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Apresentação monte(2)

  1. 1. Monte – Desenvolvimento Alentejo Central, ACE Bitonto - Italy 29/10/2013
  2. 2. Who We Are Monte exists since 1996 and its is composed by 5 local development associations: Aliende, Adim, Admc, Trilho and Vendas Novas, Porta do Alentejo- ADL. Monte is a non-profit private entity, from Arraiolos. It is a nongovernmental organisation for development (NGO) with the legal status of public utility. It is also a training entity.
  3. 3. Where we are Intervention Area: 5.279 km2 (the biggest in Portugal) 104.693 persons, dm = 19,8 Hab/ km2
  4. 4. Mission To promote social and economic development and advocacy on rural regions.
  5. 5. Strategic Purposes • Reinforce cooperation with its associates. • Provide Quality services. • Reinforce its position in networks; European, national and regional platforms. • Reinforce cooperation for development. • Join other networks and European platforms. • Make a bet on ICT through e-learning platforms and the creation of e-learning contents. • Create, implement and disseminate a methodology to support entrepreneurship. • Approve and create dynamic on projects under Axis 3 PRODER/LEADER approach. • Manage training actions for employed people. • Sell consultancy services.
  6. 6. OUR PROJECTS ENTREPRENEURSHIP - Axis 3 ProDer/Leader approach Financial support to rural development plans - Microcredit Small financial support to entrepreneurs - PAECPE Consultancy and training for entrepreneurs - CREMP – Women Resource Centre Consultancy and training for female entrepreneurs - Training Skills improvement for adults
  7. 7. OUR PROJECTS  SOCIAL INNOVATION CLDS – Local Social Development Contract Coordinating entity for a social development plan for Arraiolos municipality Mirabal – Mulheres 100 Medos Promote gender equality and fight againsdomestic violence t Monitor Amigo Open area for the use of computers Loja Comunitária de Arraiolos Social store for local families in need  ANIMATION/TERRITORIA PROMOTIO L N Local Products Promotion National and international divulgation of local products
  8. 8. OUR PROJECTS  COOPERATION PROVE Projec for commercialization of fruit and vegetables on a proximity basis t EIDER- Empreendedorismo e Inovação para o Desenv Rural olvime nto Reinfo entrepreneurial skills and e rce xchange of best pra ctices b etween ortuguese P and Cabo Verde’s entrepreneurs Gestão Sustentável dos Recursos Florestais no Natural dos Tarrafes de Cacheu Parque Protection Guiné Bissau’s rain forest of at Tarrafes de Cacheu Baloi D'horta To raise social and economic capital at Santo Antão – Cabo Verde  ORGANISATIONAL DEVEL OPMENT Internal training Participation on several training courses for internal skills development Centro de Recursos paraesenvolvimento Rural oD Web platform (moodle)share information on cooperation projects to Newletters See us or subscribe our newsletter at http://www.monte -ace.pt/site/home.html (news) Editions Read ou editions at r http://www.monte -ace.pt/site/home.htmlblicações) (pu
  9. 9.  NETWORKS ADRAL – Agência de Desenvolvimento Regional do Alentejo Member of Alentejo’s Regional Development Agency http://www.adral.pt/ ANIMAR – Associação Portuguesa para o Desenvolvimento Local Direction member of the Portuguese Association for Local Development http://www.animar-dl.pt/ APURE - Associação para as Universidades Rurais Europeias Member of the association for the European rural universities http://www.ure-apure.org/ EAPN Member of the European Anti-Poverty Network http://www.eapn.pt/ http://www.eapn.org/ Federação Minha Terra Portuguese federation of local development associations http://www.minhaterra.pt/ Plataforma Portuguesa das ONGD’s Direction member of the Portuguese platform of non-governmental development associations http://www.plataformaongd.pt/ Rede Rural Nacional Member of the National network on rural development http://www.rederural.pt/ Winnet8 Member of a network of women’s resource centers’ http://www.winnet8.eu/
  10. 10. Environment Promote informative and training actions to divulge the regional environmental patrimony, and contribute to reinforce the idea on the local communities and general population, for the defence of ecologic values and sustainable development. The proposed activities complete each others, trying to have a bigger impact on the different agents of the territory. An example of this complementarities is the initial training on scientific illustration and nature photography, which embraces nature observation visits and seminars destined for sustainable companies.
  11. 11. Environment Guide-books
  12. 12. Environment
  13. 13. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MKCgptawxII&feature=yout u.be
  14. 14. Thank you for your attention Nuno Costa nuno.costa@monte-ace.pt Paula Santos paula.santos@monte-ace.pt Monte Desenvolvimento Alentejo Central - ACE Rua Joaquim Basílio Lopes, n.º 1 7040-066 | Arraiolos, Portugal  +351 266 490 090 |  +351 266 419 276 www.monte-ace.pt | monte@monte-ace.pt