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Katalog Produkty do domu


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Środki czystości, kosmetyka samochodowa

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Katalog Produkty do domu

  1. 1. product catalogue No. 6for you for your home 2012/2013 1
  2. 2. Your kitchen and more Ecological, biodegradable, phosphate- and preservative-free – this description fits our new FM GROUP FOR HOME bio power dishwasher tabs. Thanks to specially chosen enzymes they are environmentally friendly and effective even in low temperatures. More information can be found on page 45. We recommend them to everyone using dishwashers. For everyone else, who washes the dishes in a traditional way, we perfected the formula of our washing up liquids by adding natural plant extract and vitamins that care for your hands (pages 46-47). This season we have introduced some new exceptional products. One of them is a fantastic cleaning sponge (page 31) made from innovative material that penetrates the structure of cleaned surfaces, which makes the sponge effortlessly remove dirt – including pen or felt-tip marks – from walls, furniture and tiles. We strongly recommend it! When we noticed how popular our FM GROUP Pets series became, we decided to expand the range of products for our best four-legged friends. This time we are taking them into the world of fragrance and offer them perfumed mists (pages 6-7). It’s enough for you to spray them on the pet’s coat to enjoy one of the two amazing fragrances. We improve our products constantly. Several of them have new formulas: stain remover (page 22) and glass cleaner (page 33). Home perfumes with rattan canes will surprise you with their more elegant look – and also with new fragrance version (pages 12-13). We wish you successful shopping! Katarzyna and Artur Trawińscy FM GROUP World The prices listed in the catalogue include VAT. This FM GROUP FOR HOME Product Catalogue No. 6 is valid from November 2012. The offer included in the catalogue in terms of price and products is valid from November 2012, while stock lasts or until a new catalogue is introduced. The Marketing Plan, catalogues, other information, advertising and promotional materials that are issued or accepted by FM GROUP World, are the only authorised sources of information for the2 purpose of selling and advertising FM GROUP Products.
  3. 3. contents scented MISTS FOR PETS new! p. 6-7 ALL PURPOSE SHAMPOO FOR DOGS p. 8 5-10 GENTLE SHAMPOO FOR YORKSHIRE TERRIERS p. 9 DRY SHAMPOO FOR CATS p. 10 HOME PERFUMES (fragrances for home interiors) new scent! p. 12-13 SCENTED LINEN SPRAYS p. 14 WARDROBE FRAGRANCES (fragrance hangers for the wardrobe) p. 15 11-18 VACUUM FRESHENERS p. 16-17 AIR FRESHENERS (fragrance hangers for the car, office and home) p. 18 LIQUID soaps (fresh woody soap, royal fruity soap) p. 20 19-20 MULTI FABRIC stain remover new formula! p. 22 ANTI-CREASE ironing spray (for easy ironing) new scent! p. 23 LAUNDRY LIQUIDS p. 24-25 21-29 FABRIC SOFTENERS p. 26-27 LUXURY FABRIC SOFTENERS p. 28-29 cleaning SPONGE new! p. 31 FIREPLACE GLASS & OVEN cleaner p. 32 GLASS cleaner new formula! p. 33 MULTI PURPOSE cleaner p. 34 POWER cleaner (for extremely dirty surfaces) p. 35 30-40 ANTI-MIST foam (foam that prevents build-up of water vapour) p. 36 CRT & LCD SCREEN cleaner p. 37 LAMINATE floor liquid p. 38 CARPET & UPHOLSTERY cleaner p. 39 METAL cleaning paste p. 40 FURNITURE cleaner new scent! p. 42 41-43 LEATHER WAX conditioner p. 43 bio power DISHWASHER TABS new! p. 45 WASHING-UP liquids new formula! p. 46-47 BABASSU OIL washing-up balm p. 48 KITCHEN cleaner p. 49 44-52 INOX cleaner (for cleaning stainless steel) p. 50 DEGREASER extra power p. 51 DESCALER all purpose p. 52 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 3
  4. 4. contents MULTI SURFACE soft cleanser (for cleaning sanitary and kitchen appliances) p. 54 GROUT cleaner p. 55 53-57 LIMESCALE & RUST remover gel p. 56 DRAIN cleaner (granules for clearing blocked drains) p. 57 SHOWER cleaner (for shower compartments) p. 59 58-60 BATHROOM cleaner p. 60 LEMON WC cleaning gel (for sanitary appliances) p. 62 61-62 DELICAT cloth (microfibre cloth) p. 64 63-65 multi function roll wipes p. 65 ALUMINIUM RIM cleaner p. 67 CAR PERFUMES p. 68-69 66-71 CAR PERFUME REFILLS p. 70 COCKPIT care spray p. 71 Help us to help others Foundation4
  5. 5. for you for your pet PET CARE PRODUCTS scented MISTS FOR PETS gentle SHAMPOO FOR new! YORKSHIRE TERRIERSall purpose SHAMPOO FOR DOGS dry SHAMPOO FOR CATS They are a part of your family and best friends: pets, your favourites. Take care of them, make sure they are clean and healthy, and their coat shiny and fragrant. FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 5
  6. 6. scented MISTS FOR PETS give them a hug! FLUFFY Joy scented mist for pets Juicy peach, dignified rose and relaxing melissa combined into a unique warm fruity and herbal scent. Joyful games with your favourites will become even more pleasant! z006 CUDDLY FRIEND scented mist for pets Aromatic combination of jasmine and lilly-of-the-valley and soothing mandarin oil. Floral and fruity scent especially created for your best four- legged friend! z007 scented mist for pets £89.90/1L SIZE: 100 ml PRICE: £8.996
  7. 7. it is enough that you spray the coat of your pet with a little mist to give the coat a long-lasting and pleasant smell delicately refreshes and neutralises unpleasant odours, which is especially important with dogs in two attractive fragrance versions alcohol-free allergen-free can be used for pets older than 3 months FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 7
  8. 8. all purpose SHAMPOO FOR DOGS suitable for skin and coat of dogs of any breeds contains washing ingredients and active substances that will thoroughly clean the coat aloe extract soothes skin irritations and prevents hairs from falling out glycerine moisturises the skin pH value neutral for animals not intended for pets younger than 6 months old Optimum care for skin and coat all purpose shampoo for dogs Z003 £32.50/1L SIZE: 200 ml PRICE: £6.508
  9. 9. gentle SHAMPOO FOR YORKSHIRE TERRIERS gentle shampoo designed for care of hair and skin of Yorkshire Terriers and other breeds that have hair contains horsetail extract that helps care for hair and maintains hair elasticity and beautiful look aloe extract soothes skin irritations and prevents hairs from falling out addition of allantoin and d-panthenol improves skin regeneration, speeds up healing of minor wounds, and nourishes and smooths hair glycerine moisturises the skin pH value neutral for animals not intended for pets younger than 6 months old gentle shampoo for yorkshire terriers Z002 £32.50/1L SIZE: 200 ml PRICE: £6.50 For the smallest pets FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 9
  10. 10. dry SHAMPOO FOR CATS dry shampoo designed to care for cats’ skin and coat without the use of water contains fine powder of natural origin that refreshes and cleans cat’s coat, and neutralises unpleasant odours enriched with active ingredients: salycic acid and sulphur that help treating skin problems such us excessive peeling of the epidermis or irritation caused by seborrhoea easy to apply – just sprinkle the coat with the shampoo, delicately rub it in, and then comb out the fur leaves a pleasant delicate scent on the skin that is neutral to the cat not intended for pets younger than 6 months old They will purr with happiness dry shampoo for cats Z001 £65.00/1 kg weight:100 g PRICE: £6.5010
  11. 11. for you for your home REFRESHING PRODUCTSHOME PERFUMES new scent! SCENTED LINEN SPRAYS SCENTED LINEN SPRAYS VACUUM FRESHENERS AIR FRESHENERS (for your car, home and office) Fragrance … creates in your home a unique atmosphere and works on your senses with the most beautiful flowery and fruity aromas. It creates an interior that is pleasant to come back to. FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 11
  12. 12. HOME perfumes New design! perfect composition of essential oils secreted on a spectacular glass perfume container the set includes an elegant bottle with fragrance oil and 5 rattan canes gradual fragrance release unforgettable aroma four unique fragrance versions to choose from green tea home perfume A slight hint of green tea will take you to the exotic world of adventure. The brisk aroma will boost your mood and fill the surroundings with positive energy. h06 sweet vanilla home perfume Sweet and sensual fragrance of vanilla soothes and helps regenerate your strength. This balsamic smell brings a tropical warmth and freshness. h0712
  13. 13. Aromatic decoration for all interiorsCHERRYWOODhome perfumeSensual deep woody aroma with atouch of sweet cherry will take you toa secret garden from your childhoodmemories. Perfect for enthusiasts ofecology and minimalism in interiors.Wake up an instinct of an explorerin you! h04bluewavehome perfumeDynamic citrus and spicy notesare the essence of sophisticationto freshen the interior and bringto it an element of sensual mystery. h08 home perfume £299.75/1L SIZE: 40 ml PRICE: £11.99 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 13
  14. 14. scented LINEN SPRAYS two delightful unisex fragrances to choose from refresh the linen and give it a pleasant aroma help to bring a nice relaxing atmosphere to the bedroom no allergens a bottle with a convenient spray can be used for curtains and towels cannot be used for very delicate fabrics (e.g. laces) You deserve sweet a moment dre a m scented linen spray of relaxation Balsamic subtle aroma of sweet musk combined with joyful notes of vanilla. Charming scent that relaxes, wakes up the senses and creates good mood. Sweet dreams guaranteed! a012 wonderful night scented linen spray Subtle combination of citrus aroma with warm notes of camomile, eucalyptus and peppermint. It soothes tension, calms and encourages rest. Ideal at the end of an intense day. It’s so nice to put your head on the pillow. a013 scented linen spray £166.33/1L SIZE: 30 ml PRICE: £4.9914
  15. 15. WARDROBE FRAGRANCES fragrance hangers suitable for wardrobes impregnated with the original fragrance composition gradual fragrance release recommended for your home and officesunnybreezewardrobe fragrance Release the sweet notes of mandarin, jasmine and vanilla into your wardrobe!This fragrance harmonises perfectly with the luxury fabric softener – SUNNY BREEZE and perfume FM 23. a04morningmistwardrobe fragrance Let yourself get carried away in a breeze of jasmine, white rose, bamboo, apple and lemon! This fragrance harmonises perfectly with perfume FM 33 a05 wardrobe fragrance Enjoy the PRICE: £3.50 aroma FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 15
  16. 16. VACUUM fresheners in a form of a cartridge soaked in perfume leaves a lovely fragrance as you vacuum neutralises the odour of dust suitable for all types of vacuum cleaners with exception of carpet washing devices should be positioned near the air exhaust filter hot air circulation releases the smell into the room the package contains two fragrance cartridges sized 47x77 mm summer Squeeze the cartridge directly from the foil and whiff avoid contact with the skin. vacuum freshener 2 pieces Charming scent of sweet flowers with addition of refreshing fruit and delicate woody notes (FM 98). a01116
  17. 17. sunny Cleaningbreeze may be vacuum freshener addictive 2 piecesSeductive and very sensualfragrance of fresh mandarins,enhanced with strong notes ofjasmine and sweetness of vanilla(FM 23). a010splendidviolet vacuum freshener 2 piecesA slightly eccentric fragrance ofmagnolia blossoms, violet and lily ofthe valley, with the smell of gentlycrushed apple and cucumber (FM 81). a009 vacuum freshener PRICE: £4.49 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 17
