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Vet guidance in spain (1)

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Vet guidance in spain (1)

  1. 1. VET guidance in SpainHistory Legalframework/LegislationActivities Providers Examples of goodpracticesIn Spain, vocational training has notbeen considered to be a real optionfor students who are finishing theirlower secondary education, but thistrend is now changing due to anumber of factors, among them thecurrent economic crisis, thenumber of women taking this typeof training and the increased socialvalue placed on this pathway.Promotion of education policiesthrough employment agenciesfocuses on:a) development of lifelong learningb)promotion of vocational training,both in education and employmentc)recognition of learningthroughwork experienced)National Qualifications andVocational Training Systeme)implementation of diplomas andprofessional certificates.Qualifications andVocationalEducation andTraining (VET) Act5/2002establishesthe existence of anintegrated VETsystem including:• Guidancedepartments atIntegrated VETschools• Validation ofwork experienceand non formallearning process(July 2009)• A lifelongguidance group bythe Ministry ofEducation andautonomousregions.COPOE (Professional Organisationof Counsellors) organizes variedactivities to help students decideabout their work plans for thefuture. Counsellors working inschool centers belong to thisorganisation. There is, at least, onecounselor in every school in Spain.They usually hold meetings andspeeches in order to advise andguide students, and organizeconferences, symposiums, andeven published some books onguidance to VET students.( VET centers organize veryattractive activities in order tomake their students have a closeview to the labour market.Example:"IMAGINE YOURENTERPRISE" designed by a schoolin Badajoz (Extremadura region).Royal Decree1538/2006establishes generalorganisation ofvocational training:A) Public andPrivateB) NationalReference CentersC) Vocationaltraining integratedinstitutions.The main providerof VET guidance inSpain is the CentralGovernment alongthe RegionalGovernments oftheAutonomousregions. There arealso some otherproviders such asRAYUELA, an educationalonline tool, is a platform foreducation management,teachers, students,counselors, parents andassociations of parents. guidance booklet forstudents finishing secondarylevel including a selfevaluation questionnaire to befilled, in order to determinetheir interests, abilities,motivation, etc… Oncecompleted, they hand it overto the counselor at school fora final interview
  2. 2. There are currently two guidedsubsystems in Spain.There have traditionally been twoguidance subsystems: one foreducation and the other foremployment. After a process ofdecentralisation with regard tocareer guidance, now both systemscoexist. As a result, guidance isprovided by different institutionsand organisations of the centralgovernment and of theautonomous communities.• A lifelongguidance platform• Provision ofguidance servicesfor open anddistance VET• Lifelong guidancetools for guidancecounsellors• Guidancecounsellors forEmploymentoffices• Guidance atuniversitiesSEXPE (labour officefor Extremaduraregion).Public educationalinstitutions alsowork as provider ofVET guidance in thesense that theirstaff organize andlead variedactivities in order toguide and supporttheir students.ORIENTA is an online guidancetest implemented by a privatecompany and it is available forthe high schools to buy it andcustomize it according to theirpreferences. For example, theschool “InstitutoAlbarregas” inMerida town, Badajoz.