Professional high school


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Professional high school

  1. 1. Professional High School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering “Marie Curie” Sliven, Bulgaria
  2. 2. Our school was founded in 1962. It has 300 students, aged from 14 to 19 and adult learners.
  3. 3. 50 years anniversary of our school
  4. 4. School museum
  5. 5. Electrical Engineering Professions
  6. 6. Transport Equipment Engineering Professions
  7. 7. Professions Computer Technologies
  8. 8. Professions Microprocessors
  9. 9. System Programming Professions
  10. 10. Electrical equipment laboratory Equipment
  11. 11. Electronics laboratory Equipment
  12. 12. Energetics laboratory Equipment
  13. 13. How we motivate our students? -Projects -Competitions -Extracurricular activities -Sport activities -Visits and workplaces in companies
  14. 14. Comenius - Bilateral 2008-2010 “Meeting of the Classic and the Modern” From the classical electrical installation to the energy management system using EIB – Technology.
  15. 15. Leonardo da Vinci Partnerships 2008-2010 “Application of system of quality assessment in VET”
  16. 16. Comenius Partnerships 2009-2011 “Singing in English” Teaching English through music.
  17. 17. Comenius Partnerships 2010-2012 “Physical and Sports Activities in Different Environments” Planning and implementation of extracurricular sporting activities.
  18. 18. Comenius - Bilateral 2001-2013 “Speaking Light” Distant management of the entire electrical system, via PC, using Power line technology.
  19. 19. Comenius Partnerships 2012-2014 “We Aren’t Problematic” Prevention of early school leaving and resolving the classroom problems.
  20. 20. Leonardo da Vinci Partnerships 2012-2014 “Development of Guidance and Counselling Instruments in Vocational Education”
  21. 21. First place for our school team. First place in the individual competition. We are the initiators of the National Electronics Competition “I can and I know how”
  22. 22. Maths competitions National Competition in Science, Engineering and Technology – first place. Competitions
  23. 23. Writing an essay Vocabulary Booster English learning competitions
  24. 24. Electronics and Electrical Engineering First Aid Competitions
  25. 25. Changes in Nature Autumn colours Competitions
  26. 26. Our sport team Bodybilding Regional and National Sport competitions
  27. 27. Christmas show Talents show Extracurricular activities
  28. 28. Spring festivals Sport tournaments Extracurricular activities
  29. 29. New football ground Cleaning the Nature Park “Karandila” Extracurricular activities
  30. 30. Section ”Young journalist”. The school newspaper “Harmony in technique”. National programme “Success” "School of self- affirmation and training to European Horizons” "Let's make the school more attractive to young people" under the operational programme of HRDC
  31. 31. Section “Amusing Electronics” Section “Thinking Games” National programme “Success”
  32. 32. Section “Robotics” Section “ Virtual European Capitals” National programme “Success”
  33. 33. Section “Debates” Section “National customs and traditions” National programme “Success”
  34. 34. Section “European Kitchen” Section “Tourism” National programme “Success”
  35. 35. Section “Dance Studio” Section ‘Table Tennis” National programme “Success”
  36. 36. Workplaces in companies National Programme “Vocational Education Through Interaction Between Schools and Business” The project is implemented with the financial support of the Operational Programme "Human Resources" and the European Social Fund of the European Union
  37. 37. “MG Computers” Video installation in “Kolhida” Workplaces in companies
  38. 38. Auto service-station “Pit Stop” “Electra MC Company” Workplaces in companies
  39. 39. Professional guidance and orientation Since 2012/2013 our school collaborates with the opened the same school year Career Guidance Center. The career guidance center provides: Psychological tests for diagnostics of interests, attitudes and reasons for choice of profession. Interactive methods and training on skills for decision-making. Skills for making a portfolio and work application /CV, a cover letter, a behaviour job interview /. The time spent for group VET guidance is 4 hours per year for the students who finish secondary /11, 12 grades/ education.