  18. 18. AIR FRESHENERS for the car, office and home soaked with fragrance compositions of the most popular FM GROUP perfumes made from high-quality absorption cardboard gradual release of fragrance perfect for your car, office and home Beautiful scent for many days Air freshener scents for men FM 52 – Hypnotic fragrance of citruses, apple, cinnamon and spicy clove. 52cc FM 134 – Irresistible smell of mandarin, bitter orange and sea grass. 34cc Air freshener scents for women FM 25 – Harmonious blend of freesia, iris, passionflower, exotic fruit and white cedar. 25cc FM 147 – It is the only composition where the notes of mandarin, lychee, plum and lily of the valley create the perfect match. air freshener 147c FM 173 – Slightly dreamy blend of bitterPRICE: £2.50 almonds, vanilla, musk, moss and Jacaranda tree. 73cc18
  19. 19. for you for your homePRODUCTS FOR THE BODY LIQUID soaps (fresh woody soap, royal fruity soap) Beautiful smell, perfect cleaning properties, convenient containers... We want all of your everyday chores to become pleasurable activities. FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 19
  20. 20. LIQUID soaps gently cleanse and nourish the body moisturise and soften the skin making it silky smooth and pleasant to the touch neutral pH value for the skin (5.5) original aroma of conifers and citruses or peach and mango beautiful colour and perfect texture leave a fresh and subtle fragrance on the skin Citrus and woody refreshment fresh woody soap citrus & conifers A unique combination of notes of conifers (fir, spruce and cypress) with a refreshing chord of citrus, lemon grass and a slight touch of rosewood. A refined composition for those who expect extraordinary sensations. B02 soap £11.40/1L SIZE: 500 ml PRICE: £5.70 Appetising mango royal fruit y soap mango & peach The sweet aroma of delicious mangoes and peaches will enable you to move to a tropical, sunbathed garden. Allow yourself to relax each day. B0120
  21. 21. for you for your home LAUNDRY PRODUCTSMULTI FABRIC stain remover LAUNDRY liquids new formula! ANTI-CREASE ironing spray FABRIC SOFTENERS (for easy preparation of ironing) new scent! LUXURY FABRIC SOFTENERS Delicate fabrics in different colours? Tough stains? We have a way for your clothes to be perfectly clean, delightfully soft and wonderfully fragrant. FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 21
  22. 22. STAIN REMOVER multi fa b r i c stain remover effectively removes even the toughest stains contains higher amount of active enzymes, protease and lipase, which work effectively on stains from grass, blood, eggs, greasy sauces, oil thanks to enzymes the product is very efficient, it works in low temperatures, it prevents the fabric from pilling and dirt from resettling during the washing it can be applied to both white and coloured fabrics recommended even for very delicate fabrics does not contain chlorine does not cause your hands to dryNo stains does not damage the fibre structure handy trigger cap makes it easy to apply the preparation directly on the stain has a pleasant peach-apricot aroma No problem multi fabric stain remover l01 (without trigger cap) £6.40/1L Enzymes Now, our stain remover contains even SIZE: 750 ml more enzymes, and this is why it is super-effective! Enzymes are obligatory ingredients of modern stain removers. PRICE: £4.80 They fight stains effortlessly as they speed up chemical reactions occurring while washing, and they dissolve even insoluble stain ingredients: fats, starch, proteins. They work in temperatures trigger cap AC04 even lower than 60ºC. They increase efficiency of chemicals contained. Stains have no chance! PRICE: £0.50 total price of the set: £5.30 22
  23. 23. anti-crease ironing spray makes ironing easy by forming on the fabric surface a delicate layer that straightens out creases and stiffens the ironed fabric creates less resistance against the ironed fabric gives the ironed clothing an elegant look does not damage the fibre structure of the fabric in the form of a perfumed foam has a fresh green-flowery aroma with notes of rose and jasmine no spraying and no water vapour No creases Anti-crease ironing spray anti-crease ironing spray l07 £19.00/1L SIZE: 300 ml PRICE: £5.70 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 23
  24. 24. laundry LIQUIDS specially selected components protect clothing against the loss of colour, stretching, and shrinkage suitable for coloured fabrics; even black and very dark perfectly removes all kinds of dirt and prevents it from resettling on the fabric during the washing convenient smooth texture easily dissolves in water and does not leave marks on the fabrics works even in low temperatures can be used for hand washing and in all types of washing machines sensual scent of violet and magnolia (FM 81) vivid co lo u rs laundry liquid vivid colours laundry liquid l02 SIZE: 1000 ml PRICE: £5.7024
  25. 25. white laundry liquid white laundry liquid l03 SIZE: 1000 ml PRICE: £5.70 lightens up white and pale coloured fabrics and prevents them from becoming grey removes all kinds of dirt, even oil gives extraordinary freshness and brightness thanks to contained enzymes it works effectively even in low temperatures regardless of the degree of water hardness unique ingredients of the liquid prevent dirt from resettling during washing convenient smooth texture rinses out perfectly and leaves no streaks can be used for hand washing and in all types of washing machines recommended even for delicate fabrics subtle aroma of wild orchidPerfect effectby hand and in a washing machine FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 25
