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Gi vet project newsletter 1

  1. 1. NEWSLETTERNUMBER ONEFEBRUARY 2013ABOUT THE PROJECTThis project will be an opportunity to guide students to identifytheir capabilities and skills and will help the organizationsestablish a guidance methodology.Most of the students who are on the edge of selecting theirways for their future education are unsure and indecisiveabout which occupation to choose and which school offers thebest options. Sometimes, the Vocational Guidance theyreceive is inadequate; therefore, they dont know which careeropportunities they have in front of them. Any wrong decisionthat they could take could affect their Life Long LearningProcess negatively. To avoid such situations, this project aimsto develop a methodology to guide students through a widerange of opportunities for their further Vocational and/orEducational Training. 1. WHAT IS VET GUIDANCE? 2. PROJECT PARTNERS 3. PROJECT MOBILITIES 4. PROJECT RESULTS AND DISSEMINATION ACTIVITIES
  2. 2. 1-WHAT 2-NEWS IS VET ABOUT VETGUIDANCE? GUIDANCE EUROPEAN CAREER GUIDANCE CONFERENCE 2013 CAREER-EU 2013,According to CEDEFOP (European Centre for theDevelopment of Vocational Training) in the publication 15 - 19 May 2013, Poznan, Poland“Terminology of European education and training policy",guidance and counselling / information, advice and guidance(IAC) is defined as a range of activities designed to help The European Association of Career Guidance (EACG) inindividuals take educational, vocational or personal decisions cooperation with the Europeanand carry them out before and after they enter the labour Association of ERASMUSmarket. Coordinators (EAEC), the Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan and the INENTER Network, organizesFurthermore, guidance and counselling may include: the 4th CAREER-EU Conference from 15-19 May 2013, in Poznan, 1. – counselling (personal or career development, Poland. The CAREER-EU is educational guidance), organized under the 9th annual 2. – assessment (psychological or competence-/ ERASMUS Congress and Exhibition - ERACON2013. The performance related), INENTER Conference will also run in parallel. 3. – information on learning and labour market opportunities and career management, Career Guidance Counsellors and other experts are invited to 4. – consultation with peers, relatives or educators, make presentations and submit papers. Workshops and 5. – vocational preparation (pinpointing skills/competences Sessions within the conference are also invited to discuss and experience for job seeking), specific topics and to draw up concrete suggestions, which 6. – referrals (to learning and career specialists). can contribute to the improvement of Career Guidance Counselling.Guidance and counselling can be provided at schools, trainingcentres, job centres, the workplace, the community or in other For more information:
  3. 3. emphasis on socially and economically disadvantaged groups,3-PROJECT i.e. immigrants, unemployed people. PARTNERS Avanos Kiz Teknik Ve Meslek Lisesi, TURKEY Is a technical and vocational high school in the middle ofPROJECT COORDINATOR Anatolia in Avanos/Turkey. In our school we have child development branch, catering, ICT, handicrafts and clothing manufacturingSeyhan Ilçe Milli Eğitim Müdürlüğü, TURKEY branch. We also have a nursery school where our students study. Avanos district is The Directorate of Education is developing rapidly in tourism sector and responsible for the central administration there is job vacancy in the private sector in of all aspects of education and related the area. We are in cooperation with Turkish services in Seyhan district. The employment organization because of this reason and we Directorate’s main areas of responsibility organise courses regularly to meet this need. As a result of are in pre-school, primary, post-primary, these courses we have an employment rate of 50%. vocational education, adult education andspecial education. Its primary statutory duty is to promote theeducation of the people of Seyhan district and to ensure the Liceul Tehnologic Transporturi Auto, ROMANIAeffective implementation of education policy. Grupul Scolar de Transporturi Auto as an institution that provides education and trains students of all levels; pre-primary, primary,PROJECT PARTNERS secondary, high school, evening class. 1602 students are coordinated by more then 100 teachers. In our school there isComune di Sant’Angelo in Vado, ITALY a Technological department and there are 25 teachers who teach technical The Municipality of Sant’Angelo in Vado has subjects and they are in cooperation with a training department, certified in the Marche two counsellors and psychologists. Each Region, Italy. The training department offers year our teachers visit every secondary schools from the training to internal employees on south county and discuss with the students, present them the communication aspects and team work and qualifications in order to motivate them to attend our school has experience in vocational training and and train them. continuous education for adults with
