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Screen play

  1. 1. Screen Play JetéINT. DAY BEDROOMDancewear and shoes scattered all over the room. Faye is sat at herdesk filling out application forms for Dance College, gettingstressed and throwing copies in the bin. Mum (v.o) Faye, we had better hopes for you, You need to study a real subject, You always used to want to be a doctor, You’re throwing your life away. You’ve only got one chance Dance teacher (v.o) You need to give your soul to the audience. You need to keep going until you feel physically sick, Discount to anyone who faints or vomits in my class. Dad (v.o) Listen sweetheart, I know you have your heart set on this, But you’re wrong, you haven’t thought this through. Grow up and think about your future. Make me proud.She eventually seals the envelopes and posts them Dance teacher (v.o) I know you can do this.CUT TO
  2. 2. EXT. DAY OUTSIDE COLLEGEFaye is stood with her friends before going off for her dance class.Her friends are discussing a party at the weekend which Faye missed. Friend 1 Jack’s party was so good; I drank way too much though! Friend 2 Yeah I know, did you see them all jumping in the pool? It was so funny! Did you do much this weekend Faye? Faye Just dancing really... oh my god, I’m so nervous I got my audition dates through and...Her friends cut her off to talk about the party and Faye leaves togo to class. Friend 1 Oh shut up about dancing we never get to see you, come out thisweekend. We were thinking Josh’s party on Friday and ice skating on Sunday. Faye I should probably stay in Friday night; I’ve got to be up early on Saturday. Friend 2 What about Sunday? Faye We’ll see.CUT TOINT. DAYTIME STUDIOFaye is rehearsing at her dance studio. Room is empty, flash backsto when she was younger. Mirrors show her reflection, brightlighting. Flash back shows Faye at the age 6 dancing in her livingroom. The scene cuts back to the dance studio where Faye falls tothe floor and gets very frustrated, but she keeps pushing herself.
  3. 3. INT. DAYTIME INSIDE CORRIDORFaye is queuing outside her audition holding her CD with balletshoes around her neck. Other dancers are stretching around her andgetting ready as Faye clutches her CD with terror. Shots show Fayepeeking through the window at other auditions and also from thejudge’s point of view. Faye’s number gets called and she enters theroom.She walks timidly towards the judge’s as she gives them her CD. Judges Hello Faye, when you’re ready.Montage of shots revealing Faye’s audition. Judges Thank you, would you please make your way through to the physio.CUT TOINT. DAYTIME PHYSIO ROOMFaye enters room to meet physio. Physio checks Faye’s spine. Physio You have a curve in your spine. This may or may not be a problem.CUT TOINT. DAYTIME FAYE’S HOUSEFaye is looking in the mirror assessing her spine. Upset and worriedabout whether it will jeopardize her future. Faye’s mum enterscarrying a folder full of university information. MUM Don’t worry Faye, I prepared for this situation.Faye looks at her mum; not caring about what she’s saying. Faye’smum starts going through the categories. MUM Look at this, I’ve put together this folder which lists only the best universities and their courses. There’s a section for accountancy, medicine, law...Mother’s voice fades away as Faye loses interest.
  4. 4. INT. DAYTIME FAYE’S HOUSEPost comes through letterbox, falls in slow motion with dramaticeffect. Faye walks down the stairs and picks up the post. Shenotices the letter with the dance academy stamp. She opens theletter, tilt upwards to her face. She looks shocked but the audiencedo not know whether she made it in or not.