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Educational system in Bulgaria

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Educational system in Bulgaria

  1. 1. Educational system in Bulgaria
  2. 2. Pre-primary educationgrade Level of school Age0 grade nursery school 0-30 grade kindergarten 3-60 grade Pre-primary school 6-7 In Bulgaria kindergartens and schools are public, municipal or private, depending on the type of their funding.
  3. 3. The Nursery • Children at the age of 2 to 3 go to nurseries.
  4. 4. A Pr e- Y sc ea h r oo l
  5. 5. Basic school Grade Type of Age Duration school 1st to 4th Primary 7-10 4 years grade school 5th to 8th Lower 11-14 4 years secondaryCompulsory education refers to all children aged between 7 to 16.
  6. 6. School year in Bulgariastarts on 15th September
  7. 7. Upper secondary educationGrade Type of school Age Duration9-12 General schools 15-18 48/9-12 Specialized schools: 15-18 4-5 Language schools Sport schools Art schools8/9-12 Vocational 15-18 4-5 schools Pupils may enter specialized schools and vocational upper secondary schools by taking entrance examinations, which correspond to the specialization of the respective school (Bulgarian language and Literature, Maths and etc.) of 16.
  8. 8. Changes in the structure of education• Completion of basic education after the 7th grade instead of 8th grade• The 8th grade – a year of intensive foreign language and computer and/or vocational training for all pupils.• Division of the upper secondary level into two stages: o First upper secondary stage (8th – 10th grade): the end of this stage will mark the completion of compulsory education. o Second upper secondary stage (11th – 12th grade): At the end of this stage they will sit national matriculation exams in order to complete their secondary education.
  9. 9. High-School exams
  10. 10. Certificates and diplomas in upper secondary education• Certificate for completed 1st stage of Secondary Education after 10th grade.• Diploma for completed secondary education after second stage (12 grade) and possibility for continuing education in Colleges and Universities• Students end the Vocational schools with different levels of vocational qualification at the level of basic education. They dont earn another educational level but only different vocational skills.
  11. 11. Higher educationCollege After completed Vocational collegesEducation Secondary Art colleges Education 19-22 Medical CollegesBachelor After completed Humanitarian Universities Secondary or Technical Universities College Education Art Universities Sport Universities Medical UniversitiesMaster After completed Bachelor degreeDoctor After completed Master degree Diploma for completed respective degree level of higher education (bachelor, master, doctor)
  12. 12. Day of the Slavic Alphabet and CultureBulgarians honor the 24th of May as the Day ofthe Slavic Alphabet and Culture.
  13. 13. Professional High School of Electronics and Electrical Engineering “M.Curie” Sliven Bulgaria

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