  4. 4. Profesionalas Izglitibas Kompetences Centrs “Liepajas Liceul Teoretic Tudor Arghezi, ROMANIA Valsts Tehnikums”, LATVIA “Tudor Arghezi” high school is situated in the city of Craiova, in the south- Competence centre of western part of Romania. The school vocational education "Liepaja is situated in the north part of Craiova, State technical school" is one we have a total of 1297 students and of the biggest vocational 84 teachers. The age of our students schools in Latvia with 1700 ranges between 7 and 19 years old. trainees and 130 teachers. The Our school provides primary, school is located in Latvia at secondary and high school classes, 220 km from the capital of Latvia, Riga. The city Liepaja isbut 11% of them are students enrolled at the Maximum situated at the Baltic Beach and Port of Liepaja is the thirdSecurity Penitentiary present a high risk of social exclusion; biggest Port in Latvia.they are aged and have learning difficulties school there arespecializations: literature, social sciences, mathematics and KADIS, SLOVENIAcomputer science and natural sciences. Every year about 60students give exam for professional certificate in computer Kadis is an organizationscience. operating in the field of human resources and also has wideProfessional High School of Electronics and Electrical experience in recruitment, legalEngineering "Marie Curie" BULGARIA consulting and "know-how" in HR management and training. Professional High School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering “Marie Curie” We have been working on employability and career guidance (BULGARIA) is a vocational school in programmes since 1995. We are the main provider of Sliven, which has about 120.000 employability skills trainings in central Slovenia and inhabitants. The town is situated at 100 experienced in working with groups, providing various km from The Black Sea and 300 km workshops and lectures for different target groups (employees, from the capital, Sofia. The school was employers, unemployed and other job seekers, students, founded in 1962 and is one of the parents) and trainings for other career counsellors. We also authoritative in the country. It has 500 offer career guidance services for individuals and SMEstudents, aged from 14 to 19, 93% are male. They are trained companies. Within several projects, we have developedin various professions: Computer technologies, competence models for different career profiles, assessmentMicroprocessor equipment, System programming, of existing competences and tailor-made competence-basedAutomobile electronics, and Electrical equipment. trainings.
  5. 5. FUNDECYT - PCTEX SPAIN activities: Labour market research; training; publishing; and FUNDECYT-PCTEx aims to Seminars; create the space and services needed to facilitate the The Foundation puts strong emphasis on problems of young exchange of knowledge, people and their engagement on labour market. science and technology leading to socio-economic development of Extremadura.The aims of the new Foundation are the result of the addition 4- PROJECTof the objectives of both Foundations merged and, in thissense, its draft statutes states:"The Foundation aims to contribute to the social andeconomic exploitation of the science and technology, tosupport and promote of scientific and technologicaldevelopment and its management, to make better use of the MOBILITIESresearch and innovation, and encourage the participation ofcivil society mobilizing its resources. KICK OFF MEETING: FIRST MOBILITY ADANA (TURKEY)Fundacja Rozwoju Inicjatyw Edukayjnych I Społecznych, The Kick off Meeting of GI-VET project took place inPOLAND Adana (Turkey) on October, from the 16th to the 20th. Foundation for Educative and During these days, partners, took the opportunity to visit Social Initiatives Development project partner Avanos Girls’ technical and vocational high is a foundation from Poland school, located in Avanos (Turkey) and they could check in which activate in the field of situ the training opportunities offered by the center: cooking, Education. Our services and nursery and clothing manufacturing. activities are directed toeducational institutions, teachers and all target groups on the Partners also visited director of National education and thelabour market. district governor of Seyhan and the counselling department of Seyhan district.We are implementing good practices in gender issues and During the meetings partners introduced theirpromote equal opportunities of women and men in all areas of organizations/schools, regions or towns and the vocationallife. Foundation is achieving its goals through the following education system in the respective country.
  6. 6. Visiting the class of “Clothing manufacturing” at Avanos girl’s technical highschoolMeeting in Adana the District Governor of Seyhan District.Partners also discussed about project results and outcomesas the comparison of the vocational education systems (in thefirst year), as well as the project blog (with contributions fromeach partner), the Moodle platform, the e-booklet (a moredetailed variant of the newsletters), 300 tests for students and30 career plans. Furthermore, different dissemination activitieswill be carried out by the partners, as newsletter and leaflets. During Kick-off meeting in Adana.
  7. 7. SECOND MOBILITY: BADAJOZ (SPAIN)The Second GI-VET project mobility and consortiummeeting took place in Badajoz (Spain) on November, fromthe 26th to the 29th.During this mobility partners visited different VET centers, as“I.E.S. San José” (Secondary and vocational Educationschool), “I.E.S. Santa Eulalia” (Secondary school) and“Escuela Virgen Guadalupe” (Secondary and VocationalEducation school). Furthermore, partners were received byVET General Director of the Regional Government ofExtremadura where they could know about the educationsystem and VET guidance implemented in the region. Meeting the VET General Director of the Regional Government of Extremadura in Merida.Visiting secondary school “Santa Eulalia” in Merida.During the working meeting, partners showed the situation ofVET Guidance in each country, and discussed about thecomparison of the different systems as well as the different Visiting the class of “Automotive” at secondary school “Virgen Guadalupe” ininstruments used by counsellors to help students. Badajoz
  8. 8. more