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Ssp brochure


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Ssp brochure

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Ssp brochure

  2. 2. The gift of infinite possibilities is yours. The life you‘ve always wanted begins. At Shang Salcedo Place, you can define prime living as you please. This exclusive 67—storey residential condo, tucked in the heart of the bustling lvlakati CBD, beckons infinite possibilities. City dwellers craving for the quiet indulgence of home will also savor the convenience of being a heartbeat away from the workplace. This is luxury living that lets you stand tall. is J SHANG SALCEDO PLACE
  3. 3. Stay active in more ways than one. The amerfttes of Shanta, Suttedu Pluee allow restdents to entoy fitness and teisure in tuxury. Plttnge Into K‘ LOU} esedpe with the tarntly In the adult and ktddte pants. Sneak in a quick wnrktvul during your luneh hour In the iu[| y—t-qutpped gym and fitness center complete with sauna. Or, toss vourself in the quiet surrender of its spaetutts outdoor garden that‘: atsn tdeal for familv S H A N G S A L C E D O barbcnttus. For pfvate rttfatrs and bigger F’ L A C E gatheringc, the ample function rooms itt ju<l AME NIT] ES perfeetlv, And then there‘; the t I| —appointcd chi| dren‘< play area and muttr. purpme game I rooms te keep the kids ueeupied.
  5. 5. A Define your own quiet time. '* , . E5. Your own peare At your own pare. Hn. i|Iy, ’ / the sound or your irtdL'pendertLL‘. Shani; / W §. iIrerIo Plate srurtam Iet you ernoy the quiet moments you yearn Iur — with a spate made . ' <7e<‘tfit‘. |Iy with you in mind. Lorrtleri on the g. ..» I V r V / ' quieter 5I(I(. ‘ or the uty, your new address ». . also servm M . t gateuny tn ne. irI)y11u<tne<€, / —-. . (0fl1IWCI’(IaI and tncdieai establishments. SHANGSALCEDO W . _L FILE, STUDIOS xi
  6. 6. T . ,,. i, 1 Have a taste of new beginnings. Fresh starts are a specialty at Shang Salcedo Place Suites. Here, you and your taniily can experience the warm comforts of Salcedo Village, where city conveniences and community closeness are one. The nearby Salcedo Park provides a peaceful oasis while gourmet bistros and the weekend Salcedo Market satisfy your food cravings with a menu of flavors. And to top it off, partake of cultural offerings like concerts and art exhibits to feed the soul. SHANG SALCEDO PLACE SUITES 7.‘
  7. 7. 2 ' ‘ ti . ., y A _ E’. n . . . ‘ Indulge in infinite pleasures. SS Set amitlst the glorious Makati skyline, Shang Salcedo Place Penthouses let you derine your kind 5 H A N G 5 A L C E D O ofplcasum at your own leisure NOW, It's time in D L A C E simply live it up. Whether it‘s hosting a party or a quiet dinner tor two, l1lgl1—CI1El living beeorncs a PE NTH OU S ES hursortal affair. Artur all, you've earned the right ‘ to do as you please. ~ . gr M
  8. 8. LOCATION MAP SITE DEVELOPMENT PLAN rm 7 Ahlnngxi AM. We continue to rise. Shang Saleodo Flue is brought to vou by Shang Properties, Inr , am afflliale of Shangn-La Hnlels 5] 9 and Rcsons worldwlclc, and Kerry Propemes Limited, one of Hnng Knng’< largest properlv mvcstmem and development companies. This latest addniorr jams the Shsmg Propert‘re<' other prominent developmenxs, namely: www. shangsalcedoplacecom sa| es@shangsalcedoplacecom -The Shang Grand Tower _The Enterprise Center Shang Salceldo Place Salis Offlcevand Show Flats _The SI} Hams Symgrih ma“ Love 3, Tower 1, T e Enterprise comer} _ , ShdWi_Ld Fwd was Ayala Avenue rnrner Pasen de Roxas, Makall Clly 1208 -one S|1angrl—La Place