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Online fundraising platforms and useful resources for non-profit organizations. This is 3rd part of our Social Good series presented by Maverick Digital

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Online fundraising platforms

  1. 1. Good Social Part 3: Online fundraising platforms and useful resourcesThis is the 3rd part of a 3 piece research report. For other parts please visit
  2. 2. ContentsIn this presentation: Online fundraising platforms Resources – useful sites to visit for nonprofitsIn related presentations: Top 14 Tips for Creating a successful digital presence Part 1 Learnings from the top social networks for nonprofits Trend analysis – what is hot for social good? Part 2All parts of this presentation is available on SlideShare:
  3. 3. Introduction New technologies and social media are changing the world. Mobile and online networks and related technologies created new and easy means of fundraising for non-profits. Every day a new startup is joining the social good scene, providing new opportunities and services for non-profits. Fundraising platforms have changed the way nonprofits and their volunteers reach supporters. Online fundraising is a big financial market which is growing at around 20% every year over the past 3 years. It is surely a dynamic market and some organisations are making a profit while generating social good. In the third part of our Social Good presentation we analysed global, US and UK specific leading fundraising platforms. You can also find some useful resources for planning your digital presence as a non-profit organisation.
  4. 4. OnlinefundraisingplatformsNew ways to reach newsupporters
  5. 5.  From the founder of Napster, Causes used 170 million people to raise over $40 million since  Causes is the world’s largest platform for activism and philanthropy.  It empowers individuals to create grassroots communities called “causes” that take action on behalf of a specific issue or nonprofit organisation.  It is open to charities as well as personal fundraising activities such as “Donate a birthday”  They have 9 million fans on Facebook and use this as a platform to raise awareness of each fundraising activity.  Causes receives $0 from contributions and takes no additional fee from transactions.
  6. 6.  Kiva is a microfinance platform, which gives credit to low-come individuals as small as $25 to empower them running their own business.  It is a grassroots operation founded in 2005 and mainly run by volunteers in the field.  Borrowers pay back the loan after a period of time.  100% of every dollar lent on Kiva goes directly towards funding loans; Kiva does not take a cut.
  7. 7.  Crowdrise is an online fundraising, crowdsourcing platform combining contests and social networking to do social  It started in September 2009 as a unique campaign to support Maasai Wilderness Conservation Trust.  Now, it is one of the top 10 Internet activist platforms, open to charities as well as personal fundraising activities.  Crowdrise has 4.95% charge on each donation.
  8. 8.  Funded by AOL, Yahoo and Cisco, Networkforgood not only acts as an online fundraising platform but also provides services for other online social good platforms.  For example manages all transactions through Networkforgood exclusively.  Also provides fundraising widgets which allows nonprofits to take fundraising viral.  Network for good takes a 3-5% processing fee based on the tool charities use to get the donation.
  9. 9.  Similar to Networkforgood, Firstgiving is also a payment processing service for other online social good platforms as well as being online fundraising platform.  As one of the biggest platforms on the market, they reach 13 million donors and have raised $1billion so far.  Donations incur a 5% FirstGiving fee for investing into online giving. Also 2.5% credit card merchant fees added to this amount. FirstGiving also charges nonprofits a yearly $500 amount if they choose to use the admin tool.
  10. 10.  As a part of, Justgiving is the biggest online fundraising platform in UK.  Vodafone is a partner of Justgiving together they provide JustTextGiving, an SMS based fundraising platform.  Over 8,000 charities, including the top 10 charities in the UK registered to this platform.  JustGiving also has Facebook and iPhone apps which allows nonprofits to receive donations through different channels.  JustGiving takes 5% from each donation as their service fee.
  11. 11.  Virgin Money’s Giving website is a fundraising platform.Virginmoneygiving.  Over 1,500 charities including the top 10com charities in the UK are registered on this platform.  Virgin charges only 2% fee per donation (plus £100 setup cost).  In the UK, charities also benefit from Gift Aid and Virgin doesn’t charge for the collection.
  12. 12.  is another popular fundraising platform in UK.  They don’t charge any commission on donations. However there is a one off £180 setup fee for charities.  There are 350 charities present on this platform along with several thousands of personal fundraisers.  However, after Help for Heroes joining the site in 2010, the popularity is increasing rapidly.
  13. 13.  Another online fundraising platform allowing fundraisers to setup an area for collecting donations for a  It provides an interface allowing fundraising directly from Facebook and iPhone.  The organisation gets 3% commission from all the funds raised for the interactive services provided
  14. 14.  Ammado is a global donations platform which supports 75 different currencies.  It is more of a service provider, rather than community.  It has Facebook widget and on-site donation widgets as well as a website which allows nonprofits to create fundraising appeals.  Ammado deducts a 5% fee from all donations. For online payments only, an additional charge (approximately 2.5%) is deducted to cover providers processing charges.
  15. 15.  1% Club, is a type of microcredit platform which aims to connect smart development projects with people, money and around the world.  Members can support a project by donating time or money.  Donors follow the development of their project online and can continue to support different projects.  1% Club withholds 1% of the project donations made by individuals, foundations, associations and schools and charges a 5% service fee on donations from businesses. Plus transaction costs, depend on payment method.
  16. 16.  Rainmaker is a new platform, that allows people to donate through a tweet (and Paypal).  Other than initiation of the donation with tweet, the rest of the mechanism is similar to other fundraising platforms.  Rainmaker gets a donation processing fee of 3% plus regular PayPal transaction fees which is 2%.
  17. 17.  A new comer in the market, myDonate is a platform by BT.  It is a free fundraising service where 100% donations go directly to charity.  As it only launched a year ago, the number of nonprofits using the site is not as high as other platforms.
  18. 18.  Mission Fish is helping charities to raise funds by trading on eBay.  It also gives eBay users an efficient way donate to their charity of choice.  Mission fish helps charities by processing donations, collecting Gift Aid and consulting how to use eBay marketplace.
  19. 19. Other sites to mention –
  20. 20. Good to knowSome useful resources
  21. 21. Organisations that review nonprofits http://www.charitynavigator.orgAlso: rand_in_the_nonprofit_sector funding_models
  22. 22. Volunteering Networks Also on Mobile Do Some Good Network by Orange:
  23. 23. Social Networking Useful Links for nonprofits 75766
  24. 24. Search Engine Optimisation Useful Links for nonprofits m_campaign=en&utm_source=us-en-et-insights
  25. 25. Brands that use Social Media for Social Good Very Good Starbucks Pepsi Refresh
  26. 26. Thank youPlease get in touch if you want to discuss howcan we help to enhance your presence online.Sevil Ozer 951 2984Visit our website for more