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1 meeting ita -report(1)

  1. 1. First Transnational Meeting TrEE “Teaching recycling and Environmental Education” 28th – 31st October 2013 REPORT With the first meeting in Bitonto / Italy the 28th to the 31st October 2013 the Grundtvig Learning Partnership project TrEE “Teaching recycling and Environmental Education”has been officially opened. The project has been created thanks to funding from the Lifelong Learning Programme – Grundtvig Learning Partnerships and involves organizations from:  ITALY, Ulixes scs(coordinator)  BULGARIA, Association “Social center Burgas”  DENMARK, Syddansk Erhvervsskole  UK, The Environmental Academy Ltd  HUNGARY, North Matra Environmental Protection Association  PORTUGAL, Monte, Desenvolvimento Alentejo Central ACE  ROMANIA, Scoala Gimnaziala Nicolae Velea Cepari  TURKEY, Malatya Province Directorate of National Education The project aims at elaborating training programs in collaboration with institutions and other local bodies, identifying assessment tools to compare the different methods used, to create an analytical study and a comparison between different practices, empowering students to be the change our sustainable world needs by engaging them in fun, action-orientated learning. The project objectives can be summed up in four essential steps: 1. to Research: • Each partner will collect a report about: national and local policies, programmes of education and training of environmental education 2. to Find: • Each partner will discuss about the issues of research and assess the efficacy of programmes, policies and educational methods. 3. to Select: • All partners will select best practices and innovative methods and tools improving environmental education. In each country each partner will organize a public call for trainers, teachers and other operators to realize a video to disseminate environmental education referred to a specific use/practice (recycling, waste disposal, etc.) 4. to Disseminate:
  2. 2. the partner organizations want to create a flexible and dynamic program of integrated environmental education, to be used as tool in European schools and training organizations. In order to promote the development of content, services, pedagogies and practice for innovative ICT, will take place: - A website - A selection of appropriate tools of e-learning in environmental education through the creation of Videos on environmental education and recycling. In order to reinforce the contribution of lifelong learning to social cohesion will be organized: - An European Festival of Recycling tour which will stop in the partner countries where the host partner will organize an exhibition involving learners in the creation of artifacts through the recycling of materials. - A final event that will expose the authorities, citizens and local actors the outcomes of the project, with the specific intent to disclose and disseminate best practices shared, and to realize the final exhibition of Recycling Materials. - local exhibition: with a final photos report as a catalogue. _____________________ I SESSION The meeting was held in two sessions, the first one, on the 29th October in Officine Culturali in Bitonto, focusing on organizational issues and project activities, such as the calendar of meetings, deadlines and the distribution of tasks. The PROJECT ACTIVITIES were planned in: 1. Initial Research: Each partner will collect information and materials about:  National/Regional/Local Framework of Environmental Education  Projects implemented at local level proposed as best practices (innovative tools or training methods, experimental activities, etc.) 2. Selection of best practices: The projects selected will be presented in an publication (electronic format), realized with materials provided by all the partners 3. Improvement of innovative training activities: 3.1.Each partner will open an informal call at local level to realize innovative training activities on environmental education and/or recycling.
  3. 3. The local calls could be organized in 1 or 2 stages, considering the scholastic activities in the year:  First call opened from January 2014 to May 2014  Second call opened from September 2014 to March 2015 3.2.The participants classes and/or groups will realize videos about the activity made with the support of the partner organization. The videos will be subtitled in English to be disseminated in the wider lifelong learning community. 3.3.The participants classes and/or groups will realize a local exhibition with the support of the partner organization, to exhibit the products of the training activity, which will be the local stage of the European Recycling Festival. The partner organizations will realize a Photos catalogue of the local exhibition and the product will be exhibited at its headquarters as local museum of recycling 4. Dissemination and Exploitation of results 4.1.It will be created a BLOG, a Facebook Page, a Twitter Account and a Youtube Account, to disseminate project activities during and after its duration. 4.2.There will be designed and sent 3 NEWSLETTERS about: 1. Presentation of TrEE project, aims and objectives, Presentation of Partner organizations 2. Presentation of Best Practices selected 3. Presentation of TrEE outputs products Mailing List: Each partner will create a mailing list of stakeholders (target of newsletters) 4.3.LOCAL EXHIBITIONS: Each partner will realize a local exhibition as described at point 3.3. At the end of the project will be realized a final photos catalogue and Video collecting material from each partner. 4.4.Articles in local newspapers or magazines, local meetings with stakeholders 4.5.Exploitation Plan to implement the experience TRANSVERSAL ACTIVITIES: Monitoring and Evaluation:  For TrEE Development: Meeting Evaluation Questionnaires and Online Satisfaction Tests  For Training Activities: Evaluation Questionnaires and Focus Group with participants classes and/or groups Reporting to National Agencies 1. Intermediary Report: June 2014 2. Final Report: August 2014 Each partner collaborate with the Coordinator to prepare the Reports for National Agencies.
