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Template e booklet guidance_blog

  1. 1. Good Practice in Vocational Education Training ROMANIA Cognitrom Career Planner Platform ( CPP online ) Official site of the producer:  Romanian site: www.cognitron.ro  English Information http://www.cognitrom.ro/en/prezentare_ccp.html Producer: SC Cognitrom SRL is a research-development company, accredited by The National Authority for Scientific Research,according to law 324/2003 and H.G. no 551/2007, Decision no 9688/30.06.2008. Social headquarters: F. Liszt str. no. 12, Cluj-Napoca Office: 14th of July Square, no. 18, Cluj-Napoca Fiscal code: RO14033431 Account no. RO53BRDE130SV08100381300, at BRD - GSG Cluj-Napoca Contact: Adress: Piața 14 Iulie, Nr. 18. Cluj Napoca, Romania Telephone: 0040745808216 Email contact: ccp@cognitrom.ro, Contact form: http://ccponline.ro/Contact.aspx TAXE FEE: Romanian schools: 20RON (4,5E)/student/1 year pass ( including the account of counseling teacher of the school and Mentor teacher or each class) or 4800 RON (1100E) Other organisations and schools from Europe: On request by a contract
  2. 2. Good Practice in Vocational Education Training Short description: COGNITROM CAREER PLANNER (CCP) is a multi-user platform designed for career counselling, information and management, which can be used by: pupils, parents, teachers, counsellors and experts (Psychologists). The platform offer ( www.ccponline.ro):  A self-report of abilities, interests and values students as a vocational profile (profile model vocational);  Access 1050 occupational profiles (text and video presentation in English language); http://www.ccponline.ro/exemplu/video/  Possibility of automatic comparison to 3 occupational profiles;  Automatically display "fit" between the student's vocational profile and occupational profiles (list of occupations which fit);  Access to resources useful in the theoretical and practical career guidance to students. Practical resources were constructed for each type of customer targeted: student (practical resource model), teacher-counselor (practical resource model), parent (activities). The platform was so constructed that: student access to practical resources for this type of user, parent to have access to practical resources for both students and those for parents, teacher-advisor has access to the resources of students, parents, and the resources teachers, psychologists have access to resources all users of the platform. Also, there is the possibility of storing the personal portfolio outcomes questionnaire occupational profiles showing the most interest, and other information deemed relevant or material.
  3. 3. Good Practice in Vocational Education Training With CCP you can: If you are a PSYCHOLOGIST: • do career counselling and career management for your clients • identify his/hers vocational psychological profile and digitally archive it • analyse the occupational profiles of the most wanted jobs • beneficiate from all the specific resources which are necessary for your vocational counselling (lesson plans, activities, etc) • assist the pupil and the parent in making a career decision If you are a TEACHER (SCHOOL COUNSELLOR) • do vocational, individual or group counselling for your pupils, in a quick and efficient manner • use and personalise lesson plans already designed for every one of the career counselling hours/classes • assist your pupils in career decision • access working sheets, video materials, assessment questionnaires which are essential for your activities
  4. 4. Good Practice in Vocational Education Training If you are a PARENT: • know your child better and find out what jobs better suit him/her. • have resources, ready at hand, which will improve your relationship with your child • help your child to develop his/hers personality If you are a PUPIL: • know yourself better, on account on psychological questionnaires • make an informed choice regarding your future job Example from the platform:  This is what the home page looks like when the student is logged into his / her account:  This is how one of the questionnaires in the platform looks like: