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  2. 2. INVENTION OF PHOTOGRAPHYINVENTION OF PHOTOGRAPHY• The first permanent photograph was taken byJoseph Nicéphore Niépce in 1826 or 1827.View from the window at Le Gras, 1stphotograph
  3. 3. HELIOGRAPHYHELIOGRAPHYNiépce invented a process to take photographs:• He smeared specialplates with bitumenof Judea and exposedthem to the sunlightinside a cameraobscura for eighthours.• Later, it realized a process of developing withoils and dried the plate. He called the process““heliographyheliography””..
  4. 4. JOSEPH NICÉPHORE NIÉPCEJOSEPH NICÉPHORE NIÉPCE• Joseph NicéphoreNiépce was borned inChalon-sur-Saône,Burgundy, France, the7th March of 1765. Hewas a landowner andscientist.
  5. 5. NIÉPCE & DAGUERRENIÉPCE & DAGUERRE• Niépce agreed with Louis Daguerre, an artist, lookingfor a method to reproduce images without paintingthem, and partnered with him. But Niépce died in1833, without making his invention public, andDaguerre divulgued it as the Daguerreotype.
  6. 6. A CAMERA IS…A CAMERA IS…• A photographic camera is a device thatrecords, or in a film, or electronically, animage of a scene.*Kodak are the most famous photographic cameras.They were invented by George Eastman.
  7. 7. USES OF THE CAMERAUSES OF THE CAMERA• Nowaday cameras can beintegrated in otherdevices, like mobilephones, computers,tablets…Ex.: If we have camerasinside mobiles, we givethem different uses: wecan send the photos as amessage, edit them…
  8. 8. USES OF THE CAMERAUSES OF THE CAMERA• Also, some cameras are water resistant, so wecan take photos while we are swimming,diving…
  9. 9. TYPESTYPES OFOF CAMERASCAMERAS• Cameras can be classified depending ontheir format:1) Analog cameras: the photo developingprocess is chemical and similar to the oldone.
  10. 10. TYPES OF CAMERASTYPES OF CAMERAS2) Digital cameras:The process of photographicdeveloping is based on the digital technologyand they capture images immediately.
  11. 11. BRANDSBRANDS• There are many brands of cameras: NIKON,KODAK, CANON, SONY, SAMSUNG…
  12. 12. COOL FACTSCOOL FACTS• This is called Mammoth Camera, the largestcamera in the world. It was built in the UnitedStates in 1900, and its weight was 634 kilos.The size of the glass plates were 150 X 240cm.
  13. 13. COOL FACTSCOOL FACTS• The word “camera” has its origin in the Arabicword “Quamra”, that means “dark room”
  14. 14. COOL FACTSCOOL FACTS• The most important analog photographybrand, KODAK, earned a lot of money withphotographic papers and films, but whendigital cameras appeared, people stop buyingthem.
  15. 15. COOL FACTSCOOL FACTS• Kodak has made a new digital camera calledLYTRO camera for getting place in the digitalcameras’ world.
  16. 16. ““Heliography the photographic process”Heliography the photographic process”