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The internet


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Published in: Technology
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The internet

  1. 1. The Internet
  2. 2. The Internet The internet is many computers connected together through a network
  3. 3. Network A network is a collection of computers and devices connected together for communication
  4. 4. Communication Communication is a form of sharing information. i.e.: sending e-mails Messages Chatting Sending files through the internet
  5. 5. URL( unifrom resource locator) URL is the web address of the website that you are trying to locate.
  6. 6. Domain Name Indicates what type of organization is hosting the site
  7. 7. Domain Names .COM stands for commercial, meaning for private companies.
  8. 8. Domain Names .NET originally intended for sites related to the internet itself, but now used for a wide variety of sites.
  9. 9. Domain Names .ORG non commercial organizations, but now for variety of sites.
  10. 10. Domain Names .GOV governemental websites
  11. 11. Domain Names .BUZ Business sites.
  12. 12. Chat Rooms Website or online service where people can chat with each other by typing messages displayed on screens of others in the chat room
  13. 13. HTML HYPERTEXT Markup language
  14. 14. Uses Of the internet Everyone uses the Internet for a reason.1. Researching2. Sending e-mails3. Shopping4. Chatting5. Playing games6. Listening to music7. Watching videos8. Doing work
  15. 15. Research Using the Internet - For researching, you must go to a search engine to search in such as or .
  16. 16. Online shoppingShopping is fun online but you need to be sure you have your parents permission and be sure that the website is safe to shop from because they take financial information.
  17. 17. ChattingIn order to chat you will need to create an account with a service that has chatting such as MSN Messenger, but be sure to stay safe while chatting.
  18. 18. Listen to musicTo listen to music you will need some kind of output devices such as speakers or headphones and a program to listen to the music on such as Windows Media Player or Real Player.
  19. 19. Internet safetyCyber-BulIying Bullying and gossip do not only have to happen at school or your community, it happens on the Internet as well.
  20. 20. Cyber-BulIying
  21. 21. Internet safetyCyber-Bullying includes sending hateful messages orthreats to kids, spreading lies about them online, makingbad comments on their social networking profiles, orcreating a website to ruin their looks or reputation.For example, say that you have a Facebook account anda person begins to post lies about you or sending you rudemessages, this is Cyber-Bullying, or in other words bullyingin Cyberspace.
  22. 22. Cyber-Bullying Safety Tips:• To keep others from using your e-mail and Internetaccounts, you should never share Internet passwordswith anyone other than parents.• If you are harassed or bullied through instantmessaging, ask an adult to help you block this personto prevent future bullying.• If you keep getting harassing e-mails, delete thate-mail account and set up a new one.Do NOT RESPOND TO RUDE E_MAILS
  23. 23. Chatting Chatting is fun and allows you to communicate with others. BUT if a stranger approaches you as an attempt to chat STOP!NEVER GIVE INFORMATION TOSTRANGERS ON THE INTERNET
  24. 24. Social networking Social network is socializing on the internet. It’s a place on the internet that allows you to meet new people, find friends, connect with all kind of people, share your information such as pictures, events,… If you don’t use it safely you could be regretful
  25. 25. Social networking
  26. 26. Social networking safety tips Control the information that you post about yourself. Understand that when people view your pictures they could actually copy them. Post information that you feel comfortable for people to see. Never meet anyone you first met online. Remember to talk to your parents about any problems