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Social good - Digital fundraising concepts


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Online Trends for creating good online.
In this presentation you can find some of the highlights from latest digital fundraising concepts. This is 2nd part of our 3 piece Social Good research series presented by Maverick Digital

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Social good - Digital fundraising concepts

  1. 1. Good Social Part 2: Trend analysis – current, hot, digital fundraising conceptsThis is the 2nd part of a 3 piece research report. For other parts please visit
  2. 2. ContentsIn this presentation: Trend analysis – what is hot for social good?In related presentations: Top 14 Tips for Creating a successful digital presence Part 1 Learnings from the top social networks for nonprofits Online fundraising platforms Part 3 Resources – useful sites to visit for nonprofitsAll parts of this presentation is available on SlideShare:
  3. 3. Introduction New technologies and social media are changing the world. Social networking can be used as a tool to reach the public, connect with them, listen to their voice, build empathy for a cause and eventually create good for the community and with the community. Mobile and online networks and related technologies created new and easy means of fundraising for nonprofits. In the second part of our Social Good presentation we will focus on the digital trends and concepts that non-profits are using to connect to their supporters and raise funds.
  4. 4. TrendingSome digital fundraising conceptscurrently hot for social good
  5. 5.  Many charities are now using widgets whichFacebook allow people to donate without leaving Facebook.Donation Apps  Donors also comment and share their donations through Facebook to increase the visibility of a fundraising activity.  There are several 3rd party applications using Facebook platform for fundraising such as Razoo, Causes, DonateApp and WhatGives’s Donation App.
  6. 6.  In addition to SMS donation mechanics, several fundraising platforms such as PayPal or CharityCall are now providingMobile apps iPhone and Android apps to make mobile donations easier.  Charities such as JustGiving are using mobile apps which allow fundraisers to follow the status of their campaign, answer the donors, send direct thank you messages.  Mobile platforms are also good for connecting people around micro- volunteering activities. – Orange in the UK launched a new app that allows users to browse volunteering activities for charities.
  7. 7.  There are several platforms testing newSocial Sharing fundraising concepts: – Causes uses its 9 million Facebookfor good members to create buzz for several fundraising actions. Users share news, join pledges, answer surveys to get donations for the selected charities. – SocialVibe connects brands with the online community. If they share branded content with their friends or fill out surveys, brands donate to the cause of their choice. – helps nonprofits to organise fundraising events by allowing supporters to donate their tweets and Facebook posts.
  8. 8.  Brand sponsored retwetting and repinning isReshare for also used to spread awareness for charities: – Lindt chocolate donated $1 per repin forGood their Easter #Pin4Autism campaign and donated $10,000 to the cause. – Whole Foods in US sponsored retweets and donated $1 per retweet for the National Domestic Violence Hotline.  As an old way of sponsoring a share, websites like thehungersite or theautismsite still actively asking consumers to click sponsored banners each day to raise funding for a cause.
  9. 9.  There are several new start-ups testing new fundraising concepts. – asks designers to competeCreate for good for the best t-shirt design, then donates 20% of every t-shirt sold to support a cause. Every week they announce a new charity or cause to support. – asked designers to create a t-shirt design for Japan Tohoku Appeal. Winning designs are on sale on the site and $15 per t-shirt goes to appeal. – allows supporters to create content on their online map in the form of a love heart for their mother by donating $25.  Similarly brands are asking consumers to create for a good cause: – During 4 weeks period before Easter, Lindt Chocolate asked Pinterest users to create special images featuring their chocolate bunny and donated $25 for each new image.
  10. 10.  There are several platforms testing new fundraising concepts. – Goodshop donates a specific percentageShop for good from 3% to 12% for each affiliate shop. – Similarly, iGive, donates up to 26% of your purchase price at over 900 great stores to your favorite cause. – Goodshop’s new venture, GoodDining donates up to 6% to members’ favourite cause when registered users dine in or take out from a participating restaurant.
  11. 11.  There are several companies producingProducts for specific product from which a percentage of the income is donated to charity.Good – The Virgin Charity card gives 0.8% of what you spend to the charity of your choice. – Links of London designed Movember cufflinks and friendship bracelets to create funding for several charities.  Also, there are now new organisations that dedicate their entire product range to create good for the society. – Twitter founders’ new initiative Fledgling Wine produces all its wine for Room to Read foundation. – Chains of Grace on Etsy donates 20% of all product income to support Love146 to prevent human trafficking.
  12. 12.  There are several platforms testing new fundraising concepts. – Ebay Giving Works platform allows usersBid for good to shop, sell, bid and donate for a good cause. Sellers can donate from 10% to 100% of all income to a charity of their choice. – Ebay for Charity in the UK works similarly and allows sellers to donate a percentage of their income to their favorite charity, – Twitter founders’ charity initiative Fledgling Wine is running a special auction on Ebay for Room for Read foundation.
  13. 13.  There are several platforms testing new fundraising concepts: – donates 1.1cent to the charityTalk for good of users’ choice for every click once signed. – encourages members to share product recommendations while 50% of the affiliate shopping income will go to a charity.
  14. 14.  There are several platforms testing new fundraising concepts: – Everyclick Search allows users to raiseSearch for good money for their favorite charity by searching the web through their Yahoo toolbar. Recently they also launched an eBay shopping function for raising money. – Good Search, similarly to Everyclick allows users to raise money for their cause by searching web through their website or Good Toolbar.
  15. 15.  There are several platforms testing newSend Card for fundraising concepts and birthdays are a very good occasion for fundraising:Good – PayPal Facebook Send Money app allows users to donate to a charity while sending an eCard to their Facebook friends. – JustGiving’s new Facebook app also allows users to donate and send birthday message to friends. – Charity:Water is also asking members to pledge their birthdays for raising donations for the charity.
  16. 16.  There are several platforms testing new fundraising concepts and Social Gaming is a new way to reach supporters:Play for Good – CausePlay is a company creating Social Games which donate a part of the income to charities. Their first game Hospitopia allows players to select any community hospital in the network as a recipient. They can earn points, which translate to dollars by the purchase of digital goods, basic advertising, watching videos and corporate branding exercises. All of that money is put into one lump sum, and 10% off the top line is donated to hospitals.
  17. 17.  Digital map applications, such as Google orGeolocation Bing, allows nonprofit organisations to connect with volunteers on a local basis.based models – Create the Good by AARP uses the technology to allow people to find projects to volunteer for their own community. – Similarly Do-it in UK allows visitors to search volunteering opportunities by postcode.
  18. 18. Thank youPlease get in touch if you want to discuss howcan we help to enhance your presence online.Sevil Ozer 951 2984Visit our website for more