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Creating Content With Web Video, an SEMpdx video marketing presentation


Published on -- In this slidedeck, you will find my tips on creating marketing content by using web video.
Web video is not very different from any other marketing tactic -- blogging, direct mail, trade shows, or advertising -- it requires you to first begin by identifying your marketing goals.
Your marketing goals are not your business goals, but are goals that will help you realize your business goals. For example, your marketing goal may be to increase sales leads to 300 per month, which you have found will result in about 3 new clients per month and it is those three clients that will help you realize your business goal of increasing revenue.
I then offer you my Sales Funnel Video Strategy slide, which shows you the type of videos that you can create for each stage of the sales funnel.
We then discuss the importance of planning through scripting, storyboarding and creating shot lists.
I then offer you a quick guide for DIY videos, offer some suggestions on all the different channels you can integrate your videos.
I conclude by summarizing the seven steps to creating content for web videos.
This slide deck is from my 10-minute presentation. For more information about creating content with web videos, or to inquire about me speaking before your group, please call or email me 503-810-7013 or

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Creating Content With Web Video, an SEMpdx video marketing presentation

  1. 1. @sevengmedia Presented By: Nathan Isaacs Director of Storytelling 503-810-7013 Creating Content With Web Video
  2. 2. @sevengmedia About Seven G Media  Nathan Isaacs, chief storyteller  Award-winning journalist & former national board member of the Society of Professional Journalists  MBA with emphasis in marketing, strategy, and entrepreneurism  Board Member of Search Engine Marketers of Portland (SEMpdx)  Honorable U.S. Navy Veteran (submarines) 2
  3. 3. @sevengmedia Video on the Web There is a metric butt load of video of the web and it is trending upward 3 Source: Pixability (Boston)
  4. 4. @sevengmedia Not Just Kitty Videos 4
  5. 5. @sevengmedia About Your Marketing Goals  Who is your target market?  What are your sales funnel steps?  Where in the sales funnel are you having points of constraint?  What are your Top 3 funnel constraints?  What kind of marketing message could address those constraints?  What kind of videos can express those marketing messages? 5 Refer to Arnie Kuenn’s Searchfest 2014 slide deck for tips on finding search-friendly content titles/subjects
  6. 6. @sevengmedia AWARENESS & DISCOVERY CONSIDERATION & FACT FINDING SALES CONVERSION Video TypeStage ACCT. MAINTENANCE “About Us” Company Profiles, Team Interviews, Humor, Behind-The-Scenes, Contests, Company Spotlights, Industry Interviews, Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony; Parodies Product Demonstrations, FAQs, Video Blog, On-Demand Webinars, Tour or Walk Thru Product Demonstrations, Event or Product Promotion, Video Case Studies, Product Comparisons, Unboxing, How To; Tutorial Customer Testimonials, Product Reviews, Thank You Video, Coupons, Sales Discounts Customer Service, How-To, Loyalty, Humor, Contests, Detailed Instructional, Video Blog, Company Headlines; Giveaways; Favorites, Reviews YOUR SOLUTION Sales Funnel Video Strategy 6
  7. 7. @sevengmedia Storyboarding, Scripts, Shot Lists  Proper planning permits perfection  Doesn’t have to be fancy  Identify all your assets  Identify gaps (equipment, location, etc.)  Opportunity to pull in KW  CYA 7
  8. 8. @sevengmedia DIY Video Checklist  Camera  Smartphone  Laptop  Flip-type $100  Camcorder $100-$3,500  HDLSR $750 -$5,000  Tripod  $20-$1,000  External Microphone  $20 for a wired lapel  $150-$600 wireless  Lighting  Natural Light  Three Point Light  Computer  Horsepower Needed  Editing Software  Windows Movie Maker/iMovie  Animoto  YouTube  TrakAXPC  Adobe Premier/Elements  Final Cut Pro/Premier Pro 8
  9. 9. @sevengmedia Video Marketing Integration  Your website  Direct mail  Email Newsletter  Email signature  Social media  Events & Trade shows (demos, banners)  Brochures, flyers  Print advertisements  Invoices  Press releases  Business cards  In-store promotions 9
  10. 10. @sevengmedia 27.60% 37.80% 24.10% 8.80% 1.50% 0.20% Less than 100 100 - 1,000 1,000 - 10,000 10,000 - 100,000 100k - 1 million Greater than 1 million 65% of Videos Have Less Than 1,000 views Average Views Per YouTube Video Source: Pixability (Boston) 10
  11. 11. @sevengmedia 7G’s 7-Step DIY Checklist 1. Define Your Goal 2. Pick a Video Type 3. Plan (The 3 S’s) 4. Shoot & Edit Your Video 5. Upload & Optimize (to YouTube/Wistia) 6. Embed/Promote 7. Measure Results Against Your Goals 11
  12. 12. @sevengmedia Thank You For more information: Nathan Isaacs 503-810-7013 12