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LJUBLJANA GI VET CONSORTIUM MEETING MINUTES06/06/2013 – 07/06/201306/06/20131. Review, comments and acceptance of Senigall...
5. International comparison of VET guidance systems:a. Marusa (SI) has found that two different concepts have been compare...
c. Each partner will prepare 3 or 4 Good Practices (some of them have alreadyprovided some examples) in the same template ...
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Meeting minutes slovenia


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Meeting minutes slovenia

  1. 1. LJUBLJANA GI VET CONSORTIUM MEETING MINUTES06/06/2013 – 07/06/201306/06/20131. Review, comments and acceptance of Senigallia (IT) Consortium Meeting Minutes2. Leaflet:a. All partners have translated leaflet into their national languages. Please check thatyou have uploaded your final version into the yahoo group. For Romanian partnersID project number is compulsory. For rest of partners is enough with disclaimerand EU Logos (just in case all partners will check this issue with their N.A.).3. Newsletters:a. During IT meeting it was agreed that Newsletters will be only in English, but manypartners have already translated the existing NLs in national languages due todissemination reasons and inserted in yahoo group. Therefore some partnerssuggest that it would be interesting to translate NLs in national languages fordissemination activities.b. Newsletters will be produced in .doc file to make easy for partners that wanttranslate. The translations of newsletters are optional.c. The NL will be firstly uploaded into yahoo group and then into the Blog.d. 3rdNL will be produced by KADIS about meeting in Slovenia. DEADLINE: 25thJune.e. As Interim Report deadline is on June, the 30th, this 3rdnewsletter will be includedas a result in the interim report.4. Questionnaires:a. Target group: discussion on definition about target audience of thequestionnaires. There is still confusion because there are differences amongschool participating in this partnership, and thus making it difficult to compareresults of questionnaires used and other partnership actives as comparison of VETguidance systems, so finally, the comparison will be done at two different levels:i. ISCED 2: lower secondary level - last grade before high school (pupils)ii. ISCED 3: upper secondary level - all grades (students)iii. This is partnership’s target groups for all activities to be done in thefuture.b. At this moment school partners have already used two different questionnaires.i. TK + RO + BGii. LVc. The school partners found an agreement and the coordinator (Yalçin) will contactthem for making a common questionnaire (targeted to different ISCED levels) tobe done in September.
  2. 2. 5. International comparison of VET guidance systems:a. Marusa (SI) has found that two different concepts have been compared:Educational System and Guidance System in VET in the same table, making itimpossible for her to make an appropriate comparison table of all, so the pointwe must compare is related to Guidance System in VET.b. As we have to have some activities in July to, Marusa will send already preparedchart with additional concrete and simple notes on information each partnerneeds to include. This will be sent to all partners till (21/06/2013), and thenpartners will send the completed template 10 days after (1/07/2013).c. At the end of July, Marusa will finish the final comparison table to be uploadedinto the blog. (1 report in word document).6. Moodle platforma. Elmo is going to send us a moodle platform link where it is supposed to beinserted videos.7. Videos of Crafta. There is an open discussion about who is responsible for making videos of at leastfive different crafts. But, as already agreed during the Kick off Meeting in Adana,only school partners are in charge of shooting the demanded videos but PL and IThave also decided to cooperate.b. A common agreement has been made:i. Avanos School (TK): Clay + Textileii. Seyhan School (TK): Shoe makingiii. Marie Curie (BG): Computer hardwareiv. LIEPAJAS VALSTS TEHNIKUMS (LV): Mechatronicsv. TRANSPORTURI AUTO (RO): Automechanicsvi. TUDOR ARGHEZI (RO): Computer softwarevii. Poland: Constructionviii. Italy: Shoe makingc. Videos must be maximum five minutes, with subtitles in English. Beside thateverything being said in videos (text) should be provided in English in a Worddocument.d. Deadline: October, before Poland meeting (to be decided from the 1stto the 5th).Polish partner has suggested that the meeting would be postponed to thebeginning of November as they have a lot of activities in October. Nothing finalwas said about that.8. Booklet:a. E-booklet with good practices in VET Guidance from all countries to be discussedduring Bulgaria meeting.b. Laura (TRANSPORTURI AUTO, RO) will coordinate this booklet which should befinished by 1stof October 2013
  3. 3. c. Each partner will prepare 3 or 4 Good Practices (some of them have alreadyprovided some examples) in the same template provided by Laura. The templateshould include information/categories on data each partner should provide (tittle,description, webpage/link …).07/06/20139. Discussion about the meaning of results and products according to points D.2 and D.3 ofthe project proposala. The part related to moodle platform and videos has been solved in point no. 7.b. Elmo suggested making a report which would include inventory of tools alreadyexisting in different partner countries instead of developing a multilingualplatform with new products or contents as it is impossible to create quality toolsin a partnership. Already existing tools cannot be put in use in a moodle as there isproblem of copyrights and translations. There was no final definition/agreementon what counts for being “a tool” but there were some suggestions (computertools, questionnaires …).c. The final result could be a mapping/inventory of the different counselling andguidance systems and presentations of already existing tools that finally can beput into the moodle platform as an outcome of partnership.d. Slovenian partner will provide a framework for these contents to guarantee acommon structure.10. Interim Report:a. Each partner could have a different template for completion of the interim reportdepending on their N.A.b. There is a common part (section 1, 2) to be completed in the same way by allpartners.c. The individual part written by each partner regarding to their N.A. request has tobe in accordance with the common part.d. The coordinator will send a draft document including these common parts byJune, the 13th. This document will be a google doc, and partners can include theircomments until the 20th.11. Next Meetings:a. Bulgaria meeting is confirmed to be held on September, 12thand 13th- twoworking days.b. Pepa will check the application form and will consult partners on preparingcontents for the meeting.c. Yalçin will set up a doodle faced to choose the final dates for Poland meeting.