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Evalution question 4

  1. 1. RESEARCHAt the start of the project I chose to use the internet to help research possible bands orartists that my partner and I could use for our A2 music video. The task brief was tosuccesfully produce a music video of an unsigned band that follows or challenges thegenre conventions of the genre of the song. The first task my partner and I did was tosearch for suitible and possible artists. We chose to use Google because it is the mostused search engine in the world and is an endless resource of information.Google allowed me to be specific with my search and to browse lots of sites at once. Iwas able to narrow down my search by using hyperlinks on websites and links to othersimilar websites.The media blog I used was incredbly useful in helping me create an aesthetically pleasingand effective portfolio that showed the jounrey I have taken in each stage of the project. Italso allowed my peers, teachers and the memebers of my focus group to add commentson the positive and negative aspects of my work and also to help me in the further stagesof production.The research element to this project is extremely important as it allowed me to identifygenre codes and conventions that will be key later down in the project as they will beused in my product. It will also be key because it will actively help me create effectiveDigi-Pak and magazine advert that target the audience for my product effectively.The next stage was to actively choose a song to use in our product the webesite we usedto do this was calledhttp://www.unsignedbandweb.com/ .
  2. 2. This website was filled with talented unsigend bands and artists. My partner and I hadrecenlty been to a Folk festival and felt it would be the sensible to choose this genreas itwas fresh in our minds and I personally have a lot of expirence with gigs and festivals.This gave us an advantage as we have been able to see first hand performance and knowsome of the genre conventions used.After choosing our artist and song my parnter and I decided to carry out some secondryresearch by watching music videos and listening to music. We used websites such asYoutube and google to do this. We used Youtube because it a free service that has thelargetst database of artists, bands and songs avaialble to listen to. It also allows eachvideo to be emeded onto my blog which helps with the use of technology within myproject.The picture above are of bands my partner and I have seen live. They show the power ofthe internet and media technology as someone has been able to capture their performanceon their mobile phone or camera and have quickly uploaded it onyo youtube. To researchmore well known artists from this genre I used Googles search engine and this gave mequick and relaible results. The excellent thing about youtube is that the viewers can postcomments on the video, either their opinions or views. They can also like or dislike thevideo, this gives me the indication to whether they like or dislike the video.
  3. 3. Using search engines such as google and bing it gave me the chance to research our bandand look into their past music and albums. This gave my partner and I a look into theirspecific style and taste. This also helped my partner and I in the production of theancillary texts becauce we could look at their previous albums and the artwork so youcould produce media texts that represented the band effectively and constuctively.Blogger had a substantialeffect on helping me create an up do date summary of where Iam in the project. It also allowed me to embed videos that are suitble and relevant to whatI am researching and relating. This allowed me to easily watch the videos wihtout thehasstle of having to switch websites.PUT PICTURE OF EMBEDED VIDEOSDuring the research stage of the project I wanted to make sure that when designing andconstucting the Digi-Pak and magazine advert, I had succesfully targeted and linked thegenre conventions and ideologies well with our main product. Technology also supportedour audience research and was an effectiove way of gaining audience feedback when Iwanted to measure how well I had targeted the audience of our product by uploadingsome of the picutres onto my Flickr account and facebook to gain feedback. This pictureinstantly got viewed and commented on. This gave us a good idea that we had beentargeting the right and secific audience for our product and acillary texts.
  4. 4. When reseaching into digi-paks and advertisment, I found it much more difficult as I hadto create something that catered to the needs of Indie and folk. I wanted to create theancilliary texts to help identify the genres within the song but also use genre conventionsfrom both genres. I have found cross overs when researching. The search engine I usedfor this task was Bing. I found it to far more useful and had more suitible results thanGoogle.While resarching I found sites such as http://www.codamusic.co.uk/product-list/3/FOLKand http://www.ukfolkmusic.co.uk/music.php . These websites only sold and advertisedtradtional Folk and other less mainstream genres such as; country, scottish and gayleich.I also used google images. These resutls gave me limited picutures and links to websitesthat advertised and sold music and digi-paks relating to the genre of the song my parnterand I are using.
  5. 5. After researching and finding suitible digi-paks and magainze adverts I uploaded themonto word and analysed them in comparison to my designs and ideas. I analysed the waysthey used genre conventions and represented the Folk/indie genre. Afterwards I uploadedthe word document onto Scribd. This allowed me to embed the document onto my blogand show the use of technology.