  26. 26. fabric SOFTENERS Beautiful fragrance wonderful softness blue star * fabric softener Incredibly romantic combination of the subtle aroma of roses with fresh, ethereal scent of magnolia, enriched with the sweetness of aromatic honey. l04 moon fantasy fabric softener Sweet, intense composition dominated by the warm smell of jasmine emphasized by a strong note of musk. l05* Available until stock lasts.26
  27. 27. leave beautiful long-lasting fragrance highly concentrated soften the fabrics and make them wonderfully fluffy, soft and elastic restore the ion balance and prevent clothing static make the ironing easier for all kinds of fabricssunlime fabric softener A refreshing aroma of freshly harvested bamboo leaves with a strong accent of lime and bergamot, soothed with a warm accord of lily of the valley and cedar wood. l06 fabric softener SIZE: 1000 ml PRICE: £5.70 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 27
  28. 28. Luxury FABRIC SOFTENERS Delicate touch of luxury secret garden luxury fabric softener A compelling smell of freshly bloomed white roses twined with wild ivy, enhanced with the aroma of mandarin and African orchid (FM 10). l0828
  29. 29. contain exclusive compositions so far used only in perfumes and perfumery products they soften and make fabrics fragrant thanks to uniquely selected ingredients make fabrics fluffy and light for all kinds of fabricssplendidviolet luxury fabric softener A slightly eccentric aroma of magnolia flowers, violet and lily of the valley, broken with the gentleness of apple and green cucumber scent (FM 81). l09 luxury fabric softener SIZE: 1000 ml PRICE: £6.30sunnybreeze luxury fabric softener A seductive and very sensual scent of fresh mandarins, enhanced with strong notes of jasmine and the sweetness of vanilla (FM 23). l10 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 29
  30. 30. for you for your home UNIVERSAL PRODUCTS cleaning Sponge NEW! ANTI-MIST foam (foam that prevents build-up of water vapour) FIREPLACE GLASS & OVEN cleaner CRT & LCD SCREEN cleaner LAMINATE floor liquid GLASS cleaner new formula! carpet & upholstery cleaner MULTI PURPOSE cleaner METAL cleaning paste POWER cleaner (for extremely dirty surfaces) A home shining with cleanliness where the ones close to you and your guests feel comfortable? With FM GROUP FOR HOME products you can take care of every detail.30
  31. 31. cleaning SPONGE works without the use of detergents – just a drop of water is enough effectively removes dirt from all surfaces resistant to water and cleaning, including walls covered with waterproof paints; garden furniture, grout, tiles, floors, doors, ovens, dishes, aluminium rims, plastics or metals removes dirt and smudge marks removes pen, felt tip, crayon marks, and other resistant stains made from innovative material that – when rubbed – deeply penetrates the surface structure and delicately and effectively removes dirt sponge wears out when used size: 10.9 x 6.1 x 3.8 cm revolutionCLEANING SPONGE in removing wet & wipe dirt! cleaning sponge u010 PRICE: £3.99 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 31
  32. 32. FIREPLACE GLASS & OVEN cleaner Dirt will disappear effectively removes singes, burned fat and fume stains (carbon, soot) recommended to clean ovens, fireplaces, grill and household appliances (frying pans, pots, etc.) suitable to clean fireplace and oven glass contains surface active agents that degrease cleaning surfaces and also ingredients that limit dirt resettling safe for cleaned surfaces does not leave streaks should not be used on surfaces non-resistant to alkali, e.g. aluminium firepl ace gL ASS & OVEN cleaner fireplace glass & oven cleaner U06 (without trigger cap) £6.93/1L SIZE: 750 ml PRICE: £5.20 trigger cap AC04 PRICE: £0.50 total price of the set: £5.7032
  33. 33. GLASS cleanerCleanliness without streaks Now with protective silicone! effortlessly removes grease and dirt, particularly hand prints special polishing agents ensure crystal shine with no streaks contains silicone that makes the preparation spread easily and delays steam settling contains alcohol and unique silica nano-particles that create a layer on the surface of glass that prevents the re-deposit of dirt has anti-static properties very efficient has a pleasant aroma of green applegl ass cleaner glass cleaner u01 (without trigger cap) £5.73/1L SIZE: 750 ml PRICE: £4.30 trigger cap AC04 total price of the set: £4.80 PRICE: £0.50 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 33
  34. 34. MULTI PURPOSE cleaner suitable for cleaning and treatment of all types of washable surfaces recommended for tabletops, floors, walls, tiles, sanitary fittings etc. contains surface active agents thanks to which it removes all kinds of dirt quickly and effectively has degreasing properties leaves no streaks Effectively cleans every surface gentle for the cleaning surfaces leaves a pleasant aroma of fresh pomegranate flowers gives cleaning surfaces a crystal shine multi purpose cleaner multi purpose cleaner u03 SIZE: 1000 ml PRICE: £5.2034
  35. 35. power cleaner exceptionally effective and professional formula suitable for cleaning heavily dirty hard surfaces that are unprotected, waterproof and alkali-resistant recommended for cleaning of laminate, tiles, terracotta, patios, linoleum, floor tiles etc. removes dirt of organic origin (oils) and synthetic origin (lubricants) very useful in houses, garages, workshops, greenhouses etc. can be used to wash work clothes and car upholstery, to clean engines, oven and fireplace glass, fencing, terraces, balconies, and to remove organic dirt from cobblestones and elevationsPerfectlyremovestough stainspower cleaner power cleaner u02 SIZE: 1000 ml PRICE: £6.30 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 35
