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Fruity facts


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Fruits are an important part of one's diet. They are healthy and help in keeping the mind and body active and fit.


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Fruity facts

  1. 1. Fruity FactsFruits are an important part of a healthy diet. They are naturally lowin calories, fat, sodium, and cholesterol. Fruits play an importantrole in keeping the body healthy and have many benefits
  2. 2. OrangeIt is rich in beta –carotene thus decreasesthe risk of cancer, heartdiseases and helps inprotection as well asmaintenance of bones.
  3. 3. StrawberryIt has the ability to removeharmful toxin from in theblood. It is alsorecommended for sluggishliver , gout, rheumatism,constipation, high bloodpressure and even skincancer.
  4. 4. MangoesIt helps control bloodcholesterol levels andpromotes normal bowelfunction. It preventsosteoporosis and alsostabilizes estrogenlevels.
  5. 5. PomegranateIt makes the skinclear, glowing andreduce cholesterol.Pomegranate juicedestroys breast cancercells while leavinghealthy cells protected.
  6. 6. MangoesMangoes are rich iniron, they have apowerful antioxidantand anticancer.
  7. 7. WatermelonIt have antioxidantactivity , free – radicalscavenging properly. Itcontain dietary lycopenewhich lower incidenceof cardiovasculardisease, prostate andoral cancers.
  8. 8. GrapesGrapes prevent or slowdown development ofheart diseases. Theyhave cancer – fightingand cholesterol –lowering properties. Itcan be used in cases ofconstipation, gout ,rheumatism , skin andliver disorders.
  9. 9. PapayaPapaya lowerscholesterol levels, helpin controlling prematureageing , boosts theimmune system and it isvery good for the hair asit helps in controllingdandruff.
  10. 10. BananaBanana is an energyboosted . It is an idealremedy for constipationand heartburn, reducesthe possibility of stroke,and is high in ironcontent.
  11. 11. PineappleIt has anti- flammatoryeffects, reduces swellingin inflammatoryconditions such as acutesinusitis, sore throat,arthritis and gout, andspeedens recovery frominjuries and surgery
  12. 12. Keep Healthy & Stay Fit !