needs to start and operate this program? Zero Waste Event Specialists = $17.72 Supervisors = $29.60 Manager = $35.96 (rarely charged) Is the program profitable? Depends on how you calculate it. Cost of Doing Business documents provided to CalRecycle
  8. 8. Cost of Doing Business Special Events Pricing Spreadsheet Effective August 1, 2012 Total ExpensesWaste Management Expenses Based on Cost of Doing Per SpecialBusiness Events HourPersonnel: Direct, Associate Director, Manager, ProjectOperations, Supervisor, Administrative Assistant &Corpsmembers $ 33.00Operating Expenses: CMS training, uniforms, utilities, facilityupkeep, vehicle maintenance, fuel, transportation/travel,professional IT fees, telecommunications, office supplies,office equipment/leases, liability insurance, safety gear,advertisement & promotion $ 7.09Indirect Expenses: Executive Staff and associated operatingexpenses @ 20% $ 8.02Totals $ 48.11PER HOURLY RATE FOR SPECIAL EVENT EXPENSES $ 48.11
  9. 9. Cost of Doing Business Special Events Pricing Spreadsheet # of SFCC Shift Total WorkEvent Name: 49ers Vs. Vikings Schedule Hours Crew 2p-9:30p 7.5 15 $Gross Cost of Doing Business: 5,412.38 $Clients Discount: 3,300.68Net to cost to Client: $2,111.70Date/s of Event:Materials: bags, dumpsters, etc.Equipment RentalsBin Sleeves @ $12 per setRecycling Bins @ per usage @$12 per set
  10. 10. How We Generate Quotes:Event: 49ers Vs. VikingsDate of Event: Aug 10Pay per hour Zero Waste Specialists Pay Rate $16.89 SFCC Shift Schedule Total Hrs. # of crew Total Hrs Supervisor Pay Rate $28.21 8/17; 2:00pm - 9:30pm 7.5 15 112.5 Regular Cm Rate $12.85Event Factors Estimated Attendance Number of Specialists hours 112.5 Number of Managers hours 0 Number of Supervisors hours 7.5Event Specialist Labor $1,900.13Event Supervisors Labor $211.58TOTAL LABOR: $2,111.70 COMMENTS: Fixed Operating Expenses $ Fuel per hour - $ Insurance per hour - $Total of Fixed Operating Expenses - $ Debris box rentals - $ Plastic Liner Bags - $ Compostable Bags - $Total Event Material Expenses -TOTAL COST: $2,111.70
  11. 11. How We Generate Quotes:Expense Details Workers Health Payroll Taxes Compensation Insurance Rate IndirectPersonnel Hourly Rate Rate Rate Per hr Subtotals Rate Totals 7.65% 24.08% 15%Zero Waste Events Specialist $ 11.70 $ 0.90 $ 2.82 $ - $ 15.41 $ 2.31 $ 17.72Supervisor $ 19.38 $ 1.48 $ 4.67 $ 0.21 $ 25.74 $ 3.86 $ 29.60Temporary Employee $ 18.47 $ 1.41 $ 4.45 $ 0.21 $ 24.54 $ 3.68 $ 28.22Manager $ 23.51 $ 1.80 $ 5.66 $ 0.30 $ 31.27 $ 4.69 $ 35.96Operating Expenses Quantity Total Price Unit Price Total PriceBin Sleeves $ 4.00 $ -Black/Clear Liners $ 0.25Compost Liner Bags $ 1.25Bin rentals $ 4.00 AnnualFixed Operating Expenses Expense Total Cms Hrs Hourly RateFuel $ 26,000.00 39810 $ 1.53Vehicle Insurance $ 23,085.00 39810 $ 0.58
  12. 12. Next Steps: With or WithoutThe Bottle Bill What are the next steps for the program? Get lean by hiring more temp employees, perhaps creating intern position, rentals, charging for more of the services we currently offer for free. Need more space to warehouse, get $ for more of the materials we process.
  13. 13. Questions
  14. 14. Thank You! Laura McKaughan Associate Director of Green Programs San Francisco Conservation Corps (415) 716-7351 lmckaughan@sfcc.org www.sfcc.org