  36. 36. ANTI-MIST foam recommended for windows, mirrors, showers, tiles, car windows and spectacles – all surfaces exposed to mist cleans thoroughly leaves an invisible protective layer that prevents moisture and dust deposit on surfaces if used at home it increases the comfort of using devices if used in the car it increases driving safety does not leave streaks convenient form of foam Invisible coat Visible effects Anti-mist foam anti-mist foam U009 £19.66/1L SIZE: 300 ml PRICE: £5.9036
  37. 37. CRT & LCD SCREEN cleaner effectively removes dirt, dust, fingerprints and greasy stains suitable for cleaning glass, liquid crystal and plastic surfaces recommended for cleaning TV and computer screens, plasma and LCD displays, remote controls, cell phones, computer keyboards, etc. limits dust resettling by creating static coating does not leave streaks does not contain alcohol Say goodbye to dustcrt & lcdscreen cleaner crt & lcd screen cleaner U08 (without atomiser) £20.80/1L SIZE: 250 ml PRICE: £5.20 atomiser Ac08 total price of the set: £5.70 PRICE: £0.50 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 37
  38. 38. LAMINATE FLOOR liquid recommended for cleaning and treatment of laminated floor and wall panels, furniture veneers and varnished wood cleans and treats effectively removes oily dirt, everyday dirt and dust does not leave streaks and water stains does not interfere with the natural properties of the cleaned surfaces concentrated and created on a basis of alcohol Panels under special treatment laminate floor liquid laminate floor liquid u04 SIZE: 1000 ml PRICE: £6.9038
  39. 39. CARPET AND UPHOLSTERY cleaner removes stains and dirt from carpets and upholstery surface active ingredients degrease and soften fabrics creates active foam, which penetrates deep into the fibres and effectively removes dirt contains anti-electrostatic agent, and for this reason the fibres do not pick up static and thus it absorbs new dust and dirt more slowly contained ingredients protect fabrics against colour loss easily dissolves in water foams perfectly suitable for hand washing gentle for skin and eyes refreshing citrus fragranceActive foamand stainsdisappearcarpet &upholstery cleaner carpet & upholstery cleaner u05 SIZE: 1000 ml PRICE: £4.30 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 39
  40. 40. METAL cleaning paste suitable for cleaning objects made Restores shine of silver, gold, copper, aluminium, brass, stainless steel, chrome and nickel quickly removes dirt and restores the shine guarantees adequate treatment to the cleaned surfaces contains corrosion inhibitors that delay the process of metal destruction and guarantee long-lasting protection widely used at home (jewellery, silverware, plated objects, clocks, fittings, stainless steel lavatory mixers and sinks, musical instruments), garden (fences, jardinieres, metal lamps and garden furniture) and garage (metal parts in cars, bicycles, motorbikes) does not contain corrosive acids, so it is safe both for the cleaned items and for the skin designed for manual cleaning not recommended for surfaces coated with metal (e.g.: gold, silver, nickel, chrome) or covered with paint concentrated and efficient metal cleaning paste metal cleaning paste U07 £46.00/1L SIZE: 150 ml PRICE: £6.9040
  41. 41. for you for your homePRODUCTS FOR FURNITURE FURNITURE cleaner new scent! LEATHER WAX conditioner Your furniture needs special care. To enjoy its beautiful look and usage comfort for longer, reach for the proven solutions. FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 41
  42. 42. FURNITURE cleaner wood like new designed for cleaning and daily treatment of furniture made of wood and wood-alike materials enriched with wax and anti-electrostatic ingredients leaves a protective layer on the surface special ingredients limit re-deposition of dust does not scratch the cleaned surfaces leaves no streaks spray aroma of seductive vanilla and caramel furn iture cle a n er anti-dust furniture cleaner f01 £19.00/1L SIZE: 300 ml PRICE: £5.7042
  43. 43. LEATHER WAX conditioner protects and nourishes created on a basis of natural beeswax with addition of conditioning oils designed for the treatment of surfaces made of smooth genuine and ecological leather intensively nourishes leather and makes it softer and more elastic restores the natural colour and shine to the cleaned surfaces prevents them from excessive drying and cracking recommended for cleaning leather furniture and car upholstery, as well as for fancy leather goods (bags, briefcases, suitcases, wallets, belts, gloves), leather clothing (jackets, coats, trousers), shoes, saddles and other leather articles not suitable for suede and nubuck BEESWAX It comes from empty honeycombs created by bees. Due to its properties it is often used in cosmetic industry and other industrial branches. Used in our leather wax conditioner it nourishes leather making it soft and pleasant to the touch. Additionally it has a delicate honey-like scent.leather wax We derive from nature what is best! conditioner leather wax conditioner f02 £30.00/1L SIZE: 300 ml PRICE: £9.00A bit ofnaturefor leather FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 43
  44. 44. for you for your home PRODUCTS FOR THE KITCHEN bio power DISHWASHER TABS INOX cleaner new! (for cleaning stainless steel) WASHING-UP liquids DEGREASER extra power new formula! BABASSU OIL washing-up balm DESCALER all purpose KITCHEN cleaner Recipe for cleanliness and safety in your kitchen is very simple. A pinch of willingness, a bit of time and high quality products.44
