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2 4-1 thomas paine, thomas jefferson


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2 4-1 thomas paine, thomas jefferson

  1. 1. Thomas Paine &Thomas Jefferson
  2. 2. Thomas Paine & Thomas Jefferson I. Introduction II. Body Paine Similareities& Background Differences Jefferson Paine Similarities Ideology & Achievements Jefferson Differences Jefferson Influence Paine III. summary
  3. 3. I. Introduction Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson are twoimportant person in American history. They havesome similarities and differences in theirbackground, ideology, as well as achievements andinfluence.Thomas Paine Thomas Jefferson
  4. 4.  Thomas PaineHe was born in a poor family inBritain.The father is a tailor.Painesformal education lasted only untilthe age of thirteen, at which pointhe began working for his father.Eventually, took low-paying job intax-collecting, educating himselffurther in his free time.
  5. 5.  Thomas Jefferson  Thomas Jefferson (1743– 1826)  American Founding Father  Principal author of the United States Declaration of Independence (1776)  The third President of the United States (1801–1809). 杰斐逊故居蒙特沙罗
  6. 6. Background • Similarity: In the same history period • Difference: Thomas Paine: Born in a poor family.His father was a tailor and left school at theage of 13. Thomas Jefferson: Born in a planter’sfamily, got great education.
  7. 7. Thomas Jefferson Thomas Jefferson was the principle author of the Declaration of Independence, a formal document which officially proclaimed the dissolution of the American colonies from the British crown. He has 3 main ideas:• Peoples freedom of speech• Freedom of the press• Freedom of religion
  8. 8. Ideology & Achievements •Similarity: Advocate rights of human and American’sindependence from England. •Difference: Thomas Paine: 1. The Common Senseadvocated the idea of Americanindependence from England. 2. The American Crisis inspired theAmerican troops and gained victory. 3. The Age of Reason suggested peoplenot to believe in religion blindly.
  9. 9. Thomas Jefferson: The Declaration of Independence provided a regular legal system for the new nation. He promoted the freedom religion. He bought territory west of the Mississippi called the Louisiana Purchase and doubled American’s area.
  10. 10. Influence Thomas Jefferson 3.Jefferson combined democracy withfreedom harmoniously and applied them to thereality of political practice, which laid thefoundation and development of the democraticrepublic of the United States. 4.He is not only to lay a theoretical foundationfor American democracy, but to provide spiritualsupport for defending the civil rights ofAmerican freedom. 5.His political philosophy is a precious legacyof American political culture.
  11. 11.  Thomas Paine1. Paine published many articles in the American War of Independence battle to improve the peoples consciousness, and to inspire people to fight, which has played a significant role for promoting the development of the revolutionary movement. The Common sense and paved the way for the Declaration of Independence.2. Paine distinguished the civil society and political state. Formal government is only a small part of human civilization to solve a small amount of the inconvenient transaction. The idea of the autonomous function of civil society affects and reflects the countrys political philosophy in the United States.
  12. 12. III. summary In conclusion, although Thomas Paineand Thomas Jefferson have somesimilarities and differences in theirbackground, ideology , achievements andinfluence.Their thoughts andcontributions have influenced Americandeeply.
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