6th graders


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6th graders

  1. 1. Writing Workshop for 6 Graders • I am Red Kit. And I am looking for two villains. I need to send a telegraph to the headquarters, but I cannot send an image. Only text is allowed. So please describe these villains for my boos at the head quarters. • How to bake a cake, make a bike: tools you need and how to do it step by step – an example. • Youtube video – write the script for the movie • Wrong words – Pinterest, write it correctly. • Directions – on the map, find restrooms, phone booths, food places. Explain with directions. • Lost on the Moon exercise • A complete story – intro, body, conclusion • I am the old lady. An apology letter – you broke my window while playing football, let’s see if I forgive you. • Write a letter to the president of Brazil, tell her about your passion to football and ask for two free tickets to the world cup. • Give characters and ask them to make a story: a cow, a sheep, a mouse, a donkey, a boat, a river, a hen.
  2. 2. Put Your Red Kit I am Red Kit with my horse. And I am looking for two villains. Back then I need to send a telegraph, but I cannot send an image. Only text is allowed. So please describe this villain for my head quarters.
  3. 3. Bake or Make? • Bake a Cake • Make a Bike
  4. 4. Screenplay for an upcoming Disney Movie Alarm Clock
  5. 5. Let’s be a teacher! Correct the Mistakes of Your Students!
  6. 6. Directions • I brought my grandchildren to the amusement park. I am an old, retired grandfather and we are staying at Splash Landings Hotel. The phone lines at the hotel are down. I need to make a very important phone call. Please take me to the nearest phone booth. Use the directions.
  7. 7. Lost on the Moon • Your spaceship has just crash-landed on the moon. You were schedule to rendezvous with a mother ship 200 miles away on the lighted surface of the moon but the rough landing has ruined your ship and destroyed all the equipment on board except for the 15 items listed below. Your crew’s survival depends on reaching the mother ship so you must choose the most critical items available for the trip. Your task is to rank the 15 items in terms of their importance for survival. Place the number 1 by the most important, number 2 by the second most important, and so on.
  8. 8. Building a story • A 12-year old boy, a village, a cat, a bag, a bicycle, a city, a school, a space ship, a bright light, a cold morning, one dark night. • Introduction • Body • Conclusion • 250 words in total.
  9. 9. An apology letter to your neighbor on vacation, the old lady who gives you cookies
  10. 10. Brazil World Cup • Write a letter to the president of Brazil and ask for two tickets for the world cup final game.
  11. 11. Last story Who Sank the Boat A cow, a sheep, a mouse, a donkey, a boat, a river, a hen, a riverside, a village.
  12. 12. Your Resolution for 2014