  45. 45. bio power DISHWASHER TABS ecological, biodegradable, contain no phosphate, preservatives, artificial colourings or chlorine effectively remove even toughest residue or fats leaving dishes brilliantly clean and shining their modern formula combines activity of cleaning, polishing and softening agents and care for the environment thanks to enzymes (protease and amylase) they work perfectly even in low temperatures (such as 40oC) saving energy and money contain ingredients preventing glass from becoming matte and preventing corrosion of metal dishes and cutlery soften water and protect the dishwasher from limescale settling fragrance free packed in a delicate foil, dissoluble in water, that protects the skin on your hands from the direct contact with the tablet 25 pieces in the packBIO POWERDISHWASHER TABS effectiveness all in 1 and ecology bio power dishwasher tabs k008 £19.98/1 kg weight: 500 g PRICE: £9.99 Remember that in case of very hard water (over 6 mval/ dm3) you might require additional protective dishwasher salt. FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 45
  46. 46. Washing up liquids remove grease and other dirt quickly and effectively leaving dishes clean and shiny enriched with vitamins and plant extracts that moisturise, smooth and nourish skin of your hands high content of washing agents makes the liquids very efficient pH value neutral for the skin red citrus washing-up liquid Sunny power of papaya, mango, passion fruit, lychee and kiwi extracts that works like a nourishing youth potion on dry skin of your hands! The appetising aroma of cherry fruit and flower will stay in your kitchen forever. K02 red citrus washing-up liquid (without dispenser pump) £5.73/1L SIZE: 750 ml PRICE: £4.30 dispenser pump AC05 PRICE: £0.50 total price of the set: £4.8046
  47. 47. VITAMINS AND PLANT EXTRACTSThey are used not only in cosmetics, but recentlyalso in household chemistry. In our washing upliquids you can find many vitamins such as A, E, F,and H and some from groups B. The liquids containnatural plant extracts rich in nutritive sugars,mineral salts and anti-ageing vitamin A! Thereforewashing the dishes is beneficial to the skin of yourhands! Even better! a lo e washing-up liquid Contains aloe extract known for its medicinal properties: moisturises, regenerates and soothes the skin of your hands. Make sure that your hands are soft and smooth, and that washing the dishes is a real pleasure! K03 aloe washing-up liquid (without dispenser pump) £5.73/1L SIZE: 750 ml PRICE: £4.30 dispenser pump AC05 total price of the set: £4.80 PRICE: £0.50 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 47
  48. 48. washing-up BALM effortlessly removes grease, scale and other kinds babassu OIL of dirtIt is pressed cold from seeds of atalia combines effectiveness with gentlenesspalm (Attalea speciosa) wild-growing for the skinand cultivated in Brazil and Africa. Thisoil contains around 70% of fat and it contains babassu oil acquired from Brazilianis rich in unsaturated fatty acid and Babassu palm nuts that works towards anti-ageingvitamin E. It moisturises, softens and and nourishes skin on handsnourishes the skin. It strengthens theepidermis and slows down ageing. It glycerine and allantoin regenerate, sootheprotects against damaging activity and smooth cracks and callocityof any externals. It easily absorbs andcauses no irritations. For your skin it is a contained milk proteins act against irritationsreal youth elixir! and improve skin condition has pH value that is neutral for the skin does not contain allergens dermatologically tested Effective in usage Mild to your hands babassu oil washing-up balm babassu oil washing-up balm K007 (without dispenser pump) £6.00/1L SIZE: 750 ml PRICE: £4.50 dispenser pump AC05 PRICE: £0.50 total price of the set: £5.0048
  49. 49. KITCHEN cleaner perfectly removes everyday dirt ideal for cleaning and degreasing cabinets, tabletops, stoves, sills, arms and also wall and floor ceramics does not leave streaks and water stains universal, low foaming cy cleans enamel, ceramic, steel, laminate and stone surfacesPerfect foreveryday use kitchen cleaner kitchen cleaner K01 (without trigger cap) £7.60/1L SIZE: 750 ml PRICE: £5.70 trigger cap AC04 total price of the set: £6.20 PRICE: £0.50 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 49
  50. 50. INOX cleaner designed for cleaning matt stainless steel – INOX contains soft silicones that effectively remove various stains such as fingerprints or oily deposits leaves the cleaned surface well-damped, shiny and secured from the emergence of more spots especially recommended for cleaning steel parts of refrigerators, microwave ovens, borders of hobs and ovens can be used to clean the exterior of pots, rigging, sailboat hardware and steel decorative elements fragrance free safe for the cleaned surface and for the skin Cleans and protects i n ox cleaner inox cleaner k06 (without atomiser) £28.40/1L SIZE: 250 ml PRICE: £7.10 atomiser AC08 PRICE: £0.50 total price of the set: £7.6050
  51. 51. degreaser easily dissolves even the persistent, burnt and residual fat and oily, and sticky dirt thoroughly removes fatty deposits from tabletops, sinks, deep fat fryers, ventilating fans, hoods, ovens, grills, hot plates, tiles and other kitchen equipment contains ingredients that soften water, which increases degreaser’s effectiveness does not scratch the cleaned surface leaves no streaks regular use of the preparation significantly facilitates the maintenance of cleanliness and hygiene in every kitchen intense action leaves a charming aroma of fresh orange flowers and impressive crystal shine on the cleaned surfaces For special tasks 47 degreaSER extra power degreaser extra power k05 (without trigger cap) £7.86/1L SIZE: 750 ml PRICE: £5.90 trigger cap AC04total price of the set: £6.40 PRICE: £0.50 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 51
  52. 52. DESCALER all purpose professional acidic agent Scale will not settle perfectly eliminates scale and lime deposits even from places hard to reach such as heating elements recommended for cleaning kettles, sieves, heaters, irons, coffee machines, dishwashers and other household appliances very efficient does not contain petrochemical raw materials, synthetic flavourings, synthetic dyes, synthetic preservatives or genetically modified raw materials not suitable for surfaces sensitive to organic acids (chrome plated and non-chrome plated brass, enamel, plastic items sensitive to acid, aluminium and surfaces of natural and synthetic stone) descaler all purpose descaler all purpose k04 SIZE: 1000 ml PRICE: £7.1052