  6. 6. PlanningThe planning stage of my project is another that is key to a good and realistic endproduct, relating to the my Digi-Pak, magazine advert and final Product. At the minutewe have access to the most up to date technology which allowed my partner and I tocapture and note ideas immedatly. The technology also allowed me to open my blog andshow my peers when ever was necessary and needed.Another aspect to technology meant that my tutors and peers could comment on my postswhenever they felt neccesary and they could email me at any time. I could be on setshooting footage or I could be ill and I would still have access to feedback, help andsupport from my teachers and peers.
  7. 7. Television and video technology is such a big and mainstream part of our lifes today andIt is something that is rarely used in the folk genre. Folk is seen as something tradtionaland a neishemarket so it has been a genre left to its own acord and has stayed the samefor many years. Now as folk moves more into the limelight and begins to make thejourneyinto the maintream market it has had to adapt to the conventions of mainstreamartists and bands. Mumford and Sons are the first band to make the full transition to themainstream market and many bands have begun to follow. The main change I have seenhappen is that folk bands are beginning to make music videos for their songs. This issomething that has only recently happeneed as folk has always been a specatators genreand people would see artists of this genre at festivals and gigs. When refering this sectionto my product I wanted to portray the ideology surroudning the journey folk takes whenbecoming more popular and mainstream. This is acomplished through the use oftechnologies as they in themselves have their own audience.CONSTRUCTIONThe constuction stage of my project is crucial because it is the section where my partnerand I had to create the music video and the ancillary texts. Throughout this section weused a numerous variety of media technologies. My partner and I filmed our music videousing a Canon EOS 600D digital SLR. As one the newest cameras avaiable it gave us theopportunity to shoot in 1080p HD. The camera had a live view feed which allowed me toview the footage while recording. This allowed me to see whether we had all of therightangles and shot needed. The camera had adjudstible lenses so we could choose whichone to use as all lenses were used for different reasons, for example; I could change thedepth of field in the image but foccusing on a differenct subject and blurring our part ofthe shot. This is important beccause it can be used to represent the conventions within avideo. It can by itself change the subject of the video and blur out the parts that are of noimportance and add nothing to the video. The specific lens that I had that was mostsutible was the Canon Ef-S 50mm 1.8mm. The 1.8 refers to the amount of depth of field I
  8. 8. could achieve within my image. As my partner and I thought this was not the most suitilelens to use as we did not need this low depth of field. We, in the end chose to use myTamron 18-200 3.6mm. This lens gave the impression of depth of field but I showed thatmost of what is in the shot is in detail not just part.After shooting all the footage for my product, my partner and I had a slight problem aswe chose to film in 1080p we had to encode all of our raw footage which meant thequality would decrease. The encoder we used was Adobe Media EncoderAfter my partner encoded all of our footage we began editing using the software ‘AdobePremiere Pro’. This software was excellent for editing as it had all the necessary effectsand transitions, for example; dip to black, dip to white, black and white overlay. Mypartner had to carry on encoding our footage as the software caused the footage to delayand when we wanted to view what we had achieved so far it would lag. We addressedthis problem by encoding all the new footage before we put it into Adobe Premiere Pro asthis addressed the problem of lag. The footage would then run smoothly. I have learnt alot from using this software as it made me realise the simplistic nature to this style ofwork. At first the proccess was complicated, but once you become use to this software it
  9. 9. becomes a lot easier. Compared to the software I used in my year 12 project, thissoftware is far more complacted as it has more options and a lot more going on within theprogramme. This is not necceserally a negative point as once you become acustom to thisprogramme it become simple.Trying to create a 3 minute video that keeps the audience intrested and engaged isdifficult. To try and acomplish this my partner and I chose to engage the audience byusing specific genre conventions and also challneging. This would evoke the sense ofcuriosity from the audience due to fact we chose to both challenge and conform tofolk/indie genre conventions.DIGI-PAK AND MAGAZINE ADVERTWhen desinging and constructing my Digi-Pak it was key that I created something thatreflects and represents all of the emotions and feelings evoked in the song. The first way Iknew I could do this is if I used primary imagery. I chose to use pictures that were takenat the same time and location as some of the footage used. I took the pictures using myCanon EOS 600D. The reason for doing this is to create links between the main productand the ancillary texts. The references would make a clear link to the video and thereforthe emotions within.The software I used to create the ancillary texts was Adobe Photoshop CS5. Thissoftware gave me endless posibilies and so many effects. I knew that to truly representmy product I needed my images to be black and white to help evoke the sadness within
