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Poster Idea Development - Sean Wayne

Soap Opera Genre - Poster Idea Development
Sean Wayne
Unit G324

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Poster Idea Development - Sean Wayne

  1. 1. OCR Media Studies – A2 Level Unit G324: Advanced Portfolio Mind Map and Research Name: Sean Wayne Candidate Number: 1254 Center Name: St. Andrew’s Catholic School Center Number: 64135 Generation of Ideas for Ancillary Product 2) – Poster
  2. 2. Theme Ideas – • ‘Mystery’ theme - This theme connotes the fear of the unknown as well as the curiosity the audience will be feeling as they see the poster. This theme links well to the soap opera genre as it adds suspense and will increase the interest the audience has on the characters, meaning that including this theme on my poster will make the poster appear more attractive to the target audience. • ‘Dark’ theme – This theme is able to connote the dark intentions and acts that the characters may have committed. It also connotes that there is a darkness surrounding the characters, giving the audience the impression that they are not in a healthy mental state, making the characters actions unpredictable. This theme links well to the soap opera genre as it add s caution and unpredictability, giving the audience a sense of danger and urgency as they see the poster. This makes the soap opera appear more thrilling and exiting to watch which will appeal to the target audience of the soap opera. • ‘Tension’ theme – This theme connotes the stress and uncertainty the characters on the posters are feeling , as well as adding suspense that draws in the potential viewers, causing them to anticipate the start of the soap opera. This theme links well to the soap opera genre as it gives the audience something to look forward to as the suspense causes them to find out what happens next.
  3. 3. Tag Line– • ‘When there is nowhere left to hide…’ – This tagline gives the audience the impression that the character, Paige, is running out of option and that hope is running out as there is ‘nowhere left to hide’ . It suggests danger without confirming it, causing the potential audience to be on edge, and be intrigued by what could happen next. This will also peaks the interest of potential audiences as it forces them to wonder who the perpetrator is, resulting in them asking questions allowing the audience to think about and become more involved with the story of the soap opera. • ‘Will she ever come home?’ – This tagline forces the audience to think about the character, Paige, shown on the poster, and think about her circumstances. This will result in the audience sympathizing with the character and become more emotionally invested with her and therefore care more about the character, wanting to know what happens to her and if she will ever be able to return to the safe place she calls home • ‘The past will always catch up with you…’ – This tagline suggests that the character’s, Paige’s, Kidnapping, what's the result of something she had done in the past and that the kidnapper is likely someone the she was close to in the past. This gives the audience a way to narrow down the suspects of who might be the perpetrator , allowing them to guess who it might be and make there own theories based on the information they have been given. This promotes the user interaction, creating an audience that will be excited to watch the soap opera in order to gain more information and develop their theories further. Also the words catch up can connote that the thinks she has done in the past has caused a huge impact on her in current time, but also that the perpetrator is beginning to catch up with her.
  4. 4. Images Needed– • The poster will primarily consist of one picture with the soap opera logo and other relevant information written on it. The picture will be of the character Paige running through the downs as she try's to escape her perpetrator. This means that the picture will need to show the character of Paige, facing away from the camera or being side on, running through the downs, making sure that the picture shows the large open area that the downs has. It is also important that part of her ribbon is visible in the picture as it has an important role to play in the trailer. Synergy– • The poster will require social media icon on it to encourage any members of the potential audience to have a look at the soap opera’s pages on these social networking sites to see what the soap opera has to offer, the stories it covers and the characters within the soap opera. This will be able to peak the interest of the potential audience as it gives them a way not only to see what the soap opera involves, but also allows them to interact with other people with the same interests as themselves, about the soap opera and it also allows them to ask any questions they might want answered. • The poster will also require some reviews from soap opera magazines (my soap opera magazine) that will encourage potential audiences to watch the soap opera. It also suggests to the audience that people that write about and watch soap operas for a living, enjoy the soap opera and rate it very highly. This means that the poster will be able to give the audience the impression that the soap opera is extremely good, as it has been rate highly by people that focus on soap opera for a living, encouraging the audience to watch the soap opera more.
  5. 5. Point of call Information– • It is extremely important that the point of call information is on the poster. This includes the what days the soap opera is shown, the time the soap opera is shown and the channel the soap opera is shown on. This is extremely important as it informs the potential audience about where they can find the soap opera and what times that they can watch it, allowing them to watch the soap opera to see if they enjoy it.
  6. 6. Conclusion The picture will need to be taken on Epsom downs also with Zoe, who will be playing the role of Paige in the soap opera. She will also need to wear white clothes along with a red ribbon in her hair in the photo. The picture will be taken on the school’s Nikon DSLR Camera in order to ensure a high quality photograph. I will be using Adobe Photoshop along with Adobe Bridge in order to edit the poster. The main photo will be edited on Adobe Bridge with the rest of the poster (including any finishing touches to the picture) being edited with Adobe Photoshop. This will be done in order to ensure that the editing of the poster looks professional and realistic, as well as ensuring that the colour scheme and other factors remain constant throughout the process of editing the poster. Name: Sean Wayne Candidate Number: 1254 Center Name: St. Andrew’s Catholic School Center Number: 64135