  53. 53. for you for your homePRODUCTS FOR THE BATHROOMAND THE KITCHEN GROUT cleaner LIMESCALE & RUST remover gel MULTI SURFACE soft cleanser DRAIN cleaner (for cleaning sanitary and kitchen appliances) (granules for clearing blocked drains) Kitchen and bathroom are places where cleanliness, safety and hygiene must come first. Let’s take care of that together! FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 53
  54. 54. MULTI SURFACE soft cleanser Safe for the surfaces designed to clean kitchen and sanitary appliances and nickel-plated surfaces removes even the most resistant dirt and oil in kitchens and bathrooms without scrubbing effectively cleans thanks to contained dolomite – a natural cleaning agent of high granularity does not scratch, mattify, or discolour the cleaned surfaces protects and provides a delicate lustre leaves a fresh lemon fragrance ideal for use in kitchen and bathroom velvety texture environmentally friendly multi Dolomite surface soft cleanserIt is a natural mineral containing calciumcarbonate and magnesium carbonate.These ingredients are essential for ahuman organism, and so it is also usedin medicine. In our soft cleanser forcleaning sanitary and kitchen appliances, multi surface soft cleanser bk01dolomite’s exceptional chemical £5.73/1Lcleanness and high granularity havebeen used for effective and also delicate SIZE: 750 mlremoval of dirt. Dolomite also adds toour soft cleanser a liquid velvety texture. PRICE: £4.3054
  55. 55. GROUT cleaner removes dirt from the wall and floor tile joints (glaze, terracotta, gres, marble, mosaic) perfectly and quickly removes dirt including hard water marks can be used for cleaning both white and coloured joints creates a self-cleaning coating of nano-particles which actively counteract dirt and permanently protect the grout joints against dirt and water soaking when used regularly it protects the cleaned surface even more effectively from dirt resettling has anti-static properties eliminates even greasy dirt refreshes the colours of joints does not rinse off or discolour the grouting has a pleasant lemon fragrance Long-lasting effect grout cleaner grout cleaner bK04 (without trigger cap) £6.93/1L SIZE: 750 ml PRICE: £5.20 trigger cap AC04total price of the set: £5.70 PRICE: £0.50 dlroW PUORG MF imat kudorp imynlanigy ro ąs emoh rof PUORG MF y tfor dorP products are genuine FM GROUP World products. FM GROUP ku home 55
  56. 56. LIMESCALE AND RUST remover gel recommended to clean baths, washbasins and lavatory pans, taps, showers, and also floor and tiling unique formula of the gel facilitates rapid and effective removal of scale deposits, soap scum, rust stains and other types of residues that deposit appearing on sanitary fittings with the texture of soft gel, the preparation also stays on oval surfaces (e.g. lavatory pans) the layer of the gel coats the cleaned surface and lets the surface-active agents operate when used regularly it protects against dirt resettling does not damage the cleaned surface should not be used for marble, stone or porous surfaces gives a delicate shine leaves a delicate aroma of an orange flower power and effectiveness limescale rust remover gel limescale rust remover gel bk03 (without trigger cap) £5.73/1L SIZE: 750 ml PRICE: £4.30 trigger cap AC04 PRICE: £0.50 total price of the set: £4.8056
  57. 57. DRAIN cleaner designed for self-activating clearing of pipes and outlets immediately removes congestions in sinks, outlets, siphons etc. in a form of granules containing ingredients that dissolve fat, hair and kitchen waste reaches through even stagnant water and removes unpleasant odours dissolves in water and rinses out easily when used regularly it allows to maintain the proper cleanness and permeability of the drains does not cause corrosion of steel pipes or of rubber seal should not be used to clear siphons and pipes made of aluminium perfect for both kitchen and bathroom recommended for regular use, at least once a month before you call a plumber drain cleaner grease killer drain cleaner bk02 £11.40/1 kg weight: 500 g PRICE: £5.70 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 57
  58. 58. for you for your home PRODUCTS FOR THE BATHROOM SHOWER cleaner (for shower compartments) BATHROOM cleaner Your bathroom is an oasis of relaxation, your home SPA, a place where you take care of your beauty... It needs to be perfectly clean and safe for the whole family.58
  59. 59. SHOWER cleanerBrilliantcleanliness recommended for cleaning shower cabins, bathroom fixtures, bathtubs, tiles and other surfaces contains a unique set of active ingredients that work even in cold water effectively removes limescale, hard water stains, soap residue and other bathroom dirt when used regularly, the contained silicone nano-particles penetrate the structure of the cleaned surface and create a protective layer preventing dirt, residue and water vapour from resettling has anti-static properties nie zawiera alergenów does not damage the cleaned surface gives a delicate shine leaves a fresh citrus-fruity aroma that is a combination of orange, grapefruit, mandarin and peach notes with accents of vanilla and amber shower cleaner shower cleaner ba02 (without trigger cap) £5.60/1L SILICONE SIZE: 750 ml NANOPARTICLES PRICE: £4.20 They are chemical ingredients of a very small size thanks to which they surpass in terms of activity particles of a regular size. Because of this minute size, silicone nano-particles can penetrate the structure of the trigger cap AC04 cleaned surface and limit new dirt resettling. total price of the set: £4.70 PRICE: £0.50 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 59