  10. 10. the song. The software I was using allowed me to choose over 1000 different fonts. Aftergaining lots of feedback from my peers about what font to use I finally chose AnnieBTN.This font was free and looked handwritten which helped me represent free and organicideology about folk.Photoshop is a very complicated programme if you know what outcome you want, butwhen I was designing my groups Digi-Pak I didn’t know exactly what I wanted it to looklike, therefor I experimented within a range of ideas and effects. I have a lot of expiriencewith this software thanks to doing GCSE graphics, art and A level art. This allowed me toutilize my skills.After ganing feedback from a focus group, peers and media teachers about my ancillarytexts, they all shared the same negative opinion. The picture I used were effective but theone that were simply pictures, with no effect or font on them looked to bland and plain.My partner had the idea of creating aripped effect on the images. This would help re-enforce the ideology that folk is free and unrestricted. This is an aspect about folk that mypartner and I wanted to portray through all of our anicllary texts and main product. Thisdesign can only be created using modern technology and media products. We used AdobePhotoshop CS5. This gave us multiple options when creating this effect as we had tochoose the size, length and thickness. The fact of the matter is that, you cant createaesthetically pleasing Digi-Paks that have the special connection to the main productwithout using modern day technology.
  11. 11. One small aspect from the feedback my partner and I received from the focus group aboutmy Digi-Pak was that they wanted to see what this would like with the CD in. This gaveme the idea to create a template to show where it will be placed and what it will look like.This added to the aesthetic look of the product because it made the design that bit moreinteresting.Because of the simplistic nature to my Digi-Pak design I did not need to edit the picturemuch, the only change I made was that some of the pictures I used, were not taken inblack and white, therfore I had to edit them and turn them black and white by using the‘Grayscale’ setting.After I
  12. 12. changed the colour of the some of the pictures, a did not have the true depth and thestrong dark and white relationship between the sky and the foreground so I used the‘Brighness and Contrast’ setting the help me cater to this aspect of the design. It wasincredibly easy to do this. My past experience with Photoshop gave me all the expirienceI needed to make this product. This software was very helpful and useful as it catered tomy needs well and had every tool I needed. I would still use this programme if I were todo this product again.Throughout my Evaluations I have used a variety of media products and mainstreamtechnologies. I have needed to use these technologies to acomplish my tasks. The use ofYoutube was key for me to do research for my evaluations. It allowed me to post myvideo for a free and it has access to the largest audience. It also allowed for viewers topost comment and likeor dislike my product. This gives me an indication to how well myproduct targets its audience and how it is liked by other viewers. Google was key becauseit enabledd me to research individual aspect to the project and had all the necessaryinformation. It also fed off onto other websites that gave me key information about folkand indie conventions. It was incredibly helpful because I was able to fin out crucialpoints relating to the bands/artists I have looked at and allowed me to give reasoning fordoing certain things.In question three I gained feedback trhough a variety of sources; Youtube, Facebook,Twitter, Flickr and questionnaires. These were all incredibly useful and allowed me to getinstant feedback from all of my friends, peers and if someone ‘shares’ the video it willgain instant access from all of the friends of the peson sharing it. This created a massiveaudience and wide range fo viewers for my product. I posted the embed code onto myFacebok wall like this:I did this for all of the parts of my product that I wanted feedback for. This allowedanyone to comment or like my posts. This would give an instant indication to what theaudience think of my products and designs.In question one I used technology to copy images and create links using the HTML code.This allows the viewer to click on the link and be taken to the video I am analysing.I particulary wanted to do this because it allowed the viewer to easily have access to whatI am reffering to and it showed the use of technology within my work.In question two I used Google images. This allowed me to show the links between myproducts and the ones I have been inspired and taken inspiration from. This question alsoallowed me to show the connection between my ancillary texts and my main products. Idid this by displayingimagery of each all of my products together, this also enabled toanalyse all my work together.