  4. 4. The PROJECT MOBILITIES will be organized in: 1. Meeting in Italy: 28th – 31st October 2013 – Kick-off meeting 2. Meeting in UK: 7th – 10th April 2014 – Country Research Presentations 3. Meeting in Bulgaria: 1st – 4th July 2014 – Selected Best Practices Presentation 4. Meeting in Turkey: 13rd – 16th October 2014 – Local Exhibitions first stage Report 5. Meeting in Portugal: 20th – 23rd March 2015 Local Exhibitions second stage Report 6. Meeting in Italy: 3rd – 6th June 2015 DISTRIBUTION OF TASKS Task Partner Organization Approx Date Check IT Oct 2013  Website Blog RO Oct 2013  Facebook Page, IT Nov 2013 Logo RO Nov 2013 Newsletter 1 IT Nov 2013 All partners Nov 2013 – Jul 2015 All partners 1st Meeting 1 – Management and Evaluation Twitter Account Youtube Account Articles in local newspapers magazines, local meetings or with stakeholders Informal calls at local level, Video productions, Local and evaluation Photos of 2014 2nd the activities stage: September March 2015 Brochure RO Feb 2014 Initial Country Research All partners Apr 2014 Presentation BG Apr 2014 2nd Meeting – Management and UK Apr 2014 IT Jun 2014 Country Researches (PPT) Evaluation Best practice from January 2014 to May Exhibitions Catalogues, stage: selection and from 2014 to
  5. 5. publication (electronic format) Intermediary Report for National All partners Jun 2014 Newsletter 2 IT Jul 2014 3rd Meeting – Management and BG Jul 2014 TK Oct 2014 TK Oct 2014 PT Mar 2015 PT Mar 2015 HU Jun 2015 DK Jun 2015 Exploitation plan IT Jun 2015 Newsletter 3 IT Jun 2015 Evaluation Report IT Jun 2015 IT Jun 2015 All partners Aug 2015 Agencies Evaluation First stage Local Exhibitions Report and Materials products 4th Meeting – Management and Evaluation Second stage Local Exhibitions Report and Materials products 5th Meeting – Management and Evaluation Final Videos Collection Final photos catalogue of Local Exhibitions 6th and Final Meeting – Management and Evaluation Final Report to National Agencies Attachment: Gannt of Activities * We have planned 2 different stage to open the local calls and we have planned 2 intermediary reports of this activity matching this task with the partners meeting to let to know o all partners the local activities realized. _____________________ II SESSION The second session of the first meeting was was dedicated to the presentation of experiences identified at the local level on the subject of Tree Project.
  6. 6. The speakers and topics of the second session were as follows:  Alberto Fornasari, speaker of University of Bari, presented "The green classroom in Italian schools. An experimental project to explore the intercultural dimension of biodiversity". o  Attachment: PPT Presentation Emanuele Noviello, speaker of Fatti d’Arte Association, presented “DRESS: Dressing Recycled, Ecologic and Sustainable Stuff” – the experience of Ri-crea Festival o  Attachment: PPT Presentation Visit to Artelier, an organization which produces costumes for the stage, from the drawing of sketches to the selection of colors, from the cut of fabrics to the sewing, in order to create unique handmade pieces thanks to the ability of people that work like a team. o http://www.artelier195.com/en/modulo/home.htm