  60. 60. bathroom cleaner exceptionally effective thanks to its unique formula effortlessly copes with limescale, soap scum and other types of dirt recommended for baths, bathroom fittings, shower cabins, toilet bowls, floors, glazed surfaces, and terracotta contains innovative active ingredients that remove water stains and residue, and prevent dirt from resettling polishing and protective agents give a delicate lustre to bathroom fittings and ceramics has degreasing properties does not damage the cleaned surfaces leaves a fresh flowery and fruity fragrance with woody notes Bathroom full of shine bathroom cleaner bathroom cleaner ba01 (without trigger cap) £5.60/1L SIZE: 750 ml PRICE: £4.20 trigger cap AC04 PRICE: £0.50 total price of the set: £4.7060
  61. 61. for you for your homePRODUCTS FOR THE TOILET LEMON WC cleaning gel Your toilet is a vulnerable spot and needs special treatment. While taking care of its cleanness you take care of health of your family and yourself. FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 61
  62. 62. LEMON WC cleaning gel perfect cleanliness and freshness removes scale and rust deposits, water stains, oily stains and other residues thick texture of the gel allows for more effective and deeper cleaning of different types of sanitation, such as toilet bowls, ceramic washbasins etc. should not be used on enamel surfaces contains effective surface active compounds and acids has degreasing properties restores shine to the cleaned surfaces flushes off easily does not scratch the surface leaves a fresh and pleasant smell lemon wc cleaning gel lemon wc cleaning gel t01 £5.73/1L SIZE: 750 ml PRICE: £4.3062
  63. 63. for you for your home ACCESSORIES DELICAT cloth (microfibre) MULTI FUNCTION roll wipes We know what else you need to keep your home clean: appropriate accessories, such us cloths for cleaning and polishing.FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 63
  64. 64. DELICAT cloth remarkable waffle-like structure perfectly polishes and dries wiped surfaces thanks to used microfibres it is perfect for drying glass and china leaves no streaks, water stains or flakes extremely easy to keep clean – can be washed by hand or in washing machine at a temperature up to 60º C ideal for people with allergy problems perfect finishing size: 40x40 cm Microfibre – maximum effectiveness delicat MicrofibreIt is soft and elastic. It can absorb upto 7 times their weight in water. Itreduces the consumption of chemical clothdetergents, because its structureallows for cleaning the surfaces dryor by using just water. delicat cloth AC02 PRICE: £9.0064
  65. 65. multi function ROLL WIPES 34 wipes convenient paper towel-sized roll that can be placed on a handy stand or railing excellent for cleaning many different types of surfaces in the household unique perforated structure facilitates the absorption of water, oily substances, detergents and paints resistant to mechanical damage leave no streaks do not scratch the cleaned surfaces can be used repeatedly after rinsing perforations allow for the desired number of wipes to be torn size of a single wipe: 23x39 cmWorks ineverysituation multifunction roll wipes 34wipes multi function roll wipes AC03 PRICE: £9.00 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 65
  66. 66. for you for your car CAR COSMETICS ALUMINIUM RIM cleaner CAR PERFUME REFILLS CAR PERFUMESauto COCKPIT care spray We will show you the way to cleanliness and a car taken care of. Also think of a perfect scent that will make your every journey pleasurable.66
  67. 67. ALUMINIUM RIM cleanerEffectiveness andlustre effectively removes everyday dirt from the rims and caps, as well as persistent dirt of the operation origin, such as coating from the brake pads safe for paint can be used to clean steel, chromed and lacquered rims restores beautiful shinealumin i umrim cleaner aluminium rim cleaner au02 (without trigger cap) £6.93/1L SIZE: 750 ml PRICE: £5.20 trigger cap AC04total price of the set: £5.70 PRICE: £0.50 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 67
  68. 68. CAR perfumes Take this scent summer whiff car perfume Let yourself be enchanted by the sweet aroma of flowers with some fruit notes and delicate wood chords. This scent perfectly harmonises with FM 98 perfume for women. summer whiff car perfume AU10 £998.33/1L SIZE: 6 ml PRICE: £5.9968
  69. 69. based on high-quality fragrance compositions spread a pleasant, long-lasting aroma two fragrance versions – for women and for men easy installation on the open air nozzles car perfume refillsjamaica dream car perfume Marvel at the paradise composition of apples, plums, cinnamon and Jamaican rum. This scent perfectly harmonises with FM 57 perfumed water for men. jamaica dream car perfume AU11 £998.33/1L SIZE: 6 ml PRICE: £5.99on a journey FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 69
  70. 70. CAR PERFUME refills when you already have a car perfume with the installation device, after using it you can just buy the refills – it is cheap and ecological two fragrance versions – for women and for men Comfort and economy summer whiff car perfume refill summer whiff car perfume refill AU12 £748.33/1L SIZE: 6 ml PRICE: £4.49 jamaica dream car perfume refill jamaica dream car perfume refill AU13 £748.33/1L SIZE: 6 ml PRICE: £4.4970
  71. 71. COCKPIT care spray perfectly cleans and conditions the dashboard’s surface and plastic parts inside the car with anti-electrostatic components, it inhibits the re-deposition of dust particles preserve plastic surfaces by delaying their ageing process gives the cleaned surface a delicate lustre take care of your car’s interior!cockpit care spray cockpit care spray au01 £21.00/1L SIZE: 300 ml PRICE: £6.30 FM GROUP for home products are genuine FM GROUP World products. 71