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Comparison table vet guidance in bulgaria

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Comparison table vet guidance in bulgaria

  1. 1. VET guidance in Bulgaria History Legal framework/ Legislation Organization of VET guidance Activities Providers Examples of good practices The establishment of a Career Guidance System in school education was started in 2011, under the Operational Program „Human Resources Development” of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science. Since October 2012 were opened career guidance centers in all district towns in Bulgaria. This is a Project called “Career Guidance System in School Education”. The project is implemented with the financial support of the Operational Program "Human Resources Development" and the European Social Fund of the European Union. Twenty- eight regional career guidance centers, with 150 career consultants, were established. The main providers of career Vocational Education and Training Act. It is the act of providing advice to students and other persons with regard to the choice of profession and career development. According to the Vocational Education and Training Act the system for vocational guidance is ratified as part of the vocational education system. It is stated that: „Vocational guidance is the act of providing advice and counseling to students and other persons with regard to the choice of profession and career development”. The main task defined by the law is providing assistance to trainees in their free choice of education, training and vocational qualification for There is no unified national system for VET guidance, only some attempts under different projects. Since October 2012, schools cooperate with Career guidance centres which are established under the project “Career guidance system in school education”. The centres organise training courses in vocational guidance for the school counsellors. The participation in the courses is optional and there The career guidance centers provide: Group and individual counseling. Lectures and workshops. Team sessions with students, teachers and counselors. Psychological tests for diagnostics of interests, attitudes and reasons for choice of profession. Interactive methods and training on skills for decision-making. Skills for making a portfolio and work Operational level: Schools – teachers, class advisors and school counselors. 28 Regional Career Guidance Centers, which work under a project. The National Employment Agency and its local subdivisions: the Labor offices. Private advice centers, which provide paid vocational guidance services. Web-based services for vocational guidance and advice, established in 2011, which receive their financing from European projects. Specialized literature – books, manuals, reference books and brochures containing Innovative web-site for on-line career guidance, which has been functioning since 2011. It contains exercises, useful tips and instruments for self- assessment of those looking for a job or those choosing a profession: http://www.zakarier Information on how to choose the right profession; career guidance toolkits; links to career centers: http://www.kakvida On-line test МАРР 1
  2. 2. guidance at school level should be the school counselors. In the 90’s the first school counselors were employed. But only one third of the Bulgarian schools have a school counselor. The number of the students in the school should be up to 500, to be appointed a school counselor. There are no legal requirements for this job and the schools have to decide whether to appoint counselors within the delegated budget. Currently, the school counselors are engaged in other issues and less with career guidance. The current state of vocational guidance in Bulgaria: Lack of a national system for VET guidance. Lack of enough coordination between the official institutions, providers of and those in need of vocational guidance. At this stage there are some attempts and initiatives under different projects but it is still too early to talk about a unified system for VET guidance. the acquisition of the required knowledge and skills, corresponding to the requirements of the labor market. National Lifelong Learning Strategy (2008 – 2013). A unified national lifelong guidance system should be implemented for the period up to 2013. It is also required to develop programs for education and qualification of the personnel engaged with vocational guidance related services. The provision of accessible and high quality services for vocational guidance to all students in Bulgaria is defined as a key priority. The national strategy aims to assist/enable individuals in/to better plan and manage their own career path and skills, to further develop their knowledge and skills, and to improve their employability. isn’t a law that determines the duties and competences of the school counsellors. At the moment a network of 28 regional career guidance centres is launched. All young people have the opportunity to receive free career guidance services. The schools are visited by the career counsellors from the centres. This is an extracurricular activity, which is organised once per year for 3 hours for each class. The guidance and counselling is supported by the school management and school counselors. application /CV, a cover letter, a behavior job interview /. Relationships between schools and labor market. The time spent for group VET guidance is 4 hours per year for the students who finish elementary /7, 8 grades/ and secondary /11, 12 grades/ education. The rest of the Bulgarian students have group VET guidance 1 hour per year. The schools provide: Visits of companies. Practical training classes. School Project work. Information days. information about the process of career development. Policy level: Ministry of Education, Youth and Science. /The Euro guidance Centre functions within the Human Resource Development Centre of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Science and provides information and services for career guidance in the field of education/. Education Inspectorates. The National Agency for Vocational Education and Training (NAVET). A road map called “Development of career guidance in Bulgaria 2009 – 2013” was created and aims to facilitate the interaction between the different sectors. This is a national document, which identifies the main objectives and key priorities for the development of the policies and the practices in the field of vocational guidance and career development in Bulgaria for a time period of 5 years. for vocational motivation and self- assessment: http://www.mappb Private organization for career advice. Individual advisory sessions to choose a profession and on career development; Information workshops at schools providing career guidance. Delivery of training for the development of vocational skills. Intermediation in finding work. Training in working environment: 2